.minor tweak to my layout.

give me your opinions, bad? good? sucks? appaling? damn chee bye?


edit : changed some of the menu and added icons. header no more purplish color.
August 31, 2005


5xmom.com said…
Nice purple. Or is it pink? Chitika? Great.
Jimmy Ang said…
light purple. chitika gives more revenue per click but the problem is its unaudited. i have to wait until its audited to see whether it really works.
Anonymous said…
nice layout. though u should save the images above as png or at a higher jpeg size. seems to show pixelation

Jimmy Ang said…
it's saved under progressive mode so it shows layer by layer, it loads some pixels for show first before moving on to the full image.

but yeah, should've saved it under png. well, i hope to be changing some of the layout soon. this is just a test layout to check whether image mapping and my coding works with blogger.
Boringest said…
what happened to the middle finger?

it looks fine...but those icons up there...are they supposed to be icons?
bUttsH4k3r said…
looks like apple icons. both good and bad. good because they look good. bad because i'll have to get used to them.
Jimmy Ang said…
boringest : yeah, those are icons that complement the links. kind of...

butty : sorry har. paisei paisei.


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