Sunday, November 19, 2006

.Happy Feet : the review.

i like this movie. that's it. bye bye....


let me see now, happy feet..

this movie revolves around one main character who's about to change the penguin world with his happy feet.

mumble (the main character) is born without ability to sing. basically, he sings like a duck on steroids. so, in a penguin world where every penguin can sing in order to mate, he is left out. many of his friends abandon him and people look upon him as an outcast.

so, in order to survive in a world where he is different, he tries to adapt but failed. thus, he embarks on a journey to find his "heart song"(whatever the fuck that is).

the penguins are all alike, except for the main character. who you can distinguish immediately from millions and millions of other penguins. weird huh?

anyway, it also touches on the effects of human population on the environment.

but that was not the main thing... the main thing was, i had an encounter of some kind of feet myself. you see, i just washed my sneakers and it wasn't even dry yet when i went to the movies.

during the whole movie, my feet was feeling sloshy and wet.

during the end... i can say for a fact that my feet wasn't happy... it was stinky.

overall, i'd give this movie an 8/10 as a family movie. or as a happy go lucky movie.


Alex said...

do they haf happy feet ice cream in msia?

J!MMY said...

got country that haf happy feet ice cream?

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