Wednesday, August 31, 2005

.mozilla firefox shortcut to open tabs.

usually i use the ctrl+left click.

what about you?

now i found that with the middle click, you can skip the ctrl button straight away! haha!

hooray for mouse scrolls and middle click! they will revolutionize the way we use FF now.


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.what are cuteblogs?

cuteblogs = cut and paste blogs

yes, that's a new term i will be referring to all fucking cut and paste ONLY blogs. damn, today i was cruising through my google homepage. you can have one if you own a gmail account too. just go here and register.

anyway, here's what i saw.

and then i clicked on it and it brought me to here :

ok, i gave it a read and it's apparently about an underground scientific cult.

then as usual, i moved on to surf in pps.
again, i was bombarded with this...

turns out, it's the same news. why? why do people have to do these kind of things?

they are really wasting pps's bandwidth.

.minor tweak to my layout.

give me your opinions, bad? good? sucks? appaling? damn chee bye?


edit : changed some of the menu and added icons. header no more purplish color.

.my merdeka in 2005.

the atmosphere in Danga Bay yesterday was... simply put... suffocating. yes, it was crowded. mainly because it was the main celebration location for all johoreans. well, i departed at 10. as usual and the whole way was jam packed! there were a few accidents here and there.. minor but still heart aching. i mean, we all wanna celebrate. who the fuck expect a fucking acident.

the great malaysian flag. how to see the rear woi?

anyway, on my way there.. i spotted some mat rempits! haha! but they are not motorcyclists. they are cyclists. hehe, my new vocab.. these "mat rodas" were swerving left and right across the main road. the main road man! the car on my left had to slam, and i mean literally slam his brakes cause one mat roda was trying to overtake him. if the fella didn't slam his brakes, the fucking teenage mat roda would have just died.

one of the few mat rodas....

and as expected, there were also a lot of mat rempits making their comeback from the darkness. a lot of police were on patrol that day. i saw a bunch of mat roda gung-hoed up cause they were blocked by policemen. haha! they all had to push their bikes to the nearest police station i think.

well, as soon as i reach there, we went for a bite. i think we reached at somewhere around 11. the place was damn crowded. but we were hungry so we decided to head on to Asiana. I heard the place was ok and i never tasted it before so i went there. Asiana has this main tagline that is.. penang and western cuisine. so, i thought since i'm from penang, give it a try lar.

penang/western cusisine? lan cheow i give you!

we reached there and sat down. the atmosphere was ok.. but the dj cannot enunciate. i mean, i can't hear a whole sentence without straining my ears. that guy was mumbling all the way, maybe that's the way to dj in jb. bah.. whatever.

serene and nice... but food like lampa only. small, tasteless and expensive.

anyway, we were sitting and the menu came. wah lau, expensive like cock only. i guess that's the price to pay for such an atmosphere. chee bye. i starting to regret ady.

we ordered tomyam... the tomyam costs 8 bucks. it was small and it sucked. majorly sucked. ptui! fucking majorly sucked. sooo much for penang and western cuisine. i wonder what they do to the char koay teow... must be yucks gila babi wan.

alar.. nvmlar, count myself bad luck. once is enough. next time see your fucking face also dun wan! but we were captured... by a few camera man. hehe. i caught them catching us. hahaha!

i see you.... with my all seeing eye.

wonder whether it will come out in the paper or some big projection monitor or not? hehe!

so, after eating we headed to the main assembly area.

the place was jammed and full of people. guess if there's a word to describe merdeka day for me this year, it's "jam like my bulu lan cheow!"

everyday jam and crowded.

malaysian hapy fucker waving the big malaysian flag! damn cun!

it seems senario is working the crowd up. at first it was lousy but as soon as they start to count the last 15 seconds... everyone was standing and chanting.

too bad ya all can't see the senario group. :)
there were also a lot of guests on stage to chant the merdeka countdown.
after that, sing negaraku and some other patriotic songs..

__________ )/
/ /\______{,}
5..4..3..2..1.. merdeka..merdeka..merdeka..
                 . : .
__________ '. : .'
/ /\__.__'.:.' .
\_________\/ . .':'. .
.' : '.
' : '
boom, fireworks..

damn tree blocking my view. chee bye!

my friend was going ooohhh-and-aaahhh over the fireworks. girls are so easy to please.

anyway, after the merdeka celebration. we all had to endure a 2 hour jam before reaching home. i was driving like a mad cow.

wan to go back also jam. mahai!

what irks me off was these two cars parking at the side of the road.. no, not the left hand side, the right hand side.. in the middle man! fucking idiots. maybe i should just report them. babi mother fuckers. think the road their father's wan ar! chee bye kia.

chee bye car memang chee bye car! park here? MCH!

spot mee. spot mee! cheebye look here woi! MCH!

oh and about the kit kat. there was this competition going on and my friend heard it in the person spotted eating kit kat during the merdeka day in danga bay will win an ipod shuffle. bah.. all promotion stuff...

cun or not? 512mb! mahai! keng leh!

but it was a good promotion, cause from now on... everyone eat fucking kit kat everyday!

have a break, have a kit kat!

.so happy!

yes, i'm so happy! so happy! briming with excitement! i rock the stage! why?

stay tuned tomorrow. basically i just came back from the merdeka celebration. it took me 2 hours to reach home. the journey was supposed to take only 15 minutes but what to do, jam!

i have a lot to write about but i'm really tired now. tomorrow k?

oh, and kit kat rocks! why? ;)

.Daily Word & Quote - Part 5.

When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them.
- Rodney Dangerfield

evanescent: fleeting.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

.Blog Day 2005.

Yes, it's the BlogDay Celebration. A day where we celebrate about us bloggers.

now, i don't have much places to talk about. those that i know, you know.

so i tried to find a few that interests me but i only a found a small handfull.

first of all, the first and foremost blog i will be publicizing is this photolog:
Odds and Ends

the place is created by Lim Zhi Xin. The photolog is unique in a way that there is always an image representing the whole blog. which is why i love it. the image is nicely captured nd looks professional. no dobt i'm a sucker for pictures. but the way we capture and describe images is what i love. he seems to do it perfectly with a blending beauty in both.
The second blog is this :
A HbA1C of my life.

