.i dedicate this post to kl... kl!

many people said that once you've been to kl, you've been to malaysia. i couldn't disagree more.

i left jb for kl at around 12.15am yesterday. the bus was practically almost empty. i slumped my bag to the next seat and took the side seat. i loved the feeling of being alone in a bus. beats having a fat guy or a snoring uncle beside me.

i tried to focus on the day ahead but i felt tired. maybe it's because of the bumpy ride, maybe it's because of the chinese song playing in the driver's cd player. it's so odd to hear a driver put on chinese songs. good ones at that. maybe i just might enjoy this ride...

the bus reached a halt at 4.15am at kl. the stench i smelt the instant the door opened with me in front of it was acrid. i hated the very stench of it. how very pudu. i though.

yes, the distinct smell of pudu during the early morning or during late night is very different \. the place had this acrid foul smell that reeks from the dustbins located everywhere. i wonder what's at the bottom of every dustbin.

well, i wouldn't want to find out.

there was not many people around the chairs surrounding the platform. maybe it was because of the time... maybe because it was a wednesday. whatever it is, i don't really care. i looked for a place and platform 18 looked good. there was a corner all to myself. i placed myself there and lied down just like everyone else. i took a nap. careful not to let my bag slip past me. i don't want any mugging to happen so early in the morning. i had my belongings in the bag. a camera, a book, my appointment card and my university id card. the thought of losing the bag seemed very real especially in pudu, KL.

i slept soundly only to be awoken by some rustling sound. seems someone has placed his butt near my leg. feeling uncomfortable, i bolted upright and looked at my phone, no calls, no messages, mum must still be in the bus and on the way. i hope she is safe. i took out dan brown and read the adventures of jon langdon. it took me into an adventure of great mystical and mythical wonders. i stoped at the illuminati attack. two cardinals were branded with the illuminati symbol. it was shocking.

jimmy ANG! - this must be a symbol for a deeper cause of life.

someone woke me from my adventures with "wah! reading book ah!", i noticed it was my sister. amazed by my intellectual change. i thought, i've always loved reading, just that time never permitted me. however, i can't always blame time anymore, i thought to myself. i wanted to make time and create time, not make excuses and create stupidity.

well, my mom and sister finally arrived. we took a seat and chatted for a while. it's been a while since i saw my mom. suddenly pudu felt like home again.

the papers (star, nst) arrived much later than i expected. usually i though the paper will arrive at 4-4.30, it actually arrived somewhere around 5.30.

papers looked so relieving at that time. such a time saver.

we went down. bombarded with questions about where we want to go by those taxi providers. i hate them. my mom asked them how much to selayang hospital? they said 30. i said fuck off. well not literally. their size really intimidated me. not as in height and weight but as in... numbers. i wonder how many taxi drivers were gathering there.

then we spotted a taxi revving by. we stopped it. thank god it was a metered taxi. as it punched in the 2.00 sum and sped to selayang, i can't help but feel pity for those sorry ass taxi beggars in pudu. they really will burn in hell. i wondered why noone is taking actions against them? not even the guards or police officers in pudu itself. what a bunch of ass heads.

the metered tick rather slowly and we reached selayang at only 15.60 cents. it was a bargain considering we were asked for 30 dollars. maybe it was a ploy, ploy to make it look so expensive that we would relish at the fact that such a ride which costs a bus passenger 2 dollars would seem soooo cheap at 15 dollars.

well, i shrugged it off... i went in to the specialist clinic, i took my number... and waited....

to be continued....

p/s: sorry for the narrative like post. it will be continued tomorrow, i feel so tired from the trip and it's 12.15 am now.

on a different note, the answer for yesterday's quiz is this bottle. taken by a camera looking down into the inner walls of the bottle.

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daily dose
August 24, 2005


suanie said…
since when you bought angels & Demons? hhehehhee GOT INFLUENCED BY ME ARRR!
suanie said…
oO your friend lend you one :P
bUttsH4k3r said…
tee hee. so it was a bottle after all. but doesn't look alcoholic. what bottle is it? :O
Jimmy Ang said…
suanie : yeah lend from my friend cause got influenced by you lar!

butt : grape wine bottle.


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