.blogging from KL.

i miss my baby. i really do. yesterday i msg-ed back home to check whether my sister has fed her and this is what my mom msg-ed me back:

"Ur baby dun want to go to sleep, getting restles waiting 4 her papa (that's me) at the door. how? i dun know lah."

well, can't really write much. i'm blogging from my uncle's house. yesterday, jolene went out with suan for dinner. i could've been with them together but... all is history now.
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November 7, 2006


Anonymous said…
I dont know why but the first image that comes to mind when I read the first sentence of the entry was a tortoise. So what's your baby really? A puppy? How are ya??
Jimmy Ang said…
tortoise? wtf? it's a puppy. hehe.

anyway, i'm ok i guess. ur pretty good there i think. how was your posting? got any letters yet?
i heard a lot of people have and a lot of people haven't. dunno why the double standard though.

suan: i called jolene's dad and told him about the trip. but you know lar. sometimes dad and daughter lack communication.

that was what i told jolene until she smacked me.


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