This is someone i know, he just started blogging. Don't be too hard on him. and it's nice to see people venturing into the blogging culture. Give him some support. That way, he'll know he's out there with all of us bloggers. :)
The third is a very weird one.
Sexy Girls Pic

Now, I'm not a perverted bastard but this site really caught my attention? why? cause the author finds images of cun chicks, tag it as his own and paste it into his blog. i wonder whether he really did take those pictures.
but this is a wonderful place to check out cute chicks. give the fella some support and then we might get more doses of his chicks. believe me, his chicks all passed my QC test. So, this site is QC certified by ME!

The fourth blog i am pimping is a blog by a friend of mine. She's a real happening girl.

Yes, that's what she calls herself although she's nothing like the chao ahlian. well, sometimes she is but most of the time, nah! hehe!

I can't reveal much of her cause i'm afraid she'll strangle me. :) but go check out her site.
the last blog i'm pimping is a very long blog that I have known since even before i started blogging.

She writes in Multiply, she's a teacher, she's cute. What more can I say... just ask her to move to blogger or some other blogging software though, cause multiply skin sucks. no offense to multiply programming and designing department. :)
There you have it! 5 bloggers, 5 great links and hopefully we'll all know each other by the end of the day.
Spread the word/links!

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.cinta ku kepada mu. - .my love for you.

I've been living in Malaysia for 22 years.

I was born and bred in Malaysia since 1983. Truthfully saying, there are so many things that I do not like about Malaysia. Mainly the corruption, the racial politics, the people. Yes, the people. There are these mindset among Malaysians that we can throw litter everywhere, we can break the law, we can exploit the good hearted... we can! and Malaysia can.

Why do i say this? because i feel it is imperative for me to show the bad side of Malaysia before telling you the good side. Then you can judge for yourself whether you will love or hate malaysia.

The police in Malaysia... wow, let's not start getting into corruption. our pm, badawi has strict regulations and opinions about those. hehe. then there's also the drivers.... they drive as if the road is their father's. what a bunch of show off with their high flying insensitive lane cutting stunts. damn fucktards.

exploiting the good hearted, this one is just wrong. people who come out from nowhere always asking from money. 90% of them are liars. another 10% are being shadowed by the 90%. They have legs and hands, why do they resort to such things? ok, let's look at this thing from their perspective. we can't always blame them. because they might be really poor and that's the only thing they can do... but isn't it time they learn? is it because malaysia has been importing too much foreigners until these people can't find a simple job. where can they work since all the easy jobs are being taken over by maids, indonesian and so on... we malaysians.. either we work in the high rankings of society or we do not work at all. isn't there something wrong there?

can we blame malaysia for all of this? even the inability of the government servants to at least smile when serving you? is the government paying them enough? and why is the teaching profession so looked down upon now adays? it's not because of the profession itself but because of the system. teacher's can't punish students without thinking of the consequences. students coming to school with merz while teacher drives in with his wira. parents telling their children that, we don't really need to study. don't care about your teacher, if he even touches you a slight bit. tell me, i'll sue him. cause you're my only son and my business is sooo big it can last you for your whole lifetime.

is this what malaysians have grown into? materialistic and immoral?

well, after all of these episodes, i can still say proudly that i do love malaysia. yes, for the subtle things that they have done for me. i love the greeneries in malaysia. i love the simplicity of malaysian minds. they stop their cars to help us, maybe there is stll faith in goodness. i was once stranded in the middle of nowhere and my rear tyre was inside the drain, people actually stopped in the rain to help me. i was touched. i was happy being a malaysian.

i also remember the services and smiles i had encountered when i went to selayang hospital. i believe the patrons there are more fierce than the attendants. and i hope this situation do not continue, it will only be a matter of time before selayang becomes any other hospital. bitter and angry. i love malaysia because there are people out there who still serve us with a smiling face, these people represent our gov. and these people, simply put... reeks of awesomeness.

i have also been a reckless driver myself, i have also cut lanes. but isn't it wonderful that sometimes the person behind our car gave way. even though he/she knows that its rude? they rarely, honk us unless the line is like half an hour long and 10 people has just cut his/her lane. what i'm trying to say is that, not many people is that angry, even when we disobey the law of courtesy. malaysia seems forgiving but not without its flaws.

i love malaysia when my neighbour smiles at me. when the malay neighbour half a block away says hie. i love going to class and seeing a plethora of cultures. different types of people with a different mother tongue and different skin colours. we all blend together to make one beautiful color, and that colour is our malaysian color.

i love seeing the penang bridge, such a magnificient image, a structure so profound that it did not rock or budge during the 8.3 earthquake. how many countries can say that their bridge which was built in 1985 (20 fucking long years) survived a fucking 8.3 richter earthquake?

i love our twin tower. i love what it represents now. it does not only represent a mighty structure, it als represents unity. combined by a thin but long and sturdy bridge. i guess that's what keeping us malaysians together, anything can trigger off a racial war, but it did not and has not erupted after sooo many freaking years. why? because our bridge is strong.

I've survived the ups and downs in Malaysia, seen the best and the bad of Malaysia. When xiaxue said SOME of us in Malaysia are molesters and cheaters, i felt a tinge of pain... but i do agree. There are people out there who give Malaysia a bad name. But always remember that... there are also people who give Malaysia a good name.

Sudah 22 tahun ku tinggal di malaysia. entah bagus ke bodoh aku...

tapi yang sudah pasti aku cintakan malaysia. walaupun kita dilanda pelbagai masalah tetapi kita terus menghadapinya sebagai satu bangsa, bangsa malaysia.

krisis ekonomi telahpun berlalu, aku yakin kita semua bangga dengan perdana menteri kita. berbanding dengan krisis negara lain, malaysia tidak kecundang di tangan krisis ekonomi ini. sebaliknya, aku percaya malaysia bangun semula, lebih kuat dan lebih kukuh.

malaysia memang satu negara yang telah dirahmati dan direstui. kita terlindung daripada bencana. gempa bumi, tornado... kita patut berterima kasih kepada tuhan kita.

di malaysia, di mana mana sahaja, kita dapat lihat pelbagai jenis tuhan dan tempat bersembahyang. bukankah itu satu restu? kita dilindungi oleh pelbagai tuhan. bukannya tuhan kamu atau tuhan saya. tetapi tuhan kita.

