Saturday, December 9, 2006

.attack of the rain.

he zooms around in his superbike.

i look at envy at his bike. what a cool guy, i thought.

his bike was plowing the roads even though it was raining... drizzling.

i sit in the comforts of my car with my friend, jollyyeap.

we gape in awe at his bike. how cool. a bike that is sheltered from rain.

a freaking bike with a roof.

i move in closer to his side to have a closer look. the bus beside me is not inching too.

and then the three of us all plow through a water puddle. the bus splashes water all over my windscreen. my wiper can't wipe it out fast enough.

i can't swerve to the left nor to the right.

and then we passed through the puddle.

i can't see that cool bike beside me anymore.
and then i realized... what a freaking bastard i've been.

i guess he thought rain only attacks from above.

little did he know that water can attack from all sides.

i sit in the comfort of my car laughing till tears were out of my eyes.

i didn't mean to splash him... but it was damn funny.

1 comment:

wEn said...

poor fella...i'll remind myself nt to go near ur car when i ride on a bike near a puddle...that is if i ever ride 1...haha

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