if there ever was a solution to everything in this life, it is called 'reformat'.

yes, i've had dozens of people asking me what to do with their computer. stuffs like adware, spyware, stuck, video card cannot work, not enough memory, computer crash, screen got no image, cd cannot use, ass cannot wipe and so on so forth.

i always tell them the exact same thing.

"if you can't solve them, reformat them".
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December 10, 2006


hellfried said…
just imagine if we could do that life as well. chose the wrong life partner? went for a sex change that you are regretting now? accidentally offended your mother-in-law? just reformat lah!
Samantha said…
haha true true true...everytime someone ask me wat to do wt their comp infected by virus n bla bla bla...easiest way out reformat...kaka...laziest most effective solution...^^
Jimmy Ang said…
'reformat'. your solution to everything troublesome.


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