Monday, December 11, 2006

.the blues.

i was busy tick-tacking my thumbs on my handphone trying to stick to the conversation. i'm damn tired but i don't want to lose this opportunity.

we rarely chat or text each other anymore.

suddenly, the thing on my hand emitted sounds..

"bebot, bebot, bebot yeah...."

oh, it's MiniVin calling.

I picked it up and he says, "let's go out."

"ok" i said. "but let me get some stuff done first"

i head up to take a shower and before i could even finish it, the phone rang again.

"hello?" i asked.

"we're here" jollyyeap said.

"ok. be down in a second."

my phone got a new text msg. i ignored it and slip it in my pocket.

we head out after i put on my clothes.

we decided to head to the nearest mamak and watch chelsea vs arsenal.

as i was sitting in the car, i took out my phone and started to tick tack on it again.

i guess i really missed talking to her.

we sat down in front of the tv in the mamak.

my phone rang again. i pick it up.

"eating?" asked honeybee.

"yeah" i said simultaneously looking around to find traces of her.

i don't know why but MiniVin followed my action. he doesn't even know who called. but i guess the curiousity got the better of him. haha.

"i'm heading back now but i saw you just now with MiniVin and JollyYeap right?"

"oh, you were here too?"

"yeah." she said.

"ok... " i quipped right before i closed the phone.

we watched the movie and decided to head to JollyYeap's house to watch it during half time.

I wanted to join them but my instinct tells me i'd just lie down in his house and close my eyes.

so i just went back and took a nap.

but i was still late for work today. damn it.

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