"malaysia, a place where we are different but together."
- jimmy ang (2005)

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Monday, August 29, 2005

.is this really my blog?

ok, first of all, let me explain that this is not a post about whether i'm jimmy or is this a midlife crisis situation.

first of all, let us see. what constitutes a blog and who does it belong to. basically it is a site where you can write and rant about your personal stuffs. for me, it's kinda like a book where we can read everyday. we can write down whatever we want and whenever we want. we can even do stupid stuffs like copy todays news into our little notebook which so many bloggers are doing now. don't ask me why? maybe they cut and paste but it's the same concept.

you can cut and paste if it means something to you and if you have something to say about it. but i usually see people who cut and paste today's news. wtf? so stupid right? well, maybe in this cyber world. it's not so stupid anymore.

now, this connotation of "my notebook" seems rather simple right? in fact, every tom, dick and harry can get these notebooks and write whatever they want about any lancheow shit that they want. in fact, i think i'm doing one right now.

however, blogging is not the same as the real life. this is not a notebook. this is the internet. a place where millions and millions , maybe even billions of people have access. a place where even the kid next door or the 40 year old next country can enter.

what does this mean? this means a blog is not a place where you can keep under your chair, in you desk. yes, we can lock our blog, we can password protect it... but then, who would want to read your blog. it's hard enough for your friends to remember their atm pin no., now they need to remember your blog password. kanineh, so eksi (eksyen), wan us to read somemore wan to password protect. lampa give you can lar.

anyway, since we blog, we do not want it to remain private, this is not a diary. it is a chronicle. a notebook, a publicly accessible notebook.

remember those things we write in out book or our diary about our friends or dad or even our next door cat? we never ever gave a single thought to what we can write. privacy was the utmost importance. now, responisbilty takes place. i mean, can i really blog about how someone cheated my money without proof? can i blog about my next door neighbour, i mean giving out details and all that without being afraid that he/she might read this site and take offence. maybe he/she will even burn my house and my family down.

fuck, can i post sexual fantasies without being looked upon as a pervert? tell me! can ar?

can i talk about how long my dick is without you people imagining the circumference and length of my dick? can ar?

if your answer is yes, then give your nenehs a big hard tight slap! (applies to male too)

maybe the question is not whether this is really my blog, but whether is this my freedom. freedom to talk, freedom to post. yes, but this freedom comes with a price, and that price is common sense and responsibility.

p/s: actually i wrote this because there are some very very personal and very very irritating post i want to write about but i'm afraid that the person might read this blog and might even hate me for what i'm going to say. it isn't a big deal but it's personal and it's hurtful and shameful to the other party. thus... i'll keep my mouth , my pen and my keyboard shut.

i think i have thoght about what to blog during Merdeka. the blog will be in dual language. BM and English.

the post will most probably appear on the 30th since the 31st, I'm going out celebrating and watching fireworks. yeee haaa!

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.the difference between life and net.

i've been on the net everyday since i installed streamyx a couple of years back. since then i ventured into countless stuffs. hardware and computer reviewing (this, this, this and this) , designing and now blogging. it was a gradual move but it moved nonetheless.

thus you all can say that my attachment to the internet goes beyond entertainment. it has become a hub for personal development and education. they say learning is life long and i believe the internet taught me that. not my teacher, not my parents. i never really understood that phrase until now. cause i never realized the small things we learnt everyday are actually useful until i met tutorials on the net. suffice to say, my progress are not limited to what i can learn and what i stumbled upon. they expand more towards anything that i want to learn! yes, anything. even making bombs right?

anyway, today as i was sitting in julian's car, i read the paper. it's been a long time since i read a paper. the star. i used to read it everyday before the net came into my life. but since then i had to rely on star online. it was hard and i don't really like it. which is why i'm getting more detached towards daily news. i have to rely on bloggers to spread any important news now.

but it occured to me that there are news that bloggers do not cover. there are issues that bloggers are not prepared to face yet. there are pictures that bloggers are too lazy to upload.

it seems and yes, it most probably is years since i read news papers (occasionally 1 per month).

i still love the touch of it. the smell of it. the ease of it. everything. somehow, star online does not appeal to me anymore. it never did. it's time to call the newspaper verndor uncle, no?

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

.man and boy.

man and boy by tony parsons.

this is a new book i just bought today. i finished deception point and got this book cause julian recommended it to me. by the looks of it, it seems promising. a nicely carved book. ;)

ok, first of all, let's talk about deception point.

deception point is a story revolving around the NSA and their great magnifico TRNSLTR. TRNSLTR is actually a great big supercomputer which is capable of breaking codes by manually forcing codes until it finds a match. this TRNSLTR is an unknown asset owned by the NSA and no doubt if the public knows about it, everyone would go crazy about their privacy.

there are a lot of twists in the story and some lies, but basically after the first half when Hale says Strathmore killed Chartrukian and Fletcher didn't believe him, i kinda know. i kinda know everything from that point onwards. don't ask me why but its instinct. the same goes for angels and demons. but angels and demons took a lot longer than expected.

basically, this means Deception Point is more predictable than Angels and Demons.

okay, then we move on to Man and Boy.

Man & Boy is a story about this guy, Harry. Let's just say he did everything too fast and too slow at the same time.

He got married when his friends got drunk and he was a father when his friends were still struggling for a girl. When he hits old age, he wasno longer looking forward. people were looking forward to getting married, having a baby, but he was looking for friends to hang out and have a poker day.

basically, everything's just too progressing too fast and he's always in a different zone with everyone his age.

Harry had it all: a beautiful wife, an adorable four-year-old son, and a high-paying media job. But on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, with one irresponsible act, he threw it all away. Suddenly he finds himself an unemployed single father trying to figure out how to wash his son's hair the way Mommy did and whether green spaghetti is proper breakfast food. This brilliantly engaging novel will tug at your heart as Harry learns to become a father to his son and a son to his aging father, takes stabs at finding new love, and makes the hardest decision of his life. -source

.MyMerdekaBM - tag.

