Saturday, December 30, 2006

.happy new year.



.laughing out loud.

GOD asked a civil engineer, "What mistake did I commit in designing a woman?"

The engineer replied, "Sir, the entertainment area is very close to the sewage system."

Thank -yh- for the joke.

p/s: i'm tired. blog later. got more important things in life.

Friday, December 29, 2006

.chain mail my ass.

i can't believe i got this from my friendster's msg list....

"THIS IS A TOAST.... 2 US... FOR THE MEN WHO HAVE US, THE LOSERS WHO HAD US, AND THE LUCKY BASTARDS WHO WILL MEET US!! SEND THIS ONLY TO PRETTY LADIES INCLUDING THE ONE WHO SENT IT TO YOU You have been hit. You have been considered One of the 20 prettiest girls on my friends list. Once you have been hit, you have to hit 20 pretty girls. If you get hit again you know your really pretty. If you break the chain you'll have UglyNess for 10 years. So hit 20 pretty girls on your friends list and let them know they are pretty! :)"

to the person/gal who sends this forwarded msg to me... please use your pea sized brain and think for a while whether the person you're sending this msg to has a penis.

although you don't have one... doesn't mean it decapitates your ability to think.

yeah, and sending this hit to 200 girls or boys (if you don't have enough friends) will not turn you into a fucking princess with like ... the face of angelina jolie or someone liddat.

in fact, it'll just turn your mundane face into something more interesting... the face of an idiot.

and look ma, i can make a chain letter too.

"if you do not send or forward this fucking letter to 2000 person by the next 1 minute, you'll have the face of a monkey, the hands of a gorilla and the legs of a pig. This is the truth, your brain is the equivalent of a facsimile machine and you do not want to take any risk to make it into the equivalence of a mundane corded telephone. If you do forward this letter to 2000 person in 1 minute, you will have 1000 orgasm in the next 1 week."

there, forward this shit!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

.quote of the day.

"Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away."

the moments that take your breath away is called orgasm.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

.a review of Eragon.

from left to right : dumb gaylord, dumb king, broom, eragon the 16 year old fart, arya the unlucky 1000 year old gf of a 16 year old's fantasy, some half ass son of some half ass badass, evil but lonely king.

let me see now, in view that i watched this movie with a cap distorting my view of the movie (only the upper part), i'd give it my best shot not to be biased.

this movie revolves around a young farm boy... kinda like Clark Kent. but his name is ... OMG, ERAGON.

he has the brains of a facsimile machine. Cause he can't recognize a baby dragon when he sees one.
in the meantime, he found a mentor in the form of Obi-Wan Kenobi... kidding. but ohhh so similar to Star Wars. The mentor's name is Brom. One "o" short of Broom.

Similar to Harry Potter, the boy was cast a mark... but on his hands. the mark of a dragon rider.

bla bla bla.... the dragon must protect his rider... or if the rider dies, the dragon will too.

wtf kinda logic is this? i guess it's needed, if not, it'll be hell for humans. dragons will kill all humans and control the world.

whatever, they even have a dragon slayer sword. whatever the fuck for? as if your puny little sword can even have any chance to touch the skin of a dragon?
if i was a dragon, i'll blow you 5 meters away with my fire breath before you can even throw a freaking sword at me.

One thing also similar to Star wars is the fanatic boy decides to save Arya. an elven princess. see, those lucky bastards with the brain of a facsimile machine gets the beautiful fairy like princess. while the evil plotting cunning mastermind and ruler of the world gets stuck with a dumb gaylord who never gets his tasks done CORRECTLY.

i mean the dumb gaylord has like millions of fierce and violent minions under his control and he can't kill a ... i forgot... 16 year old boy?

it's not like he's protected by an army of 300 thousand men?
he's protected by a man named BROM! for god's sake, how hard can it be to kill a person named BROM and a 16 year old boy?

i suck like a porno star and i shoot like legolas's half ass brother

oh, forgot the fact that Eragon has a bitch dragon... which kinda like even the odds for the dumb gaylord? doubt it. the bitch dragon is like .... 3 days old..

i'd make a great investment for meat production. i grow this big in 3 days... without any beta-antagonist shit those lesbians use.

the producers decided to cut the story short and grow the dragon to enormous proportions through the use of magnificient cgi and prayers. praying that viewers will have the same brain that eragon has.

lightning strikes, dragon grows.... WOW!

fucking dumb movie.

but.... the mate who I watched this movie with makes it all worthwhile.

overall, i'd give the show a meagre 3/10 and the experience of watching the show 9/10.


p/s: i read today's paper and i think angelina jolie's an angel. an angel with luscious lips. i really do.

.filler post.

i seem to have a writer's block. and the god damn connection is sooooo freaking slow it's burning my brains.

maybe blog later.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

.quote of the day.

sometimes truth is not what you see but what you feel.

but most of the time, it's what you see.

.spreading the love.

i'm always at the office. people kept asking me...

"why aren't you at home?"
"you went to the fucking cinema when you had chicken pox?"
"you're killing innocent people!"

i answer.

"i was the chosen one."

they ask again... oblivious to the fact that i'm crazy...

"the chosen one to get chicken pox?"

i answer.

"yes, and to spread some chickie love"

Monday, December 25, 2006

.christmas gone and new year resolution.

christmas just passed under my nose. but i got an invitation to a party. just didn't feel like going.

i guess spending time with mom cause no one's there with her is more important for me.

this year, i had chicken pox. and because of that i had to stay at home and watch dvd with mom. i didn't regret a single minute of it. i mean, it's been a long time since i last hang out with mom. god knows, bro never spends more than half an hour in the living room. i think the average hour per day he spends in the living room or outside his room is about 5 minutes.

and sis, sis was always the one spending time with mom, but i think her job has gotten her too. she's working from 9 to 6 and i think she'll only be back by around 7. and during christmas, mom's plan to go to singapore was spoiled by the god damn floods all over south malaysia.

so, i get to spend some time with mom watching dvd. some of those tvb series. christmas wasn't happening this year, but i guess i can always make up for it next year or on new year.

what's more important is making sure my beloved mom was not lonely on this faithful day.

with christmas gone so soon, i guess the next big event is new year. and i guess i need to make some new year's resolution.

you know, those you make but you never kept or realize about until the next year.... yeah.... kinda something like this.

here's my resolution for next year :

1. exercise more.
2. take good care of my "baby"
3. work hard and work smart
4. spend more quality time with family members esp. mom
5. go on a holiday ... anywhere... with friends
6. go on a holiday with family.
7. eat my medication more regularly
8. learn to appreciate the ones beside me.
9. learn to love her more
10. be happy.

there. such an easy list. but although it may look simple, it's actually doing the simple things that are so hard.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

.love is.

love is sharing the same drink, even if it's not from the same cup.

love is lending her your jacket, even if your cold to the bones.

love is sharing the same jacket she is snuggling in, even if you're just putting one hand.

love is looking at her snuggling in the jacket, and feeling happy that at least one is warm.

love is looking at her, and realizing she couldn't be any more beautiful.

love is fetching her back, and knowing that tomorrow she'll be in the arms of another man.... but you still wish she'd be happy... no matter who she's with.

love is receiving her msg and knowing she'll miss you.

love is selfless.

love is blind.

love is us.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

.christmas giving.

i've yet to tell anyone about this incident because it never warranted any telling.
besides, i'm always forgetful. i've always wanted to blog about it but... i have amnesia. kinda...

anyway, in the spirit of christmas... let me tell you guys a story.

i went to KL back in August. I've probably roughly mentioned it here. anyway, what i didn't tell you guys were the myriad of things that mysteriously happened to me on that faithful day.

i sat in one corner. one eye looking at my big box of luggage. another catching a glimpse of the people surrounding me. i feel wary. the feeling is like being in a secluded place surrounded by people you don't know in a place you're not familiar with.

suddenly in the corner of one eye, i catch a glimpse of a man, a middle aged man approaching me.

