.dumb things.

there a few dumb things i've done throughout my life and everytime i reminiscence about them .. i'd think "what a dumb fool i was then", or "what the fuck was i thinking?".

now that i think about it back, i'd go ..."that was some fun shit.. and dumb shit"

yesterday, i went out with jollyyeap and minivin to discuss about the bbq. basically, it's a confirmed deal. doesn't matter who's coming or not. we're still gonna have it.

we had many discussion, one of them was back when we were still young. you know, the good old days.

i remember me and jollyyeap sitting on a bicycle. me, being the smaller sized idiot had to sit at the front. so, jollyyeap was in charge of pedalling while i was in charge of handling the bike.

it all went ok. i meant, it wasn't the first time i was pillion riding on a bicycle. we've encountered such activity numerous times. but i don't know why... on that particular day.. the urge came over me to see whether the bike can move without me handling the direction.

i slowly let go of my hand. it was ok for the first few seconds. then suddenly... we crashed.
i came down.. acted all dumb and told jollyyeap "what the fuck happened dude?"

jollyyeap said "i donno"

i even had the courage to tell him "you stopped pedalling izzit?"

he denied it.
basically, he was in the blue and had no idea how the freaking accident happened.

until a couple of years later.

out of the blue i said "did you remember the bicycle accident we had that time in front of the 'padang'?"

he said "yes"

i said "i let my hand go and we fell"

he gave me the middle finger straight away.

talking about bike accidents... i remembered another one i deliberately did. this time it was TofuNy.

I was riding a Honda EX5 and he was supposed to be my pillion rider. Right before his butt was ready to plop behind me..i revved the oil and he plopped on the TAR road.

boy, those were the days. it's funny when friends get hurt isn't it?
November 29, 2006


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