Untuk pengetahuan semua, pada hari merdeka ini, kita semua ahli blogger akan memblogging dalam bahasa melayu. entah jadi ke tak jadi tapi aku pun akan cuba sedaya upaya. maklumlah, cinta kepada malaysia ini tak terkira.

walaupun mereka ingin makan saham aku, walaupun mereka ingin tunjuk keris kat aku. macamlah aku takut keris sangat. aku tembak ngan pistol kang. mati terus si teruna itu.

entahlah. dah berapa tahun aku tak guna BM. tapi sekarang nak cuba tengok karat ke belum BM aku.

entah kau semua ingat ke tak tentang media kita yang suka sangat tengok benda negatif. semua berita negatif, mereka buat FP. fp tu front page lar. bangang!

pada hari merdeka ini, kita akan menuju ke arah yang baru, aku seru semua ahli politik dan pemberita dan juga kita semua ahli blogger untuk berfikir dengan positif. tengok benda baik yang ada di Malaysia dan sebarkan melalui internet yang tiada had atau pagar ataupun limitasinya. biar seluruh negara dengar tentang kehebatan, kecantikan dan keharmonian Malaysia. kita bukan sekadar satu bangsa, kita ni negara pelbagai bangsa. dan dengan kerjasama semua orang, kita akan berbangga dengan Malaysia....

kerana kita orang Malaysia.

p/s: apamacam, boleh tak BM aku?

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

.there was an exotic fruit called nona.

i remember the days when i was small. accompanying my dad to my aunty's house. she had this tree in her garden which plants a kind of fruit called "nona". i never saw it anywhere else. but i never craved for it too. cause whenever i want it, i just wait for the next visit to my aunty's house. it was something i enjoy looking forward to with my dad.

the texture of the fruit is in green. i don't know what people call it in chinese, hokkien or english though. i only know it as nona.

the seeds inside are more like watermelon seeds. only, they're like 10 times bigger with more mass and ratio compared to watermelons. i hated the seeds but the fruit is nice. the inner texture of the thing is like soursop fruits... i like it.

i've been looking for this fruit everywhere. no place seems to have it. no supermarket, no fruit stall not even the night market.

however, yesterday i stumbled upon it in the night market. it was hidden way back. a place i never ventured into.

my friend calls it buddha's head.

it looks a bit weird in dark blackish grey. i prefer those green textures but they don't have it. guess there's a price to pay.

brings back old memories heh.

anyway, check out some of the presents i bought for some of my friends in convocation. the flowers cost RM30 for 6 ok! damn expensive. packaging looks normal. they said those round double layer packaging costs an extra 15 bucks. i say, die lar you! shit face!

roses are red..
violets are blue,


also check out this mr.bean i bought in kl. well, they're all not mine. but oh... how i wish they were! not those cheap stuff ok! got tag some more! certified wan! gave one to sok yee just now. she was shouting like hell. her shouting shrieks like glass shattering. so does abbas.

mr bean says "hmpp...durhhh... thhhh..."
jimmy says " shut up, you retard professor!"

.spam in your blogspot?

well, i know spam has found it's way into most of our blogs. vynn was an example of a blogger intruded by spammers in his blog. he got so fed up of it that he decided to change his url and turn to haloscan. although i do not agree much with haloscan but it was the only alternative at that time.

haloscan deletes some of your old comments once the space allocated is over usage.

i wonder what defines spamming? if it means people who come to your place and place commercial advertisements without your permission. then these ah longs who throw cards or slip cards into my doors are definitely spammers. so is all those supermarket brochures who spam my mailbox. if they are permitted to do it, it's ok?

well, yes, it's theoretically ok. why? because it's marketing ploy. one that needs them to pay first in order to market their products. one which they have to think whether it's worthwhile. however, with the creation of e-mail and commenting or messaging system. these mother fucking spammers or commercial advertisers doesn't need to think about the outcome. they don't need to plan, no money paid.. they just spam shamelessly. like it's a normal and acceptable norm. wtf? your mother never teach you ar? chau chee bye!

however, i love blogger.


try to comment to this post and you'll know.



word verification! YES!


too much maybe... but what the hell.

how to activate?
go to your blog settings. go to comments. set word verification = on!

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.yearning for a camera.

yes, i'm in love with a couple of things but a good camera is one of them. today in convo, i saw an olympus M (pronounced miu). i never took notice of miu previously but it's rather divine. it seems more of a perfect match for the female counterpart though.

i prefer those canon, sony or fujifilm types. however, today, after using the miu. i love it.

if i ever do have the money to get myself a camera, it will be within one year and i will be reading more reviews before making a decision.

good luck saving a thousand smackeroonies! i usually finish it all up before the end of the month. maybe if i set a target i might be able to do it....


.designing a new layout.

yeah, been pretty much bored with this layout. need a new one. maybe something simple. and it will still be white.

nothing too dark i hope. and nothing too weird too.

been pretty packed with assignments lately, maybe i will get it done after merdeka.

.looking up.

i'm tired of always looking down. feeling sad. the world is full of sad things. it's time we look up. then maybe good things will happen. we'll no longer see the bugs and scums of earth. we'll notice the magic of the sky.

but sometimes nature blocks my view. chau chee bet!

.Daily Word & Quote - Part 4.

There are people who think that everything one does with a serious face is sensible.
- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

bagatelle: a trifle; also, a short, light literary or musical piece.

Friday, August 26, 2005

.merdeka in bm.

yeah, after reading this from merdeka blogger, i urge all bloggers to blog in bm on merdeka day.


1. to give exposure to our national language.
2. to malaysianize us bloggers.
3. to spread our love for the country.

tag your blog with MyMerdekaBM when you post on our national day!
My= Malaysia
Merdeka = Independence
BM = National language.

also, for blogathon, i've been searching for 5 bloggers to recommend. it's hard but i think i've pinpoint 1 or 2. a few more to go...

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.meet my penis.

Your Penis Name is: El Presidente

Sounds much better than Princess Sophia right?

