Friday, November 10, 2006

.movies i miss.

it's been so long since i've been into a cinema. not that one month is that long anyway. but there are a lot of movies i want to watch.

first of all is the covenant. which according to KBF , sucks. but JoVIALann says it should be ok. doesn't matter, their powers are cool.

another movie i want to watch desperately is Death Note. Not because I love the trailer or anything (personally, i think the trailer could've been better).. but because i've read the comic before and believe me, the comic was GOOD. A for suspense and A+ for plot. I don't know about the movie though but there is a continuation to this movie. which means it doesn't end here.

then there's Happy Feet. Those cute little penguins are soooooo freakign adorable. I feel like slitting them and making penguin fin soups. Or I can just like.. hug them and suffocate them till they die.
Kidding. But they're soooo adorable right?

James Bond, Casino Royale? Daniel Craig? Cool! I think I'm gonna love him as James Bond more than Pierce Brosnan just because...
just because.

I know a lot of critics says he's too blond and too ugly and all shit.... but I think he would make a better Bond.

Talladega Nights. Which has Baron Cohen in it. I love that fella in Ali G.

Another one movie coming out soon next month i think is The Curse of The Golden Flower (sucky name I know)... but it stars Jay Chou, Chow Yun Fatt and Gong Li.

I hope it's better and not one of those beautiful but boring WUXIA movies.

personally, I think the influx of wuxia movies is a bit appaling and irritating.

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