Monday, December 4, 2006

.droopy jolt.

i was alone.

sitting here listening to the song that i've played and heard a thousand times. the song never fails to impress me.

my hands are starting to tremble and my heart is pounding slower. my eyes get droopy and my legs loosen up. i sing along to the song but my voice trails....

i've encountered this situation many times and i know this feeling coming over me. as they say, it's deja vu?

my eyes come to a slit and my tongue dries up.

i crack up the volume and shake my head. it's useless. i'm still losing all my brain functions slowly.

my breathing gets slower.

suddenly, i shouted. i shouted at the top of my lungs.


this jolted me up.

but it wasn't long before my eyes close.

and as i was driving down the penang bridge back to my house at 5.30am after the bbq, i prayed.

i prayed that i can reach home safely.

i guess i did it the chicken shit way and let god decide everything.

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