.life in the net.

is life really a life if we spend it all on the internet? chatting, talking, commenting, reading, and basically detaching ourselves from all human face to face communication or human touch.

can we really survive by looking at the computer 24/7? are we really heading that way?
will our life be contained in a cubicle and we will all take food from a corner? foods sent through internet order? communicating through msn and google talk or yim?

do we really need to msg our child to come down to eat? or do we need to msg our child and ask him about the day in his school? even if he's just staying one room away?

well, it seems like life is pointing that way. i've been sitting in front of the computer i think for more than 4-5 hours a day. what do i actually do here? chatting, posting, coding, learning and reading.

the majority of people spending their time in front of their computer has been increasing by leaps and bounds since the 1990's. Especially with the era of broadband. Works are even catered for working at home now. with broadband technology, nothing cannot be achieved. communication gets across in a second. real-time communication. video messaging. 3g.. boundless.

if this trend progresses, i expect my child to be learning from the pc. do need the hassle to pay the bus driver. no need for transport. no need for the dangers of columbine shooting. i mean, with the amount of violence rising, no wonder parents are afraid of the school. who knows which idiot child might come in to the canteen and start throwing handmade molokov cocktails.

"peekaboo! chee bye kia, always bully me, now! haha! eat my lampa!"
*kabosh!* everyone dies!

so dangerous right?

and then there's the inevitable digital age. where information is all stored and accessible through search engines. like google. don't ask me, ask google!

teachers might also be obsolete by then. i wonder when libraries will be obsolete. cataloging has never been easier with words. the plethora of softwares created to make our life easier.

i love a connected life... but not if it means my family has to be connected to. i want to be able to detach myself when i want to. take time off, go for a vacation... not see my screensaver which has nature as a theme. i mean, waterfall on my screen? it can't really beat a real experience on the waterfall, feeling the hard beat splash of water.

reading, looking, hearing, smelling and touching even cannot compare with one word... experiencing.

experience is the essence that makes us who we are and what we are. a connected life can define us, make us knowledgeable, make us safe... but can it make us different? can it make us whole?

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

.i dedicate this post to selayang.

the number on my hand showed 1026. the number on the screen showed 1024. well, that was easy. i thought.

in a second... maybe a few minutes, it was my turn. i headed off to the receptionist and tried to get my name registered. the girl smiled at me when i said, "good morning". obviously there's much less hostility here. maybe the stress is a bit less compared to other government hospitals.

she took down my appointment card and checked here database. it seems i need to register with the nurse before being able to pay for the rm5 registration fees.

i mumbled, not about the inefficiency bu the trouble. she didn't seem to see me.

i saw sister biro. she was my saviour. my angel. she helped me and she always had this helpful aura and smiling face with her. i will always remember her smile and her demeanour which really appeals to everyone she connects with.

she told us to go down and take the ultrasound first. she even offered to ask someone to direct us there but i said it's ok, i already know the place. i know basically half of this place like the back of my hand.

i went down but i decided to stop by at the toilet first. i remembered the toilet. it was clean. not spick and span clean but clean nonetheless.

well, it's free. what do you people expect.

better than walking in and noticing a pile of shit cause the flush won't work.

i went down to get my ultrasound and waited for my name to be called. i sat there idle. whipped out my book and continued reading john langdon. he seemed to have all the adventures in life. i mean, as a professor as symbologist? i thought those geeks just read millionis of old books and decipher meanings and give meanings to things that might not even inteionally have a fucking meaning. but he was great. he even managed to get into one of the world's top scientific laboratory and witness the creation of big bang. wtf?

seems like a bit far-fetched but life's always a mystery.

i was tired after a few pages. i combined two chairs, lied down and slept like a pig. i was awokened by the sound of my name. damn, that's me.

i went in and got into the seat. slept down and waited for my scan. as the scan progressed, i heard her "your spleen's big."

"how big?" i asked.

"the normal size is roughly around 7-8cm, your's 15 cm."

"how bad is that?" i refused to let her go. i wanted to know more.

"depends on your blood result"

obviously, she isn't of much help.

then she moved on, "i can't see your gallbladder."

"it's been removed when i was 7 weeks old. the kasai operation." i said.


ohh? that's all she can say. i mean, a body part of mine. an internal organ was removed. one that created the situation i am in now and the danger i am confronting now... all she can say is ohh?

well, guess she's not feeling any empathy. she must've met soo many cases like this. maybe even worse.

"your liver has a rough modular surface. which suggest cirrhosis."

i decided to pursue this matter. "dr, on a rate of mild to chronic, how far would you rate my liver cirrhosis?"


the word stuck in my brain even until now. i wondered how long i still have. with such lack of awareness in organ donation among malaysians, when will it be my turn? oh well, it's god's will.

i just celebrated my 22nd birthday. when will be my last one? damn liver, hang in there!

well, after the ultrasound, i dragged myself out. i told my mom the truth. she has a right ya know. but i remained upbeat and postitive. she didn't seemed as upset anymore. i was glad.

we went up, told the nurse to register us in and i registered in the reg counter, paid the 5 bucks and went to wait... the doc came by a little later. i just found out that wednesday wasn't supposed to be a clinic day but since me and my mom and my sis came all the way from jb and penang, he made an exception. thank god!

he told me my previous result was ok. which i was glad but i wish he could have said that my results are improving. that i am recovering, that i will live a happy and healthy life soon. guess, that won't happen until i found miracles. maybe i will. yeah, right!

after the checkup, i went straight down to take my blood. i felt nothing on my way there. blood taking is not a thing for me anymore. it was normal, i've done it more than i can ever imagine. the ticle and prickle of the needle. many will squirm at the sight of it. many will cry feeling it. i was feeling non-chalant. maybe because as i progress, it has become a ritual, a norm.

use plaster lar next time! mahai!

mosquito bite lar!

after that i went down to get my meds. the place smells more human than medicinal. maybe because of the enormous amount of people waiting. maybe it's because i haven't bathed for the day. maybe.....

