.it's me.

jellyyeap is back. maybe we'll head to 007 for some casino action. talk all about it tomorrow k?

for now, nothing much. just finished work. a girl almost cried before the needle even touched her. pathetic.

my mom felt like giving her two tight slaps.

i felt like tying her down and slapping her silly.

she's 30+... not 19.

different note...

yesterday, i changed my tyres. all 4 of them. now they look superb. i changed them to 215/45 Toyo tyres. Cost me RM330 EACH.

that's a fucking total of RM1320. Of course they gave me some shitty 40 dollar service coupon and 20 dollar petrol coupon. (shove it up your freaking ass)

Whatever the fuck for? I'd rather use the money to get my car a bunch of useless screws. Really, the cost of maintaining a car is mind boggling.

maybe i should've changed the 17" to 15" inch rims.

but then i may be VAIN.

17" tires costs thrice as much as 15" tires but it sure as hell looks god damn 3 times better!
November 26, 2006


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