he asked me with impeccable english. i couldn't catch or quite remember what he said... but basically he said he left his wallet and hp while he was on the way to the airport from his hometown.

something along the lines of going to the bus to go to KL. but his wallet and hp dropped in the car, his daughter's. maybe he kept his ticket in his jacket or shirt or something.

anyway, he was asking for 10 bucks so that he can get aboard a B&B (bed n breakfast) up downtown. He asked me politely and talked to me. he said someone bought him the ticket for the LRT ride and that's it.

i talked to him, looked at him.. he must be around 50s. he was well dressed, not like a beggar.. but nothing like a corporate figure too. he mentioned he was in the army. that must've caused his extremely well kept health and stamina. he used some coins to call his daughter but his daughter can't come until the next day afternoon. she's a doctor and got a surgery later that night.

she asked him to drop by KL hospital to find her friend but her friend has moved from the hospital to another. and now he can't find her.

whatever... the main thing is.... he's stranded here with no money, no wallet, no way to contact his daughter (surgery remember?) and no friends... he made a police report and i saw the documents.

so i gave him RM10 and asked him to go to the nearby B&B. we boarded the LRT together. He didn't ask for more. He just said thank you and continued talking about me, asking me where i was from... and telling about his experience being in Penang. He was stationed in Penang a long time ago.

i fell for this guy. i look at his demeanor and i took a liking to him. i don't want him to starve tomorrow afternoon cause i don't think he has enough money for lunch. his daughter's plane will only arrive late afternoon.

i gave him another RM10 and he said he'll pay me back.

i said, "no need. keep everything" and i got down from the LRT.

i went back to my place and told both my friends.

One said, "you should've given me the RM20! there could be a lot of other uses for it... like putting petrol for my car!"
Another said, "wah, want to become penipu also need good english har now?"

i guess they weren't there to look at him and wonder whether RM20 can make him smile or make me smile.

i didn't do it for that uncle only, i did it for me too.
this is the spirit of giving.

btw, i did receive a phone call from a KL no. the next morning. i don't know whether it was him or not... but i hope it was. (i did give him my phone number and ask him to call me if he needed anything or is in trouble).

And I would like to think that he called to say he's OK.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

.quote of the day.

have you ever hoped so much for so little that when you got what you hoped for, you'd just regret hoping for it in the first place.


u guys know what the macauhaicheebyepukimaklanjiao fever gave me?

it gave me chicken in a box.

yeah, chickenpox.

fuck it.

Friday, December 15, 2006

.machauhaicheebyepukimaklanjiao fever.

i was soo machauhai cheebye pukimak lanjiao sick yesterday that i have to go back and sleep. and sleep i did for the whole day.

it was a total waste of one whole day and there were like... tons of fucking problems in the office.

and i think this fever caused mom to nag a bit about my nightlife outings.
now i think i'm grounded for one week.

who the fuck gets grounded at 23? huh? who the fuck?

damn lanjiaocheebyepukimakmachauhai fever got me grounded.

one good thing that came out of the fever is vitamin c. those soluble ones. damn kau lat. nice!

i'm still experiencing some slight heat.

oh yeah, another good thing is SLEEP. tons and tons of it. how i miss my naps.

but i don't know why... i'm still having some slight dizziness.

machauhaicheebyepukimaklanjiao fever.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


i'm so fucking sick it's insane and totally not funny.

let me get this work done with and then i can go back and sleep.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

.quote of the day.

Life is all about being happy and confident.

So is drugs.

.women is the weaker sex?

the issue of female as the weaker sex has never ceased to be the talk of politicians.

and if i were to hear them from one of our dumb politicians again... i swear to god, i'll rip the newspaper apart. (cause i can't really do anything besides that).

you see, female is the weaker sex... period.

but that proverb was created a long time ago when weak and strong was only evaluated through fights or hunting competitions. (muscle evaluation)

a long long time ago, men competed to vie for their partner with hunting competitions, wrestling matches, snorting sounds.. you know, matches that are aggressive in nature.

this is vital in order to ensure that the alpha male has enough or adequate muscle strength to protect his or her counterpart from the vile predators.

you know, i would think that politicians are smart enough to know that as time changes, so does circumstances.

sexy dressing as a code of conduct to prevent themselves from getting raped? who the fuck is talking?

even the most well-dressed transvestite can get raped in certain circumstances...

women are now not the weaker sex... in fact i tend to think that they are the dominating sex. ever seen how a woman can wield her aura and a man will do anything just to get her attention?

if that's not called power, i don't know what is.

men now vie for their female attention through other means like cooking, laundry, manners, attitude and persuasion. oh, not to forget.. cash.

women? they just listen and decide.

gone are the days where women are the weaker sex... some of them are more of a man than you could ever imagine to be.

if we tried to vie for a female attention like cooking, laundry ..bla bla bla... in those olden days.... you'd be dead and heirless.

and vile predators? they're actually the ones trying to get a lay over in the clubbing arena.

sometimes, i think civilization is moving forward in terms of technology and knowledge but we are becoming more of an animal than we wanted to be.

if a woman can wear leaves and show their boobs in those days without worrying about rape or sodomy..... why is it a more civilized nation like the one we have now can't cage the animal in us.

until bedtime of course. then lets unleash the animal in us.

.MTV rocks my sawks!

yesterday, i was having a cuppa coffee with Mais, MC and JollyYeap. it seems that our first schoolmate from high school is getting married this saturday. she's a doll and i wish her all the best in future undertakings. and happiness in her marriage.

me and JollyYeap had a cuppa coffee and headed down to 7-11 to have a can of beer. After that we head on over to his house and "lepak".

Astro's MTV was showing RoomRaiders. This show takes three male or female out of their room and asks a potential date partner to raid their room. Whose room belongs to who will not be revealed until the end of the selection. So, the boys or girls will have to choose based on the participant's rooms. Like, room number 1 is out. So, one of the chicks will walk out. and if it so happens that she's some hot chick... tough luck dude. you wouldn't like her anyway. *-^

so, as i was watching this show, i was contemplating what criminal evidence i had in my room that could be bound to be raided.

first of all, i have porn. hmm.... QC-ed porn. HAHA.

second, in my drawer under my side table, you'd find scores and scores of unarranged paraphernalia.

which reminds me, i should get them arranged someday soon.

and then sometimes i have leftover shirts or pants from morning or yesterday night cause i just like wore it for... a couple of hours. so it doesn't go into the washing machine that fast. (no underwear though... swear)

dust... sometimes i have lots of it in corners. i need to get them wiped.

i don't really have much in my room but i guess i have enough. what about you? any embarrassing paraphernalia you want to tell us?

after room raiders, the show on telly was "Wanna Come In?" Basically, this show takes two males who hasn't had a date for a long time and they will be coached by a "player" each.

These "player"s will take them under their wings in order for them to earn some money if the girl invites the participant into her house after their first dinner. thus the slogan or title "wanna come in?"

it was no easy shit during the dinner as the contestants will be given tasks to complete and whoever completes them in the given stipulated time will earn cash.

Yesterday's first one was..

1. Switch chairs with her and then switch back. Time limit : 2 minutes.
(one of them pulled this off)

2. Hold her hands for 15 seconds. Time limit : 2 minutes.
(both of them pulled this off)

3. Ask her weight, pant's size and bra size. Time limit : 2 minutes i think....
(none of them could pull this off)

In the end, one of them managed to get in to the house. the other was left hanging.
The one who was kept hanging kept drinking water. Having sips and sips of it. He even opened the door for the girl and ASKED THE GIRL to move over..

as in two person going into the car through the same door.... so, the woman has to skip to the other side.

believe me, it was no easy feat.... but the show was entertaining during dinner. especially when one girl said she was offended when asked about her bra size.

i should totally get ASTRO now.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

.quote of the day.

I've decided to keep my quote of the day available for future searches or future reference cause i find them damn good when i need it. haha.

anyway, here's the latest one i've taken out from the side. so, from now on.. all quotes will be posted as blog posts and not side layouts.

p/s : all these quotes are from me, myself and ME!

