Friday, December 15, 2006

.machauhaicheebyepukimaklanjiao fever.

i was soo machauhai cheebye pukimak lanjiao sick yesterday that i have to go back and sleep. and sleep i did for the whole day.

it was a total waste of one whole day and there were like... tons of fucking problems in the office.

and i think this fever caused mom to nag a bit about my nightlife outings.
now i think i'm grounded for one week.

who the fuck gets grounded at 23? huh? who the fuck?

damn lanjiaocheebyepukimakmachauhai fever got me grounded.

one good thing that came out of the fever is vitamin c. those soluble ones. damn kau lat. nice!

i'm still experiencing some slight heat.

oh yeah, another good thing is SLEEP. tons and tons of it. how i miss my naps.

but i don't know why... i'm still having some slight dizziness.

machauhaicheebyepukimaklanjiao fever.

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wEn said...

looks like everyone's fallin chill pal...dun b so frust...enjoy those time when u get to sleep ^^

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