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yesterday we held a celebration for honeybee cause her birthday's coming soon.

first, we went to seawind to have a couple of beers. sea wind is located behind naza hotel in batu ferringhi. basically the place is a nice place to hangout but only with a couple of friends having beer. i drank orange juice which kinda sucks cause everyone fucking one there was drinking alcohol.

so, after the cake cutting ceremony and shiznits and all, we decided that the place wasn't exactly a mood breaker, so we uplifted the place to Glo.

It was weird looking at JollyYeap move his head to the rhythm of the beat. But we had a blast yesterday.

oh, yeah.. i got a new MP3 player for my car. cause the old one got busted. now, i get to listen to tons of pirated music.
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December 10, 2006


Samantha said…
honey bee? anyone i noe? btw u r payin regular visits to glo tis days huh? i dun get to gooooo...sobsob
Jimmy Ang said…
honeybee is definitely someone U know.....

yeah, i guess that's true... becoming more and more often.


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