Previous : "Decision is one part luck and half part wit."

Monday, December 11, 2006


My dog went grooming yesterday.

OMG, she's so cute with her ribbons!

Even mumsy couldn't control her emotions and decided to hug Beebi.

'She who has avoided Beebi like the plague so far has finally embraced it.'

.the blues.

i was busy tick-tacking my thumbs on my handphone trying to stick to the conversation. i'm damn tired but i don't want to lose this opportunity.

we rarely chat or text each other anymore.

suddenly, the thing on my hand emitted sounds..

"bebot, bebot, bebot yeah...."

oh, it's MiniVin calling.

I picked it up and he says, "let's go out."

"ok" i said. "but let me get some stuff done first"

i head up to take a shower and before i could even finish it, the phone rang again.

"hello?" i asked.

"we're here" jollyyeap said.

"ok. be down in a second."

my phone got a new text msg. i ignored it and slip it in my pocket.

we head out after i put on my clothes.

we decided to head to the nearest mamak and watch chelsea vs arsenal.

as i was sitting in the car, i took out my phone and started to tick tack on it again.

i guess i really missed talking to her.

we sat down in front of the tv in the mamak.

my phone rang again. i pick it up.

"eating?" asked honeybee.

"yeah" i said simultaneously looking around to find traces of her.

i don't know why but MiniVin followed my action. he doesn't even know who called. but i guess the curiousity got the better of him. haha.

"i'm heading back now but i saw you just now with MiniVin and JollyYeap right?"

"oh, you were here too?"

"yeah." she said.

"ok... " i quipped right before i closed the phone.

we watched the movie and decided to head to JollyYeap's house to watch it during half time.

I wanted to join them but my instinct tells me i'd just lie down in his house and close my eyes.

so i just went back and took a nap.

but i was still late for work today. damn it.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

.christmas anyone?

what to do on Christmas for Christmas?

scratching my head now....


.SKOL shapeshifters.

i'm never drinking beer


Ok, let me think now, it all began yesterday.

me and my family went to 'Pantai Bersih' which is extremely dirty to have seafood.

and then as i was enjoying my beautiful but tasteless meal, this sudden shape emerged and trampled the whole place.

i caught a glimpse at her uniform and it was glowing golden.

i thought she was some dancing girl singing karaoke or whatever.... but turns out she's selling SKOL beer?

she's old, haggard and with that kinda uniform.... it looks like something i saw in the gladiators or troy.. only this time, it's body hugging and on a girl.

oh... the pollution to our environment.

SKOL is definitely not environmental conscious. those fucking SOBs in marketing are choosing their sales girls with their knees.

if that was the only straw, it'd be ok.

but imagine to my surprise that i saw them SKOL girls in Seawind again. Holy FUCK!

the shapeshifter had legs like a pig turd and her body hugging suit had piles of fat lards portruding out of her costume begging for some fresh air.
if i ever drink beer

er... i doubt i'll drink a SKOL


if there ever was a solution to everything in this life, it is called 'reformat'.

yes, i've had dozens of people asking me what to do with their computer. stuffs like adware, spyware, stuck, video card cannot work, not enough memory, computer crash, screen got no image, cd cannot use, ass cannot wipe and so on so forth.

i always tell them the exact same thing.

"if you can't solve them, reformat them".

.filler post.

yesterday we held a celebration for honeybee cause her birthday's coming soon.

first, we went to seawind to have a couple of beers. sea wind is located behind naza hotel in batu ferringhi. basically the place is a nice place to hangout but only with a couple of friends having beer. i drank orange juice which kinda sucks cause everyone fucking one there was drinking alcohol.

so, after the cake cutting ceremony and shiznits and all, we decided that the place wasn't exactly a mood breaker, so we uplifted the place to Glo.

It was weird looking at JollyYeap move his head to the rhythm of the beat. But we had a blast yesterday.

oh, yeah.. i got a new MP3 player for my car. cause the old one got busted. now, i get to listen to tons of pirated music.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

.attack of the rain.

he zooms around in his superbike.

i look at envy at his bike. what a cool guy, i thought.

his bike was plowing the roads even though it was raining... drizzling.

i sit in the comforts of my car with my friend, jollyyeap.

we gape in awe at his bike. how cool. a bike that is sheltered from rain.

a freaking bike with a roof.

i move in closer to his side to have a closer look. the bus beside me is not inching too.

and then the three of us all plow through a water puddle. the bus splashes water all over my windscreen. my wiper can't wipe it out fast enough.

i can't swerve to the left nor to the right.

and then we passed through the puddle.

i can't see that cool bike beside me anymore.
and then i realized... what a freaking bastard i've been.

i guess he thought rain only attacks from above.

little did he know that water can attack from all sides.

i sit in the comfort of my car laughing till tears were out of my eyes.

i didn't mean to splash him... but it was damn funny.

Friday, December 8, 2006

.wish come true.

catwen is back and we went out for yamcha yesterday. see how effective my blog post is? grants my wishes in like... half a day.

i hope i can win 4d. i hope i can win 4d.

haha. now can just sit back and wait?

oh yeah, must buy 4d first. haha.

Thursday, December 7, 2006


everyday damn sien.... work work work, no place to go and no one to go out with...

someone pls call me and ask me out b4 i go crazy.... anywhere! anyone!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

.cure headaches instantly.

there are weird excuses that kids can come up with when they refuse to study.

so it didn't came as a surprise to me throughout my years of teaching. the things that i hear are preposterous but nevertheless, at least they make sense.

so, the other day, i was teaching gluttonboy in my house. he's kind of lazy.


who am i kidding. he's GOD DAMN irritatingly freaking LAZY.

which is good at times but not most of the times.

so, the other day, he was doing some homework and i was waiting for him to complete his work.

"URGH" grunted gluttonboy while holding his forehead and grimacing in pain.

"why?" i asked with a sincerely made up concerned face.

"I have a headache"

"what happened?" i asked?

"i cannot work (as in do exercises) too much. if i do, i get headaches" answered gluttonboy.

the level of bullshit in this scenario has increased 10 times. :-o

but i acted nonchalant and continued...

"like that, you have to see a doctor? have you seen one?"

"yes, i've seen one already. he said it can't be cured."

right about this time, my tummy was about to burst. but i ... maintained.

"then i got a cure for you"

"what is the cure?"

"from today onwards, you won't need to do work. we'll just be reading and studying."

"then i don't need to do any exercises?"

"no... i'll compile them and ask you to do it at home when your head is not hurting."

"teacher.... i think my head ok ady."



fireangel's got the white sexyback. i've got the black now.


Monday, December 4, 2006

.droopy jolt.

i was alone.

sitting here listening to the song that i've played and heard a thousand times. the song never fails to impress me.

my hands are starting to tremble and my heart is pounding slower. my eyes get droopy and my legs loosen up. i sing along to the song but my voice trails....

i've encountered this situation many times and i know this feeling coming over me. as they say, it's deja vu?

my eyes come to a slit and my tongue dries up.

i crack up the volume and shake my head. it's useless. i'm still losing all my brain functions slowly.

my breathing gets slower.

suddenly, i shouted. i shouted at the top of my lungs.


this jolted me up.

but it wasn't long before my eyes close.

and as i was driving down the penang bridge back to my house at 5.30am after the bbq, i prayed.

i prayed that i can reach home safely.

i guess i did it the chicken shit way and let god decide everything.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

.sooo freaking tired.

i'm soooo freaking tired from yesterday's bbq party.

i didn't take pictures but my friends took loads. i think i'll be too lazy to request it from them.

since yesterday till now, i think i had only a total of 2 hours of sleep and after blogging this, i still need to work.

i really need a break and a good sleep.

blog more another day k?

Saturday, December 2, 2006

.burkina faso donates money to me.


Dear client,

I am MR MR IBRAHIM ALPHER, credit officer of African Development Bank. I have an
urgent and very confidential business proposition for you.

