.blog is work and saturday was fun.

it's been a while since i've blogged. i mean, really blogged. these past few posts has always been about my dog and my life and whatever bitch i can fill into it.

it's not easy you know, handling a blog, updating one. making it interesting.

it really takes determination, hard work and discipline to keep a blog. kinda like keeping a diary. except diaries are more personal and less intrusive. i can write whatever shit, scold whoever i want in my diary without worrying that someone i know might stumble on it.

of course there's always the privacy issue and leaking issue.

i wondered when i started keeping a blog. it all was a blur and i remember it was because i wanted a place to vent out my frustrations.

during my practicals, i decided to keep a blog cause the situation was really dire. i was probably suffering from depression. i knew i never showed it but work pressure was enormous. coupled with the intense and rigid evaluation criterions, i couldn't breathe much.

so, i kept a blog. a vulgar blog. kinda reminded me of the old KNNBCCB me.
if you read all of my previous posts, you might notice a departure from the vulgar posts to the more mundane vocabularies.

i guess, i've lost all those angst.

maturing is a hard word. i don't think i'm mature. maybe growing.


saturday was fun.. not as much as i want to but nevertheless, fun.

we went for steamboat... although my mom made steamboat in the house. i wonder why i went anyway now i've come to realize it.

but the after dinner pub was cool. i like the atmosphere there. a pub, bar with cool serene surroundings. a place where we can relax, unwind and talk.

the place is called church street bar. located near beach street, penang.

(this is for you HuggyHelen) the scandal is.. can you go to a party for a girl you were trying to court and knowing that she brought her BF?

i don't quite believe i can.

i can act nonchalant, but i think my eyes will betray me and my heart will ache.
but i guess everyone must step up to the plate sometime.

i must learn with the force.
November 6, 2006


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