40 perosns more... maybe i should get coffee first.

after gathering my med, i told my mom i wanted to go to lowyat. it was jammed. i reached there at a price, and the price is 20 bucks. fucking ass.

wtf kind of advertisment is this? samsung can explain ar?

the reason i wanted to go to lowyat is because i needed to buy a thumbdrive cum mp3 cum voice recorder for my 40% assignment. it was unavoidable. i will post more about the thumbdrive when i have free time but it's a storm thumbdrive cum mp3 cum fm radio cum recorder. a bit bulky but the voice recording it seems, has a good audio recording adjustment function. costs me 299 with a free 128mb mmc card. the orignal storage was already 128mb. totals 256mb.

i thanked my mom for it. i know she has been handling financial problems with the new house and all. i know life is not as easy as it looks. nor is it that luxurious. but i really needed this. thanks mom. i owe you one. but haven't i always owed you one from the day i was born? if it accumulates.. i wonder how many millions of owes i already have for you.

owe you.... millions.

i walked back to pudu. the place was quite far. about 10 minutes walk but i decded to save the 2 dollars taxi fare. unfair to my sis and my mom, but it's just a while. besides, i wanted to walk... i treated them to a couple of cool drinks on the way there.

when we reached pudu, both of us headed our own ways, me back to jb, mom and sis back to penang. it's dangerous but she always insists to come. sometimes, its her alone. i worry for her but well, you know moms... they can never listen. i always make a note to call her when i reach here to make sure how's she's progressing. sometimes she'd call me.

as soon i reach jb... i headed to my room and took a light nap. it was 8 o'clock. and i was bummed out!


i just lost one whole post because my ff died. i had written the whole continuation. and then fucking ff died. fuck! hate this shit!

.i dedicate this post to kl... kl!

many people said that once you've been to kl, you've been to malaysia. i couldn't disagree more.

i left jb for kl at around 12.15am yesterday. the bus was practically almost empty. i slumped my bag to the next seat and took the side seat. i loved the feeling of being alone in a bus. beats having a fat guy or a snoring uncle beside me.

i tried to focus on the day ahead but i felt tired. maybe it's because of the bumpy ride, maybe it's because of the chinese song playing in the driver's cd player. it's so odd to hear a driver put on chinese songs. good ones at that. maybe i just might enjoy this ride...

the bus reached a halt at 4.15am at kl. the stench i smelt the instant the door opened with me in front of it was acrid. i hated the very stench of it. how very pudu. i though.

yes, the distinct smell of pudu during the early morning or during late night is very different \. the place had this acrid foul smell that reeks from the dustbins located everywhere. i wonder what's at the bottom of every dustbin.

well, i wouldn't want to find out.

there was not many people around the chairs surrounding the platform. maybe it was because of the time... maybe because it was a wednesday. whatever it is, i don't really care. i looked for a place and platform 18 looked good. there was a corner all to myself. i placed myself there and lied down just like everyone else. i took a nap. careful not to let my bag slip past me. i don't want any mugging to happen so early in the morning. i had my belongings in the bag. a camera, a book, my appointment card and my university id card. the thought of losing the bag seemed very real especially in pudu, KL.

i slept soundly only to be awoken by some rustling sound. seems someone has placed his butt near my leg. feeling uncomfortable, i bolted upright and looked at my phone, no calls, no messages, mum must still be in the bus and on the way. i hope she is safe. i took out dan brown and read the adventures of jon langdon. it took me into an adventure of great mystical and mythical wonders. i stoped at the illuminati attack. two cardinals were branded with the illuminati symbol. it was shocking.

jimmy ANG! - this must be a symbol for a deeper cause of life.

someone woke me from my adventures with "wah! reading book ah!", i noticed it was my sister. amazed by my intellectual change. i thought, i've always loved reading, just that time never permitted me. however, i can't always blame time anymore, i thought to myself. i wanted to make time and create time, not make excuses and create stupidity.

well, my mom and sister finally arrived. we took a seat and chatted for a while. it's been a while since i saw my mom. suddenly pudu felt like home again.

the papers (star, nst) arrived much later than i expected. usually i though the paper will arrive at 4-4.30, it actually arrived somewhere around 5.30.

papers looked so relieving at that time. such a time saver.

we went down. bombarded with questions about where we want to go by those taxi providers. i hate them. my mom asked them how much to selayang hospital? they said 30. i said fuck off. well not literally. their size really intimidated me. not as in height and weight but as in... numbers. i wonder how many taxi drivers were gathering there.

then we spotted a taxi revving by. we stopped it. thank god it was a metered taxi. as it punched in the 2.00 sum and sped to selayang, i can't help but feel pity for those sorry ass taxi beggars in pudu. they really will burn in hell. i wondered why noone is taking actions against them? not even the guards or police officers in pudu itself. what a bunch of ass heads.

the metered tick rather slowly and we reached selayang at only 15.60 cents. it was a bargain considering we were asked for 30 dollars. maybe it was a ploy, ploy to make it look so expensive that we would relish at the fact that such a ride which costs a bus passenger 2 dollars would seem soooo cheap at 15 dollars.

well, i shrugged it off... i went in to the specialist clinic, i took my number... and waited....

to be continued....

p/s: sorry for the narrative like post. it will be continued tomorrow, i feel so tired from the trip and it's 12.15 am now.

on a different note, the answer for yesterday's quiz is this bottle. taken by a camera looking down into the inner walls of the bottle.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

.short note.

i'm off to kl... don't be missing too much.

be back tomorrow.


.convocation anyone?

today i had to follow my friend cause she was gonna go and get the convocation robes. for those who haven't seen what it looks like inside, it's nothing fantastic.

well, my robe better be here waiting for me next year!

red is for the degree graduates while black is for the diploma.

damn, convo is gonna be a blood sucking event. a lot of my friends who took 4 year degrees will graduate that day. which means a lot of money spent on their presents. well, i can't really ignore my friends. or maybe... i just could....hehe!

on a different note.
i also took a couple of images today but i'll reveal them later on. guess where or what this image is...

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.the trials and tribulations of life that ah-dee have to endure.

ah-dee refers to someone close to me, a very great friend of mine. i have endured great hardship with him.

in great times we have come through it together, also in hard times. i relied on him and he depended on me. i love him and he serves me. at last i have to say that i let him down.

today, 23rd August 2005, is a black day in his life.

ah-D you know i love you.

i have even showed my love to you in a competition.

but today i let you down. why?

today i left you alone in the house. all alone. why? cause i went out with a new friend. a new girlfriend. i left you here in this house, all jealous and all alone. i felt so much pity for you but i just didn't care at that time. i didn't notice your cries. maybe because i was too syiok with my new gf.

after that, i came back to see you but i only used you. i used you. i manipulated you.

i feel bad.

then out of a sudden someone got into a fight with you. i wasn't there to help you. i wasn't there for you but you were always there for me.

now, you are broken and hurt.. all i can say is .... fuck lar!

