.life in the net.

is life really a life if we spend it all on the internet? chatting, talking, commenting, reading, and basically detaching ourselves from all human face to face communication or human touch.

can we really survive by looking at the computer 24/7? are we really heading that way?
will our life be contained in a cubicle and we will all take food from a corner? foods sent through internet order? communicating through msn and google talk or yim?

do we really need to msg our child to come down to eat? or do we need to msg our child and ask him about the day in his school? even if he's just staying one room away?

well, it seems like life is pointing that way. i've been sitting in front of the computer i think for more than 4-5 hours a day. what do i actually do here? chatting, posting, coding, learning and reading.

the majority of people spending their time in front of their computer has been increasing by leaps and bounds since the 1990's. Especially with the era of broadband. Works are even catered for working at home now. with broadband technology, nothing cannot be achieved. communication gets across in a second. real-time communication. video messaging. 3g.. boundless.

if this trend progresses, i expect my child to be learning from the pc. do need the hassle to pay the bus driver. no need for transport. no need for the dangers of columbine shooting. i mean, with the amount of violence rising, no wonder parents are afraid of the school. who knows which idiot child might come in to the canteen and start throwing handmade molokov cocktails.

"peekaboo! chee bye kia, always bully me, now! haha! eat my lampa!"
*kabosh!* everyone dies!

so dangerous right?

and then there's the inevitable digital age. where information is all stored and accessible through search engines. like google. don't ask me, ask google!

teachers might also be obsolete by then. i wonder when libraries will be obsolete. cataloging has never been easier with words. the plethora of softwares created to make our life easier.

i love a connected life... but not if it means my family has to be connected to. i want to be able to detach myself when i want to. take time off, go for a vacation... not see my screensaver which has nature as a theme. i mean, waterfall on my screen? it can't really beat a real experience on the waterfall, feeling the hard beat splash of water.

reading, looking, hearing, smelling and touching even cannot compare with one word... experiencing.

experience is the essence that makes us who we are and what we are. a connected life can define us, make us knowledgeable, make us safe... but can it make us different? can it make us whole?

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August 26, 2005


bUttsH4k3r said…
just the other day, i received an sms from my mom.

"oi, go wash my car".

she was downstairs, and i was in my room, in front of my laptop. online.

Jimmy Ang said…
feaking normal nowadays... but still uncomfortable. i mean, me and my housemates has been conversing using msn or yim since we got streamyx.. even though we're like 10 meter apart.

a shout would've really done the work.


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