.sooo freaking tired.

i'm soooo freaking tired from yesterday's bbq party.

i didn't take pictures but my friends took loads. i think i'll be too lazy to request it from them.

since yesterday till now, i think i had only a total of 2 hours of sleep and after blogging this, i still need to work.

i really need a break and a good sleep.

blog more another day k?
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December 3, 2006


Samantha said…
aww...so sad i din get to join u guys...i'm sure it's fun huh...i'll b back end of tis mth to attend doggy show on 31st n 1st jan will b a beach outin wt lotsa dogs...interested to bring ur baby to join us?
Jimmy Ang said…
i'll see what i can do ok?

you just come back soon.


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