.the difference between life and net.

i've been on the net everyday since i installed streamyx a couple of years back. since then i ventured into countless stuffs. hardware and computer reviewing (this, this, this and this) , designing and now blogging. it was a gradual move but it moved nonetheless.

thus you all can say that my attachment to the internet goes beyond entertainment. it has become a hub for personal development and education. they say learning is life long and i believe the internet taught me that. not my teacher, not my parents. i never really understood that phrase until now. cause i never realized the small things we learnt everyday are actually useful until i met tutorials on the net. suffice to say, my progress are not limited to what i can learn and what i stumbled upon. they expand more towards anything that i want to learn! yes, anything. even making bombs right?

anyway, today as i was sitting in julian's car, i read the paper. it's been a long time since i read a paper. the star. i used to read it everyday before the net came into my life. but since then i had to rely on star online. it was hard and i don't really like it. which is why i'm getting more detached towards daily news. i have to rely on bloggers to spread any important news now.

but it occured to me that there are news that bloggers do not cover. there are issues that bloggers are not prepared to face yet. there are pictures that bloggers are too lazy to upload.

it seems and yes, it most probably is years since i read news papers (occasionally 1 per month).

i still love the touch of it. the smell of it. the ease of it. everything. somehow, star online does not appeal to me anymore. it never did. it's time to call the newspaper verndor uncle, no?

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August 28, 2005


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