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.knnbccb, how to find 20 person?

okay, a few days ago.. i was slumped with a big project on my lap. i mean, like huge. kanneh, not only big ok, but damn big!

basically it's a project where we will analyze discourse. what is discourse? it's an idiotic term for speech or talking or basically speaking.

i need to analyze an oral narrative on multiple subjects about their dreams if it gets approved by my lecturer.

knnbccb, to sum it all up, we need to find 20 chee bye kia to talk about their dreams, not wet dreams har. if wet dreams all their pants also wet i very hard to handle leh!

lan cheow ok, wan to find 10 subjects to talk about their lancheow dream very hard ok? somemore wan 20 lampa kia! and then need to transcribe and analyze. waste my fucking brain cells only.

and it has to be in one language, you try to talk in english with some mix of bm or hokkienand see, i will tiu ur lampa and ka cheng ok? kanasai, waste time only collecting data. cause the chee bye poh specified only one language ok?

the chee bye poh who gave us this i think, has some brain damage. which explains her sudden change from "very hot headed bitch" to some ally mcbeal wannabe.

but that is our topic.

today i went with my friend out cause they are taking their subject out to ellicit information. kindal like those lawyers, CID, police trying to get information and a natural response without getting direct to the point. i say wah liew, so hard. how to do?

they talked for half an hour, and how many minutes of usable data did they collect? roughly 5 minutes. and since i was there and i was not told which particular topic they will be extracting, i just have to stuck my fucking nose up their conversation and say some vulgar words. well, not vulgar but dirty. damn, if the chee bye poh listen to the audio version, my lampa also shoot back inside man.

ok lar, basically today i went to teach. damn tired. wan to sleep and damn sleepy but got so many chee bye assignments. why the lecturer all so bloody cold hearted wan? chow chee bet, we no need to enjoy meh? somemore dead line so near. fuck lar. knnbccb.

i wan to go to singapore after merdeka day lar. see our country so no good, wan to see other country. knnbccb, national day wan to leave country. i never die yet ar? but 30th night want to go shout merdeka. i also dunno why the teenagers always go ride their lan cheow motorcycle and shout Merdeka! Merdeka. I feel like ramming my car into their motorcycle. That way, my ears won't hurt and their lampa can hurt instead. somemore they all donch wan to wear helmet driving loud motorcycles, they think very yeng meh? like some kanasai kia only lar.

also hiar, why no police come to catch wan har? it's like some universal truth that during friday prayers, muslim tenagers are exempted from wearing helmet. when acting like monkeys during national day also no need. where got fair? catch lar, chee bye police.

police always never do their work wan. they always come to saman me and my car for parking here and there or going above the speed limit. i mean, i just go over a few km/h, no need to be so strict mah, but they donch wan to hear me. they wan to saman me.. they also wan to pocket my red paper. maybe this is why they donch wan to catch robbers or thieves. they catch them got no red paper, only got life to be risked. catch us they are safe somemore after work can go karaoke and touch nenehs. knnbccb!

today, ghost month. i so scared to go out during the night. maybe that's why less saman. however, yesterday i in my room reading angels and demons... i noticed someone looking at me from the back window of my room. a girl, i thought so good, got girl looking at me? maybe wan to peep me cause i hansom. then i also try to show off. since got curtain i can only see the shadow. looks like some yummy long hair girl. i feel very happy and syiok.

but then i realized. i so ugly where got people wan to peep.

fuck, my room is on the ground floor but my back lane quite low, so impossible someone can peep from my window. no one's head can go up so high. that explains the "small stairs down" at our backdoor.

knnbccb. i will sleep at the living room from now on.

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.who's the big bad wolf?

telling stories like "the red riding hood" to kids will never be the same again...

Monday, August 22, 2005

.how am i different?

i am a human being. yes, that's right, a homosapien. heterosexual homosapien. i am one of the billions of people in this world. and i may have a name but does that really make me different from the rest?

i'm a guy, just like any other guy in the world. i'm a normal being, just like any other person in the world. i have friends. you do too. i have my own specialty. well, guess what... so does everyone.

what is the special x-factor that makes us really different from the rest of the people in this world?
something that only i have and other people don't have? i can say i have this fucking disease but so does other people somewhere in this world.

well, i was thinking and thinking about what makes me different from every other person in this planet. and it all comes down to something simple... can you guess what it is?

well, it's not money.
we strive hard to reach for money but we can never be the richest person in the world. we strive for all the good things in life but we can never get them all. we work our butt off evey day of our life? for what? is it really for money? for a better life? is there really no higher purpose in our life?

i thought of that... and i thought of the hardships i have to go through in life just to achieve mortal luxury. if i die, will i take it all to my grave?

bah... then what exactly is it i'm doing in this world? or the bigger question in life... what is my purpose in life?


to multiply ourselves!
just kidding. well, from what i think, the reason we are all here in this world is just one simple reason. to change. not only ourselves but also every other person that we know.

we work so hard every day and every night not for ourselves. yes, our cars matter, our big houses matter, but the most important thing of all, our family matters. we strive hard for them in a way. our partner gets to share our love, life and feelings. our child get to share our thinking, our way of life, our morals and of course our money.

we live in this world to influence. to influence the person that we meet in this world. by influencing, directly or indirectly... we change the world. isn't that so. it's actually a chain reaction. whatever we say or do.. if it generates enough impacton the other person, it changes his/her way of thinking and he/she will then influence other people. the cycle goes on. so i guess what people say about "what goes around comes around". maybe not to us but to the people we know, the people we love like our family.

my immortal luxury rests with the people i know, the people i influenced, the way i changed the world. not the money that i have, not the amount of cars that i have and certainly not the amount of stuffs that i buy.

immortal luxury compliments everything we are doing now. we are working to feed our family, to survive in order to influence. however, what will our legacy leave behind?

destruction and vandalisme?
for example if we throw rubbish at the roadside, people might see it and follow us, thus that is how we change the world, by promoting more ignorant people.


love and care?
if we love our child and care for our earth, no doubt our child will do the same for us and for their child. if we love the earth, no doubt some of our friends might pick the habit up and also our family members.

the decision is really up to us... and that is what makes us different. the way we change the world.