In June, 2000, a German property consultant and importer of used cars ,Mr Andreas Schranner made a numbered time (Fixed) Deposit for twelve calendar months, valued at US$30,000,000.00(Thirty Million United States Dollars only) in my branch. It was to our utter suprise that we heard of his death, wife and children in an AF4590 plane crash in July 2000. See website below:

On further investigation,I found out that he died without making a WILL, and hitherto, all attempts to trace his next of kin was fruitless. Mr Andreas Schranner was residing at No 1 Rue de Avenida, G.R.A. ouagoudougou, burkina faso.
I therefore made further investigation and discovered that Mr Andreas
Schranner did not declare any kin or relations in all his official documents, including his Bank Deposit paperwork in my Bank. This sum of US$35,000,000.00 is still sitting in my Bank and the interest is being rolled over with the principal
sum at the end of each year. No one will ever come forward to claim it. According to Laws of burkina faso, at the expiration of 5 (five) years, the money will be declared frozen and forfeited to the burkina faso Government if nobody applies to claim the

Consequently, my proposal is that I will like you as a foreigner to stand in as the next of kin or business partner to Mr Andreas Schranner so that the fruits of this ld man's labor will not get into the hands of some corrupt government officials. This is simple, I will like you to provide immediately your full names and address,phone and fax numbers so that the i can prepare the necessary documents that will put you in place as the next of kin or business partner.Your role in the transaction is to send
an application for claim of the funds to our bank. Then, as top officials of the bank, I shall work behind-the-scene to make sure that your application is approved by the management of the bank, and the funds transfered to your nominated bank account.

Please note that there is no iota of risks at all as all the paperwork for this transaction will be done legitimately and with my positions as top officials of the bank i would ensure a successful execution of this transaction. If you are interested, please reply immediately to my email box.

Please send me your confidential telephone and fax numbers for easy communication.

You should observe utmost CONFIDENTIALITY AND SECRECY in this transaction, and rest assured that this transaction would be most profitable for both of us because I will require your assistance to invest my share in your country.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Thanks and regards.


My Reply :

Dear Mr. Ibrahim Alpher,

First of all, I highly doubt someone with such intellectual response such as you couldn't find a more suitable representative to receive this money on Mr
Andreas Schranner's behalf.

Second, although OUAGOUDOUGOU might be a respectable place in Burkina Faso, I doubt a bank official in such a weirdly named place could get access to such high profile bank investment details.

Third, I think burkina faso is spelt with two capital letters in this sentence "According to Laws of burkina faso, at the..". Thus a person with such disrespect to his state could mean that you don't value your state much. So, I again... highly doubt such a place would woo the interest of such prolific investors. Heck, I think I wouldn't even deposit my piggy bank in Burkina Faso.

Fourth, if you believe i will send you my telephone number, fax number, credit card no.. bank no... and whatever shit you want.. through e-mail without meeting you in person, you have to be extremely STONED. Unless you send me a naked picture of your wife or daughter who happens to be some HOT chick.

Fifth, I believe that you can put the money to good use by helping the retardeds. So i suggest that you help make the world a better place by shoving those large wads of cash up your ass and having gaylords sucking them out one by one.

Sincerely Fucked,


.i'm going for the bbq party tonight.

so, urm post pictures and more details tomorrow or sometime soon?

buh bye!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

.memo and shit.

1. Where were you 1 hour ago?
having high-tea with git-bak-chang

2. Who will be your next kiss?
my dog, baby.

3. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
god, no!

4. When is the last time you went to the mall?
when i went to watch Casino Royale. Which is not too long ago.

5. Are you wearing socks right now?

6. When was the last time you went out of the state?
Forgot ady when? must be a couple of months back.

7. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
casino royale rawks!

8. What was the last thing you had to drink?
ice lemon tea

9. What are you wearing right now?
slacks and a shirt.

10. Have you been in a car wash?
urm.. i'm too drunk to wash my car sometimes.

11. Last food you ate?
rice with HoneyBee

12. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

13. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
yes, my jacket.

14. Do you have a pet?
my shitting happy dog, baby.

15. What's the last sporting event you watched?
football lar.. or was it wrestling? is wrestling even a sport?

16. What is your favorite class?

17. If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?
with her.

18. What is the last thing you purchased online?
a domain

22. Last play you saw?
those gay stage things? never!

23. What are your plans for tomorrow?

24. Who is the last person you commented on my space?

25. Ever go to camp?
tons. and learnt a lot of things in the process

26. Were you on the Honor Roll in school?
I was on the Dean's list (kembang giler)

27. What do you KNOW about the future?
that i'm gonna die of liver failure.

28. Are you wearing perfume or cologne?
wearing odour. it's better and it's free.

29. What time is it right now?
1314 pm.

30. Where is your best friend located?
which best friend?

31. Do you have a tan?
i'm dark.. too dark for my liking.

32. How old do you want to be when you have kids?
old enough to learn about responsibility

33. Do you collect anything?
yes. jackets.

34. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?
this morning.

35. What kind of sheets do you have?
clean and nice ones.

37. Do you like hot sauce?
i like hot girls..... hot sauce? does that mean liquid discharged from hot girls?

38. Last time you showered?

40. What is your mood?
not happy

41. Are you someone's best friend?

42. What is the last tv show you watched?

43. sex?
why not?

44. shit?

45. do you masturbate while eating?
yes. i'm a multitasker

46. do you kill elephants or whales?
all the time.

47. are you a cannibal?

48. are you GAY?

49. do you know that the number 43-48 are all bullshit questions that i created?
[insert your answer here]

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

.marketing fucks.

fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing. fuck marketing.

yippee yeay dooo dee!

and fuck stuck up customers!

fuck this shit....

i need a break.

.thinking is easy.

i'm thinking of venturing overseas.. definitely sick and tired of Malaysia.

.still the same.

i sit here in between four walls.

the other two person sharing these four walls are quiet. they are busy doing their own work.

i sit here looking straight into my computer, reading blogs, thinking of something to post.

i look straight and my brain can't function well.

everything is quiet. i should be able to blog about something. even when i'm reading about other blogs, i'm thinking.
i thought of a lot of things.

mainly, i thought about her.
i can still remember the first time i saw her in class, she was sitting there in front of me beside her friend. i was sitting at the back.

i noticed her and acted nonchalant.

we weren't really close then.. after that short ordeal, we parted. both so near yet so far.

now it seems as if it's so long but i've changed. many things have changed. but i still get the same feeling when i see her. the butterflies in my stomach, the feeling that i want to hold on to her and never let her go. hold on to her with my arms.

but i open my eyes and realize i'm still here, in front of my computer. thinking of something to write, something to blog about. and this time i know how i feel, and i'll tell her everything even if she's not here.

i clicked on my "favourites" tab and selected "friendster".

i typed it in and sent it.

"i wish you were here"

.dumb things.

there a few dumb things i've done throughout my life and everytime i reminiscence about them .. i'd think "what a dumb fool i was then", or "what the fuck was i thinking?".

now that i think about it back, i'd go ..."that was some fun shit.. and dumb shit"

yesterday, i went out with jollyyeap and minivin to discuss about the bbq. basically, it's a confirmed deal. doesn't matter who's coming or not. we're still gonna have it.

we had many discussion, one of them was back when we were still young. you know, the good old days.

i remember me and jollyyeap sitting on a bicycle. me, being the smaller sized idiot had to sit at the front. so, jollyyeap was in charge of pedalling while i was in charge of handling the bike.

it all went ok. i meant, it wasn't the first time i was pillion riding on a bicycle. we've encountered such activity numerous times. but i don't know why... on that particular day.. the urge came over me to see whether the bike can move without me handling the direction.

i slowly let go of my hand. it was ok for the first few seconds. then suddenly... we crashed.
i came down.. acted all dumb and told jollyyeap "what the fuck happened dude?"

jollyyeap said "i donno"

i even had the courage to tell him "you stopped pedalling izzit?"

he denied it.
basically, he was in the blue and had no idea how the freaking accident happened.

until a couple of years later.

out of the blue i said "did you remember the bicycle accident we had that time in front of the 'padang'?"

he said "yes"

i said "i let my hand go and we fell"

he gave me the middle finger straight away.

talking about bike accidents... i remembered another one i deliberately did. this time it was TofuNy.

