.yearning for a camera.

yes, i'm in love with a couple of things but a good camera is one of them. today in convo, i saw an olympus M (pronounced miu). i never took notice of miu previously but it's rather divine. it seems more of a perfect match for the female counterpart though.

i prefer those canon, sony or fujifilm types. however, today, after using the miu. i love it.

if i ever do have the money to get myself a camera, it will be within one year and i will be reading more reviews before making a decision.

good luck saving a thousand smackeroonies! i usually finish it all up before the end of the month. maybe if i set a target i might be able to do it....

August 27, 2005


Anonymous said…
olympus uses XD cards,which are more expensive than the ones canon/nikon/konica uses...

sony's memory sticks are quite pricey also.

but then again,the price might drop within one year..
Jimmy Ang said…
but i expect xd to overtake cf and sd sometime in the future. maybe not sd but definitely cf.
bUttsH4k3r said…
depends on what you want, tbh. nikon and canon cameras work well at night. so does olympus.

sony.. they don't work too well. :( it was a price i was willing to pay, though.
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, that's why i'm leaningmore towards canon or olympus.
Anonymous said…
olympus Sucks.
From my point of view anyway...

You see... XD cards are cool.. Small and fast.

However, after you have tonnes and tonnes of pictures on your XD card and you want to try to copy the files into your computer through you all in 1 card reader... The format will not be reconized.

Then you have to place it back into the camera and transfer through the normal Data cable which is way slower then a USB 1.1.

That's my own experience... Futhermore, I've heard lots of complaints like their "cleaver" makerting tricks such as making you believe that the camera is water proof... *Blah*
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah i hate uploading through usb. but i heard olympus uses lithium ion batts.

i hate using AA batteries.


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