.still the same.

i sit here in between four walls.

the other two person sharing these four walls are quiet. they are busy doing their own work.

i sit here looking straight into my computer, reading blogs, thinking of something to post.

i look straight and my brain can't function well.

everything is quiet. i should be able to blog about something. even when i'm reading about other blogs, i'm thinking.
i thought of a lot of things.

mainly, i thought about her.
i can still remember the first time i saw her in class, she was sitting there in front of me beside her friend. i was sitting at the back.

i noticed her and acted nonchalant.

we weren't really close then.. after that short ordeal, we parted. both so near yet so far.

now it seems as if it's so long but i've changed. many things have changed. but i still get the same feeling when i see her. the butterflies in my stomach, the feeling that i want to hold on to her and never let her go. hold on to her with my arms.

but i open my eyes and realize i'm still here, in front of my computer. thinking of something to write, something to blog about. and this time i know how i feel, and i'll tell her everything even if she's not here.

i clicked on my "favourites" tab and selected "friendster".

i typed it in and sent it.

"i wish you were here"
daily dose
November 29, 2006


Samantha said…
i wish i could turn back time,,,i wish he or them were nvr there...@#$%%%*^&..hahaha
Jimmy Ang said…
i never wished they were never there. i'm glad they were there.

they make me complete cause they are part of my life.

and i wish you were here too.
cause our bbq party is coming soon!
Samantha said…
actually i was talkin bout those farkin bastards who broke into my car n stole my player...damn them...anyway i wish i will b there too...bt as u noe...1st mth salary is hardly enuf to cover all the xpenses so i'd hav to save up a lil bit first
Jimmy Ang said…
k.... so... urm.. we'll have fun here and you enjoy yourself in KL k?



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