.knnbccb, how to find 20 person?

okay, a few days ago.. i was slumped with a big project on my lap. i mean, like huge. kanneh, not only big ok, but damn big!

basically it's a project where we will analyze discourse. what is discourse? it's an idiotic term for speech or talking or basically speaking.

i need to analyze an oral narrative on multiple subjects about their dreams if it gets approved by my lecturer.

knnbccb, to sum it all up, we need to find 20 chee bye kia to talk about their dreams, not wet dreams har. if wet dreams all their pants also wet i very hard to handle leh!

lan cheow ok, wan to find 10 subjects to talk about their lancheow dream very hard ok? somemore wan 20 lampa kia! and then need to transcribe and analyze. waste my fucking brain cells only.

and it has to be in one language, you try to talk in english with some mix of bm or hokkienand see, i will tiu ur lampa and ka cheng ok? kanasai, waste time only collecting data. cause the chee bye poh specified only one language ok?

the chee bye poh who gave us this i think, has some brain damage. which explains her sudden change from "very hot headed bitch" to some ally mcbeal wannabe.

but that is our topic.

today i went with my friend out cause they are taking their subject out to ellicit information. kindal like those lawyers, CID, police trying to get information and a natural response without getting direct to the point. i say wah liew, so hard. how to do?

they talked for half an hour, and how many minutes of usable data did they collect? roughly 5 minutes. and since i was there and i was not told which particular topic they will be extracting, i just have to stuck my fucking nose up their conversation and say some vulgar words. well, not vulgar but dirty. damn, if the chee bye poh listen to the audio version, my lampa also shoot back inside man.

ok lar, basically today i went to teach. damn tired. wan to sleep and damn sleepy but got so many chee bye assignments. why the lecturer all so bloody cold hearted wan? chow chee bet, we no need to enjoy meh? somemore dead line so near. fuck lar. knnbccb.

i wan to go to singapore after merdeka day lar. see our country so no good, wan to see other country. knnbccb, national day wan to leave country. i never die yet ar? but 30th night want to go shout merdeka. i also dunno why the teenagers always go ride their lan cheow motorcycle and shout Merdeka! Merdeka. I feel like ramming my car into their motorcycle. That way, my ears won't hurt and their lampa can hurt instead. somemore they all donch wan to wear helmet driving loud motorcycles, they think very yeng meh? like some kanasai kia only lar.

also hiar, why no police come to catch wan har? it's like some universal truth that during friday prayers, muslim tenagers are exempted from wearing helmet. when acting like monkeys during national day also no need. where got fair? catch lar, chee bye police.

police always never do their work wan. they always come to saman me and my car for parking here and there or going above the speed limit. i mean, i just go over a few km/h, no need to be so strict mah, but they donch wan to hear me. they wan to saman me.. they also wan to pocket my red paper. maybe this is why they donch wan to catch robbers or thieves. they catch them got no red paper, only got life to be risked. catch us they are safe somemore after work can go karaoke and touch nenehs. knnbccb!

today, ghost month. i so scared to go out during the night. maybe that's why less saman. however, yesterday i in my room reading angels and demons... i noticed someone looking at me from the back window of my room. a girl, i thought so good, got girl looking at me? maybe wan to peep me cause i hansom. then i also try to show off. since got curtain i can only see the shadow. looks like some yummy long hair girl. i feel very happy and syiok.

but then i realized. i so ugly where got people wan to peep.

fuck, my room is on the ground floor but my back lane quite low, so impossible someone can peep from my window. no one's head can go up so high. that explains the "small stairs down" at our backdoor.

knnbccb. i will sleep at the living room from now on.

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fuck ups
August 22, 2005


Anonymous said…
wat happen to ur english? has ur blog turned to a BENGlish corner?
Jimmy Ang said…
vynn : she wants to hear the recorded data also, so that is not an option. plus she's strict.

anonymous : sometimes i get really fed up of english so i alternate. damn toolan always write perfect english


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