I was riding a Honda EX5 and he was supposed to be my pillion rider. Right before his butt was ready to plop behind me..i revved the oil and he plopped on the TAR road.

boy, those were the days. it's funny when friends get hurt isn't it?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

.my bebeh.

i've been busy and neglecting baby.

i need to give her a bath today and get her injection done tomorrow.

god, i miss her.

but she really must stop pissing on the carpet and shitting everywhere else.


today is LittlePeng's birthday! so a shoutout goes to her! Happy Birthday LittlePeng.

some people judge me by what i have and what i can have. but they never know the hardships i have gone through throughout the years. i'm tired of explaining, thus maybe.. i should let them be. it's not easy being me. really. (yeah... right.)

so, moi, jollyyeap and MiniVin had a gathering yesterday to talk about life, girls, the whole lot and also to talk about this Saturday's bbq gathering.

it's decided on Saturday. In Batu Ferringhi (maybe Bayu Emas). LittlePeng confirmed her status as "No Problem".

any more? contact us.

Monday, November 27, 2006

.bbq gathering for 2006.

a year ago.. i had a bad case of gastric. it was really horrible, terrible and vegetable. you know...
the lot.

anyway, jollyyeap is back. and yesterday we were planning.. or rather i mean, talking about a plan to have a bbq birthday party cum gathering.

the venue will most probably be in Penang. we did discuss some "exotic" places like genting or langkawi but i think with the number of friends working and having to accomodate their lifestyle.. a Penang gathering would've been better.

anyway, most probably it'll be held on a Saturday. 2nd Dec i think.

we'll be having an apartment stay too probably. don't know about them but i think it'll be cool.

gosh, i can't vaguely remember the last time we had any gathering or any sorts. the only time we had together as a friend outing was during CNYs. but it was great all the time. i mean, gambling is always a new way to spend your money happily. we're not really serious players. we're just having fun.

however, anyone who agrees on this saturday call me asap. the venue might be somewhere in Batu Ferringhi.

All welcome. Bring all your friends, single, married, attached... whatever.

gimme a call if you want to confirm or ask for more details cause i think we won't be doing any serious discussion until... at least a few people can confirm that they want to go.

So, this is addressed to everyone i know who's reading my blog. just call moi or julian to confirm a place or to ask. and tell everyone you know.


.filler post.

007 rocks. talk all about it next time. gtg and do some work.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

.babe of the week, Katie Gravette.

This week's babe of the week is Katie Gravette from MaximOnline. (just like Misa Campo)
She hails from Huntington Beach, California.

Height: 5'7'

Bust: 34C
Waist: 22
Hips: 34
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Dress: 1/2

Appearance : Kid Rock MTV

Data and picture Source : IGN and MaximOnline.

Now, enough about the stupid freaking facts... right? pictures say a thousand words.

.it's me.

jellyyeap is back. maybe we'll head to 007 for some casino action. talk all about it tomorrow k?

for now, nothing much. just finished work. a girl almost cried before the needle even touched her. pathetic.

my mom felt like giving her two tight slaps.

i felt like tying her down and slapping her silly.

she's 30+... not 19.

different note...

yesterday, i changed my tyres. all 4 of them. now they look superb. i changed them to 215/45 Toyo tyres. Cost me RM330 EACH.

that's a fucking total of RM1320. Of course they gave me some shitty 40 dollar service coupon and 20 dollar petrol coupon. (shove it up your freaking ass)

Whatever the fuck for? I'd rather use the money to get my car a bunch of useless screws. Really, the cost of maintaining a car is mind boggling.

maybe i should've changed the 17" to 15" inch rims.

but then i may be VAIN.

17" tires costs thrice as much as 15" tires but it sure as hell looks god damn 3 times better!

Friday, November 24, 2006

.a review of my Nissan Sentra N16 1.6A XE 2000.

Nissan is the lesser known variety of Japanese Automaker compared to Honda or Toyota in Malaysia. However, Nissan has carved a niche for comfort cars in terms of consumer placing. Believe, everywhere on the net, people has been giving Nissan thumbs up in terms of handling and comfort.

Nissan places importance on family cars unlike Toyota or Civic which came out with more formidable average user compacts like City or Vios.

I had the previous experience of driving a Toyota Vios and I have no prior experience in handling the late variety of Honda City nor Civic. So, the comparison that I will be giving at the end of the review will cover only the Sentra vs the Vios.

In terms of Pick-Up. Let me just say that the Nissan Sentra trails slowly compared to the more powerful and compact or lighter variants like Vios. The Nissan Sentra with O/D on suffers a severe lag during pick-up especially during traffic lights where it is more prominent.
However, without O/D..I think the pick-up averages slightly better and is bearable.

I concur that the slow pick-up could be due to the heavy material or body utilized by the N.Sentra.

In terms of Handling, the N.Sentra moves like a snake.. one which is controlled by you and not one which is out of control. The feel and touch of the steering wheel corresponds to the movement of the car exactly as how I want it. Sometimes, it could be too sensitive and I find this a little bit of a problem during times when I am more nervous (example, a slight jump when someone shouts beside me might move the car to extraordinaire proportions).

However, the handling of my N.Sentra might respond better due to my 17" Berlinetta VII wheels. Because of these tyres, my FC might also increase a bit more due to more friction between the road and the rubber of my tyre.

Sound proofing. Sound proofing in the N.Sentra is appaling at high speeds. At speeds averaging 100km/h, I can distinctly hear tyre friction/noise and wind noise. I heard that these can be lessened by improving the sound insulation but miracles are not expected. I found a better way to handle this problem and it is called the volume bar.

Engine Noise. When I first got the car, there wasn't much engine noise but during the mornings, when the car starts up from cold, the engine noise might prove a bit higher than after warming it up. The air-cond belt is prone to screeching noises but after changing it the other day, it was soundless.

Electronics. In terms of electronics, the side mirrors and the antenna is prone to mechanical errors. I can't seem to get rid of this nagging feeling that it's not going to be long before it crops up again. I got it fixed before they hand it over to me.

In terms of passenger space, the car provides more than ample space for the front driver and passenger. However, the rear passengers might have to suffer from less leg space. I guess this can't be helped as I find similar problems with Vios.

Fuel Consumption or FC. After servicing my car with a new air filter, new oil filter and semi synthetic oil, I still find the FC averaging at 0.17-0.18 cents per litre.

Overall, let's compare this N.Sentra with the T.Vios.

In terms of Fuel Consumption.
T.Vios : wins hands down at an average of 0.13 to 0.15 cents per litre ONLY!

Handling : N.Sentra wins slightly by a minimal margin.

Comfort : N.Sentra wins with it's ample space and spacious design.

Pick-Up : T.Vios wins during pick-up but lowers down after 110-130km/h. This is where the N.Sentra moves higher.

Build Quality : Believe me, the N.Sentra wins. That's because the T.Vios is not in the same league as the N.Sentra. If we need to compare, we have to do a comparison between N.Sentra and T.Altis

Engine Power : Sentra has the 1.6 and 1.8 variant. T.Vios has VVT-i (whatever...)

Overall, it is really up to taste. Probably the N.Sentra is more suited for a family rather than a bachelor. But the Nismo variant is really awesome.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

.for her.

i know it's not our fault
and i know its too late
to say whatever i need to say

cause you left a long time ago
and i never realized how much you meant to me
how much you still mean to me

you come and go
like a wind, like a hurricane
sweeping me off my feet at times

and i just want to tell you...
that i've changed
but it's too late

cause you're his.

my heart yearns for you
my soul aches for you
my eyes search for you

but you're gone
you're not here
and it seems like yesterday

that i still saw you

and i just want to tell you...
that i've changed
but it's too late

cause you're his.