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i blogged about the r3velation here.

it seems that one of our blogger, kimberlycun went there, as well as ST and FA (anyone know the link to fireangel's blog?).

me? i was stuck in front of my pc doing my web development project.

the party sucks, i know. (according to them...)

.when mind reading is a chore.

i got this from my friendster. i blogged about the differences of men and women once...

11.05pm, guy and gal were chatting
happily, when guy uncontrollably yawns

bad example
gal (sounding out): you feeling sleeping??

guy: yeah, tired from work...

gal (sounds concern): ok, shan't disturb u,
go and sleep lah

guy: ok, you have an early nite too..

guy hangs up the phone. 5 min later,
phone rings awaken by the phone rings,

guy: hello?

gal: .............

guy: who's this?

gal (feeling unjust): you felt very bothered
by me is it?

guy (confused): huh? what?

gal: .............

guy: why? what happened?

gal: you find me very bothersome is it?

guy: bothersome? why you said this??

gal: ...............
guy: what's the matter? how i would know
if you dun say it out?

gal: we are chatting halfway, and you
yawn, and went off to sleep...
guy: b...but, you are the one who ask me
to go to sleep...

gal: you already said want to sleep
already, what else u want me to say?

guy: haiz... if you wanna chat, just say
so... what for tell me to go sleep, and
feeling unhappy in the end?

gal: since when i'm unhappy?

guy: isn't this unhappy? ok ok, i won't
sleep the next time, will that do?

gal: what's the point? i want you to chat
with me willingly, and not because afraid
that i will be unhappy...

in the end, guy spend another 25 minutes
comforting gal, actual sleep time is
11.40pm, plus the earlier argument, he
did not have a good sleep. What worse is
the gal may argue with the same thing
again the next day.

good example
gal (sounding out): you feeling sleepy?

guy (tired vocal, but sound interested) :
abit, tired from work. but you have
notfinished talking, carry on, i will be

gal (felt consoled): orh, but since you are
tired, go and sleep then (still sounding

NEVER fall into the trap and hang up the

guy: there's no afternoon break today,
indeed more tiring. how abt i give u a call
tomorrow morning. let's chat awhile more

(tells the reason, and offer make up

gal: oh ok. go and sleep now, you must
be tired.

gal is willing to let guy go sleep, but guy
must do a bit more than this

guy: so what time you are going to sleep?

gal: not sure, probably a bit later.

guy: ok, but not too late, not good for
health. i will be heart pain one hor...

gal (feeling loved): ok lah...

guy: i love you the most!

(even if eyes are shutting also must remember to
say this important words, else all effort wasted)

gal: i loved you too, have a good rest!

(happy till can float liao)

guy: ehmm...

gal hang up the phone

in the end, 11.10pm. guy sleep
peacefully, and probably a morning call
from gal the next day...
ok, first of all, what is wrong here? nothing right. sometimes, as a member of the male family in this world. i plead, heck i can even beg to the female community to CUT US SOME SLACK. you see, sometimes we ignore you because you come and kacau us at the wrong time of the day.

for example, as i was watching tv about this nice, exciting show. throughout the whole plot, no one was talking to me. suddenly, when it reaches the climax, i mean the shooting, the main character almost dying, lan cheow also want to fall of ady, or want to sleep with the main actress ady, then my housemate called out.....

"wei, what happened ar?"

or "can you go up and take my keys?"

or worse "so loud lar the tv"

mahai, i exciting, lampa also big ady and lancheow also long ady then you come out from everywhere and ask me to do something about shit like this?! wtf?

or they will also like to kacau us when we are in the middle of syiok syiok doing our website editing, blogging or playing game. the worst of all is playing game.

in the middle of playing cs, while the bots are coming out...

they want to do what you know?

tell me their about their new shoes/curtains/dress (insert any shopping item here).

like mahai? got no other time meh? chow cheebye.

oklar, when i am free i can entertain you for as long as you want. probably during yamcha sessions. we talk about life. i can listen to you whole heartedly... but when i syiok syiok playing counter strike... kanasai, dun come near me, i will shoot your neneh ok?

one more thing is when girls want something, they can't seem to say it out loud. they want to turn one round and then shoot you. like that also can ar?

like in the example quoted, want to talk then just say lar... don't say another thing and then turn one round and shoot us! mahai, you think we got nothing better to do than to comprehend the complex intricate mind of the female counterpart meh?

they say that even dirt is viewed differently between men and women. don't get me mistaken, i'm not a male chauvinist pig. i help my housemates with the chores sometimes. i cook. i help to wash the plates...etc...

however, dun chee bye take us like a mind reader and think that we can know what the fuck you want ok?

CCB! KNS! KNN! and many more acronyms that you all don't want to see or hear.

sorry sorry.. maybe my last post about male and female differences.... because sometimes its just too frustrating living and communicating with them. they are also overly cautios, zealous and sensitive towards... urm ... EVERYTHING.

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.Daily Word & Quote - Part 3.

The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a discussion.
- GK Chesterton

vicissitude: a change in condition or fortune.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

.need help.

basically today has just been a very big blur and tired day. i've been working non-stop for 10 hours or so yesterday to finish my work. the work is on website development.

after that, i think i slept at 3 am. i woke up today at a whopping 10 o clock to bathe and all. went to class and taught from 10.30 until 5 pm. after that there were some discussion until 6.15. then i head on over to have lunch with my friend and her mom. came back at roughly 8 pm.

and i just took a bath, slumped on the bed and took a light nap until now! bloody hell, slept and wasted one whole sunday. i feel so tired...

anyway, i have been working on this subject of mine and i need help from you bloggers. anyone with any experience with their hosting company please tell me whether their host are reliable or not? after that, i need to know how much? if possible, can i ask their help to provide me with some space? just maybe 100mb or so. then they can quote me a price and i'll be ready to bank in for them. maybe for the duration of 6 months only. also, if the need for a domain name arise, i might need the bloggers help to register it for me. i'll tell her the name of the domain of course.

any helpful samaritans?

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...