.death note.

i watched desu noto last tuesday. basically, death note (desu noto) is a comic / manga adaptation.

it revolves around "Kira" who is a self proclaimed GOD. "L" is the main detective. L is trying to catch Kira who's just actually an angsty young teenager with a penchant for killing. Finding himself a notebook with powers that can kill anyone whose name is written inside, he embarks on a journey to make himself god.

Thus this operation by Kira or better known as Light Yagami, is being hunted down by L the main detective supported by the FBI and the Japanese police.

The movie is not actually a horror movie. It's a thriller with two genius battling each other in terms of planning and thinking. If you read the manga, it's better cause it gives you more time to suck all the information in. but with the movie... you have to think faster and try not to watch it when ur near sleeping time. it almost made me fell asleep.

it's actually a movie staying true to the original except a slight additional love interest. but it really doesn't affect the movie's plot or storyline.

overall, if you've read the manga. i don't see a necessity to watch this movie except to see how they play it out in the movie.

if you haven't read the manga, it could be worth a watch. but only if you can make sure absurd theories are withing your limits.

p/s: i can't wait for misa amane (the character) to come out in the next episode. she's gonna be the one who makes everything easier for Light Yagami.

overall, i'd give it a 7/10.

November 17, 2006


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