.dog food loving monster.

Yesterday was JoavialAnn's Birthday! A big shoutout to her.

Anyway, yesterday I didn't do much. But I taught tuition though.

FairyAnne and PirateJoe came for tuition a bit earlier than usual.

I gave them 15 minutes of rest in between and they decided to use it by playing with my shih tzu, Baby.

FairyAnne suddenly said "Eh, teacher... Can I taste the dog food ah?"

I answered "Cannot"

"Maybe nice leh?"


Must have been the previous jerky syndrome.

I forgot to blog about the incident past week when I gave her a small piece of dog jerky and asked her to hold on to it.

She was supposed to use it to feed the dog.

But before I can give further instructions.... it was already in her mouth.

I stopped her in the nick of time.... but not too early cause her tongue tasted the jerky..

i instructed her to wash her mouth... but she did manage to quip in a few words before washing her mouth..

"quite nice leh"


I've created a dog food loving monster. And I realized that when her curiousity about the taste of dog food got the better of her senses.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

.A-Type Levi's Square cut.

serenade me with your love song and just whisper in my ears.

i will be yours in the nick of time.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

.chick flick : jang na ra.

this week's babe of the week. i know it's been a long time since the previous one but i figured... what the heck... it ain't my problem that i got a freaking life.
this week's babe of the week is of Korean descent. She's scourging our 8tv on weekdays in "The Wedding".
She's 25 this year, which means she was born in 1981. right?

i first noticed her during the 8tv Summer Concert in Johor, Danga Bay. she couldn't exactly speak Mandarin but according to her, she's taking lessons.
believe me... during the concert... i couldn't understand a word she's singing.
yet, i still paid enough attention *-^

.have a safe trip.

time seems to pass so slow when i'm waiting for her. and time seems to fly when i'm with her.

now that she's going to go... again.

it's time to start the clock.

she'll be back. but not soon enough.

Monday, November 20, 2006

.weddings i can live with.

i was one of the few accommodated at the front of the wedding ceremony.

the singer was rambling on and on.

her singing was good.. albeit a bit old fashioned.

then she went "ah ko, ah ko... kua chi peng. sui cha bo chio kuah ho lu tia har!"

translates to "brader, brader... look here. pretty lady sing song for you to hear ok?"

and then she started singing some hokkien song.

after that she went "sin nioh, sin nioh... kua chi peng. pui cha boh chio kuah ho lu tia har. kahwin liao tiok beh kuai kuai. ai seah chin cha chay kia ok?"

which translates to "bride, bride... look here. fat lady sing song for you to hear ok? after getting married must be good good. want to give birth to a lot of children ok?"

everybody was laughing.

except me. i don't find it a bit amusing. i find it weird. if it was me as the bridegroom, i would prefer some class in my wedding. i don't think i'll opt for some chinese traditional style wedding. the costumes could be ok at times... but the venue and the tradition really need to go. baby, i ain't definitely not gonna do it in some chinese hall with some low grade singer like this. and there's never gonna be any open karaoke sessions for people to sing ...

hokkien songs. like "chi pui chiu". (one cup of liquor). or some shit like that la.

i would imagine my wedding to be a floral themed one. probably done in the garden. (maybe i can book a golf course like the one in Pulai Spring).

then, it'll be during the night. and there'll be some fog machines (to get rid of the mozzies). of course the fog would just emit water based mist. not actually the medication type (aedes fog?).

then, there'll be a band.. one singing jazz and blues. or maybe a DJ.. spinning to jazz and blues first. he can do whatever he want at the end but during the dinner, it'll be jazz and blues.

then there'll be a space for people to dance. dancing is nice. i prefer people dancing than singing like a duck during a karaoke session.

then there'd be buffet instead of the usual 8 course. i don't like waiting for food. and i don't like sitting in a table. i like an environment where interaction is encouraged.

some of the examples of what my wedding might look like....

the seating place. everyone will have a number for their table in their invitation card. beats me having to find them a fucking place everytime they moan about their table mates.

there'll probably be more flowers... on top of the tent. in the middle of the table... everywhere.
even petals on the pathway.

buffet style. of course the food will be more than this lah!

in a big garden or a golf course.

evening not so hot kuar! besides, i think if can find a green house and put air cond inside better!

i told my mom about this.... she laughed and said...

"but then the old people wouldn't enjoy it that much. you know, the more traditional ones."

i pondered for a while and said "fuck them. it's not their wedding. they can have whatever they want on their ceremony. funeral one lah."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

.Happy Feet : the review.

i like this movie. that's it. bye bye....


let me see now, happy feet..

this movie revolves around one main character who's about to change the penguin world with his happy feet.

mumble (the main character) is born without ability to sing. basically, he sings like a duck on steroids. so, in a penguin world where every penguin can sing in order to mate, he is left out. many of his friends abandon him and people look upon him as an outcast.

so, in order to survive in a world where he is different, he tries to adapt but failed. thus, he embarks on a journey to find his "heart song"(whatever the fuck that is).

the penguins are all alike, except for the main character. who you can distinguish immediately from millions and millions of other penguins. weird huh?

anyway, it also touches on the effects of human population on the environment.

but that was not the main thing... the main thing was, i had an encounter of some kind of feet myself. you see, i just washed my sneakers and it wasn't even dry yet when i went to the movies.

during the whole movie, my feet was feeling sloshy and wet.

during the end... i can say for a fact that my feet wasn't happy... it was stinky.

overall, i'd give this movie an 8/10 as a family movie. or as a happy go lucky movie.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Your results:
You are Green Lantern
Green Lantern - 85%
Spider-Man - 75%
Catwoman - 75%
The Flash - 75%
Iron Man - 65%
Superman - 60%
Hulk - 55%
Supergirl - 50%
Robin - 47%
Batman - 40%
Wonder Woman - 25%

Hot-headed. You have strong will power and a good imagination.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

got this from Adam's blog. I think I did a similar one last time but this could be different i guess.


While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry
Michael Backman November 15, 2006

MALAYSIA'S been at it again, arguing about what proportion of the economy each of its two main races - the Malays and the Chinese - owns. It's an argument that's been running for 40 years. That wealth and race are not synonymous is important for national cohesion, but really it's time Malaysia grew up.

read it all here.

.death note.

i watched desu noto last tuesday. basically, death note (desu noto) is a comic / manga adaptation.

it revolves around "Kira" who is a self proclaimed GOD. "L" is the main detective. L is trying to catch Kira who's just actually an angsty young teenager with a penchant for killing. Finding himself a notebook with powers that can kill anyone whose name is written inside, he embarks on a journey to make himself god.

Thus this operation by Kira or better known as Light Yagami, is being hunted down by L the main detective supported by the FBI and the Japanese police.

The movie is not actually a horror movie. It's a thriller with two genius battling each other in terms of planning and thinking. If you read the manga, it's better cause it gives you more time to suck all the information in. but with the movie... you have to think faster and try not to watch it when ur near sleeping time. it almost made me fell asleep.

it's actually a movie staying true to the original except a slight additional love interest. but it really doesn't affect the movie's plot or storyline.

overall, if you've read the manga. i don't see a necessity to watch this movie except to see how they play it out in the movie.

if you haven't read the manga, it could be worth a watch. but only if you can make sure absurd theories are withing your limits.

p/s: i can't wait for misa amane (the character) to come out in the next episode. she's gonna be the one who makes everything easier for Light Yagami.

overall, i'd give it a 7/10.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

.it's thursday.

it's thursday already. what seems like monday feels soo.... yesterday. it's amazing how fast time passes.

anyway, i'm amazed that it's been so long and our PM still hasn't come out with answers. i'm amazed that our ex-PM threw such hard questions a few weeks ago and without any response. is it something like a fart where we wait till the smell sweeps away.

the skirt issue. i mean, the camera zooming issue. only a fella with a pea sized brain would say that it is the reporter's fault. and what's up with them? they're supposed to be finding the culprit. not waiting there and pointing fingers at idiots. the public is putting too much prominence on this issue.

personally, guys zoom in on girl's thighs all the time. the only thing is we use it with our eyes and not a camera. but this fella probably has the desire to keep it for later use. the useless bastard. never heard of imagination?

and then, we have the issue of Altantuya. First her dad says it's his son. then her mom comes and says no. it's all confusing. wait till the result of the DNA is out. but she's not exactly a model. just someone who maybe did some modelling or looks like a model.

what she is...? she's a failed businesswomen. and although i doubt she came to extort money, we cannot rule out that possibility. it's probable that a failed business could be a motivation. but it's all just assumptions.

so, to all the people out there, keep it real. stop making assumptions. assumptions are dumb.

be safe. respect.

.free Nelson Mandela.

kidding. but i saw a comment that i wanted to reply to. cause the fella was bitchin about me bitchin.

but then i can't find the post which has the comment. WTF?

that's the problem with Blogger's comment system.

anyway, to the fella who's bitchin about me bitchin. why the fuck you worry?


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

.jimmy needs.

i got this activity from aileen who got it from sharlene.

anyway, it's very cute and very absurd. however, i think it gives people a laugh or two.
albeit sometimes at your own expense.

the trick is to type "(you name) needs" into the Google search bar and note down the first or second website that comes out on the search.

Sharlene got :
Sharlene needs a good bitch-slapping

and this is what Aileen got:
Aileen needs to quickly get through another client, but he knocks her out, ties her up, and rapes her.

This is what I got...
Jimmy needs to get laid


here, i did some of my friends' names..

Vincent needs to get over his PTSD and act like a good watchdog. (Poking Tits & Sexual Discharge)

Julian needs someone with a good heart to keep him on the straight and narrow (this is where WaterBun comes in)

Marvin needs attention Of a private sort (this i totally agree)

J.J. Needs a Paternity Test (too many children or confused which one is his?)

Petrus needs him not for. pipefitting or plumbing but to hold things. (weird...)

Juliana needs to be home with her mother and family so that she can feel safe and start the healing process from her dreadful ordeal. (this COULD be true... maybe in the future.)

Sharon Needs to Be Told to Stop Shooting and Start Talking (shoot what?)

Helen Needs To Go Away (muahahahaha)

Joanne needs intellectual stimulation and companionship (she's got plenty)

Tony needs a dog? He doesn’t need a girlfriend, they’re all cuckoo anyway... (hahaha)

Rachel needs 2 get over herself and she needs 2 do it NOW! (right, like now!)

Timmy needs help (how true.. on the dot.)

Jolene needs to gain weight so she can be placed in the best forever home. (wtf? forever home?)

Rory needs to realize that she does need to make some changes in her life (i dunno about this.)

that's all dudes.

Monday, November 13, 2006

.night out in GLO.

here we are in glo for a friend's birthday party. i reached the place earlier than usual and decided to take a walk outside before going back in. besides, there wasn't much people in the club anyway.

i walked to UPR and saw a couple of yellow shirt guys walking around. they were all dressed in the same exact t-shirt with the words "the truth about". they gave out free mineral water.

two of them who were carting trollies of mineral water. they came around and offered me and my friend three bottles. they must've wanted to get rid of it asap.

i was feeling hungry. it's 10.30pm and i haven't had anything for dinner yet. i drank up as much as i could hoping to fill the gap in my stomach.

deciding i've had enough gallons of water to fill a horse, i decided to trot back in. i was blocked by a group of tourists hoping to get into a club. the bouncer was awakened by the rowdy noise and and shouted at them. nothing rowdy or mischievous happened. just some shouting. i couldn't be bothered. i just wanted to get back in to GLO.

i passed them and went back in. before i passed them, i heard them saying "25 ringgits just to go in?"

well, the 25 did include a drink.

before long, the whole place was crowded. men, women.. they were literally all over the place. one thing i liked about GLO was the choice of music. it wasn't totally techno like some shitty clubs. it has the right mix and blend of pop, techno, and rock.

the bar dancers were up and dancing some times. they were sexily clad in revealing clothes and. basically, they had a short skirt and a see-through top.. i guess. but we could all only notice the underwear and bra.

they were dancing and moving and their grooves were good. one of the girls were dancing at the counter beside our table. she was moving her ass in a way that reminded me of the PussyCat Dolls in Buttons. Totally HOT!

anyway, it didn't take long before another attention seeking female move on top of the counter. she was heaved up by her friend. and as soon as she reached the counter, she was moving away to the music. no doubt, her jeans and top make her no match for the bar dancer but she was still a fresh change. everyone was looking this way in a matter of seconds.

they were in a way competing i guess... the bar dancer was adamant to show that she's the best. she moved and danced and did splits.

she reached my table in front of me. and i kinda shyed away from looking up. i mean, it's like looking upskirt. a little bit weird i must say... but my friends were already shouting my name. that made me all the more shy.

yeah, me.. the shy boy.

anyway, what intrigued me was the other girl. she wasn't exactly hot or gorgeous but she can dance... that i can admit. but what a pity...

those bar dancers get paid to dance and strut their stuff. she's showing it all out for FREE.

anyway, a big shout out to those who were there... JumpingJJ, ShortMars, LittlePeng, SinfulYin, MerryMatt and my new found friends.. CheeryCindy and EagerVonne. Happy Birthday JumpingJJ. Oh yeah, met JovialAnne there too (i think i should change her nick to Jolesterol or Cholanne.. she should know why.. haha.. no kidding.. it's dangerous girl.. better take care). She was gorgeous as usual. She brought her guy there with her, OtherMeng (that's cause I know so many "Meng"s and "Ming"s).

I should've camwhored more but i hate dragging my camera all over the place.

.my job.

The jobs I do...nothing much to talk about today.
you know... Monday Blues.

.Spiderman III.

Spiderman III. May 4th

Sunday, November 12, 2006

.my wife and my baby.

finally, my big arse wife rolled into my home yesterday. commitments ohhhh freaking commitments....

basically, it's quite an old car. there are some minor faults here and there and you know, the occasional scratches. but those are only aesthetics as far as i'm concerned.

in terms of handling, engine, automatic transmission and everything mechanical. it works perfectly. it's smooth and sails like the titanic. albeit the titanic did sink... hoping mine wouldn't.

i would've loved black or silver but i guess this could do. at least it's rare. haha.

a more accurate and precise review after some time k?

so, here's my baby and my wife. nothing alike. that's all for now. maybe i'd blog about my outing in GLO next time. my friend's birthday in GLO! *-^


front seats

Friday, November 10, 2006

.movies i miss.

it's been so long since i've been into a cinema. not that one month is that long anyway. but there are a lot of movies i want to watch.

first of all is the covenant. which according to KBF , sucks. but JoVIALann says it should be ok. doesn't matter, their powers are cool.

another movie i want to watch desperately is Death Note. Not because I love the trailer or anything (personally, i think the trailer could've been better).. but because i've read the comic before and believe me, the comic was GOOD. A for suspense and A+ for plot. I don't know about the movie though but there is a continuation to this movie. which means it doesn't end here.

then there's Happy Feet. Those cute little penguins are soooooo freakign adorable. I feel like slitting them and making penguin fin soups. Or I can just like.. hug them and suffocate them till they die.
Kidding. But they're soooo adorable right?

James Bond, Casino Royale? Daniel Craig? Cool! I think I'm gonna love him as James Bond more than Pierce Brosnan just because...
just because.

I know a lot of critics says he's too blond and too ugly and all shit.... but I think he would make a better Bond.

Talladega Nights. Which has Baron Cohen in it. I love that fella in Ali G.

Another one movie coming out soon next month i think is The Curse of The Golden Flower (sucky name I know)... but it stars Jay Chou, Chow Yun Fatt and Gong Li.

I hope it's better and not one of those beautiful but boring WUXIA movies.

personally, I think the influx of wuxia movies is a bit appaling and irritating.


let us all take a moment for my beloved friend's dad who just passed away. may god bless his soul.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

.love and like.

mom : how was your tuition today?

son : okay.

mom : how was the teacher?

son : okay lor.

daughter : i love my teacher.

mom : u mean "like", "love" and "like" is different you know?

daughter : No! No! I LURRRVE my teacher.

this is the kind of 1337 response i get from my students. no kidding. kids do say the darnest things.

anyway, here's a tribute to jolene's 1337 Satria Neo. Cheers mate.

.menara manmilmeulen...... WTF?

HIE, back in penang!

my interview went ok. at least i think so. you know me, usually i think only the best. no matter how hard i screwed up, i'd still think it's ok.

the only problem that day was the taxi driver. I vividly remember asking for MENARA MILLENNIUM... not MENARA MANULIFE!

fucking dolt. i keep telling him, i don't think this is menara millennium. but he insists that he is correct.

i should've smacked him when i had the chance. damn it.

how come taxi drivers can be so incompetent and yet they keep complaining. improve your service and your fucking brain before you ask for more.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

.blogging from KL.

i miss my baby. i really do. yesterday i msg-ed back home to check whether my sister has fed her and this is what my mom msg-ed me back:

"Ur baby dun want to go to sleep, getting restles waiting 4 her papa (that's me) at the door. how? i dun know lah."

well, can't really write much. i'm blogging from my uncle's house. yesterday, jolene went out with suan for dinner. i could've been with them together but... all is history now.

Monday, November 6, 2006

.blog is work and saturday was fun.

it's been a while since i've blogged. i mean, really blogged. these past few posts has always been about my dog and my life and whatever bitch i can fill into it.

it's not easy you know, handling a blog, updating one. making it interesting.

it really takes determination, hard work and discipline to keep a blog. kinda like keeping a diary. except diaries are more personal and less intrusive. i can write whatever shit, scold whoever i want in my diary without worrying that someone i know might stumble on it.

of course there's always the privacy issue and leaking issue.

i wondered when i started keeping a blog. it all was a blur and i remember it was because i wanted a place to vent out my frustrations.

during my practicals, i decided to keep a blog cause the situation was really dire. i was probably suffering from depression. i knew i never showed it but work pressure was enormous. coupled with the intense and rigid evaluation criterions, i couldn't breathe much.

so, i kept a blog. a vulgar blog. kinda reminded me of the old KNNBCCB me.
if you read all of my previous posts, you might notice a departure from the vulgar posts to the more mundane vocabularies.

i guess, i've lost all those angst.

maturing is a hard word. i don't think i'm mature. maybe growing.


saturday was fun.. not as much as i want to but nevertheless, fun.

we went for steamboat... although my mom made steamboat in the house. i wonder why i went anyway now i've come to realize it.

but the after dinner pub was cool. i like the atmosphere there. a pub, bar with cool serene surroundings. a place where we can relax, unwind and talk.

the place is called church street bar. located near beach street, penang.

(this is for you HuggyHelen) the scandal is.. can you go to a party for a girl you were trying to court and knowing that she brought her BF?

i don't quite believe i can.

i can act nonchalant, but i think my eyes will betray me and my heart will ache.
but i guess everyone must step up to the plate sometime.

i must learn with the force.

Sunday, November 5, 2006


this site was designed by me. i never knew eeyean really used it till i used google search just now.

wicked. but i would appreciate a link back here. thanks.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

.the dust has not settled.

when i thought finally, when the dust has settled, when i know where i'm going. when i'm sure of a direction. when all hell finally comes together...

i got a call for an interview. in KL.

'ere we go again mates. embarking on a journey out again.

it doesn't really matter whether i get the job or not. what really matters is i get to learn from the experience and get to meet new people.

life is all about networking. the more people we know, the better.

sometimes, we can't really plan everything.
we can try to plan.. yes, but fate and luck decides everything else.

Friday, November 3, 2006

.a lotta turns.

i finally got a favourable response from flextronics. but i'm not counting my chicks yet. you know how these can be, pieces of suckers at times.

anyway, tonight i'm gonna be giving Baby a bath. She's been yearning for it since her 2nd dosage of vaccination. she's practically filthy and smelly. i can't believe she can be so smelly in 3 days. must've been the constant running around.

i just finished my tuition sessions yesterday and i guess i can cope with the work. albeit it could be a bit hard. i mean, me working from 8.30 till 5.30 and i'm back home at roughly 6.30. then i need to prepare and before i can even take a bath, it's already 7. which means it's tuition time. time is hectic, but i love having something to do. at times, it feels like i have a life. i like my schedules packed to the max. that way, i don't need to waste time. i believe my time is limited and i intend to fully utilize it. sundays and saturdays are the only days i get to rest. maybe catch a couple of movies.

life is hard you know, me being the freshie... i'm learning a lot of things and i need to learn them faster.

my wife is coming back home soon. maybe next week if everything goes well. my baby is just waiting for her mom.

like i said, will post pictures of them as soon as she rolls in to my home.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

.this is me, no bulls.

i'm just curious when people put on 2 sides to a face. which one is the real side?

i've had so many friends and so many DIFFERENT friends. sometimes i think i adapt myself to the situation too. so i'm just writing this to remind people and you readers of who i am.

i used to be lazy. always procrastinating. i still do but less.
i used to hate tuitions. but now, slowly i'm getting used and enjoying it.
i am actually quite playful but only in familiar places with familiar faces.
i am actually an extrovert once you know me.
but sometimes i have mood swings. i can be an introvert during certain times.
i'm always wishy-washy. can't really make up decisions.
i love food. i love going on vacations if i get a nice place to rest.
i guess this means i'm a homely person.
i love it when i come home to a clean house.
i don't really like clubbing cause i can't drink. but i love how people can get together and shout and dance there.
i prefer going for yamcha sessions where we can talk our heart out.
i love the movies. i love a lot of movies.
i listen to music less than i want to, but i intend to make it up.
i'm always happy.. no matter with how less i have. but i'm learning the importance of having more.
i never judge people at first but i can be judgemental when i want to.
sometimes i can be temperamental and insensitive but i try my best.
i like the beach.
i like nice things.
i like art.
i love my family.
i like my baby (my shih tzu).
i like new gadgets.
i prefer looking in a car's interior rather their exterior. if the car looks nice in the inside, i couldn't care less about the brand or what colour it is.
i'm not a car fanatic.
i'm a techy geek.
i love new clothes. but sometimes i regret it the next day and wear it less than i loved to.
i love talking and meeting new people and i meet less than i would love to.
i'm insecure at times.
i love my friends and i try to cherish them all, the good and the bad.
but sometimes the bad is really not worth keeping. that's when i don't care about them.
i think highly of those who are close to me, and for those who have hard opinions about me i couldn't care less about their company.
i hate it when people make preconceptions about me. i usually avoid such people.
but everyone makes preconceptions.
i'm trying hard in life and i love this life.
in my 5 years in university, i've learnt a lot of good things, a lot of bad things. got to know a lot of cool people, and even more worse people.
university was not a good experience but i'm grateful for so many things.
i'm grateful for friends who i know and sad for friends who i don't know.
cause i know those who missed out on me is missing the chance of their lifetime.
i'm trying hard in life. i'm slowly evolving, i don't know into what.
yes, i'm wishy-washy.
i love sleeping too, but i couldn't sleep more often than i would love to.
i love going out in small groups. i like going out in big groups.
i like fitting in.
i may talk a lot and say many mean things but i never meant so many of those i said.
i have a hard temper at times. but only in front of my loved ones.
i'm trying to control my temper.
i like red cause it's in my name. but the real colour i like is white and black.
i love white.
i love it when people give me gifts. receiving gifts, no matter how small its such a surprise.

i like the big things, i love the simple things.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...