.what are cuteblogs?

cuteblogs = cut and paste blogs

yes, that's a new term i will be referring to all fucking cut and paste ONLY blogs. damn, today i was cruising through my google homepage. you can have one if you own a gmail account too. just go here and register.

anyway, here's what i saw.

and then i clicked on it and it brought me to here :

ok, i gave it a read and it's apparently about an underground scientific cult.

then as usual, i moved on to surf in pps.
again, i was bombarded with this...

turns out, it's the same news. why? why do people have to do these kind of things?

they are really wasting pps's bandwidth.
blog concerns
August 31, 2005


James said…
stupid la your comment. always kena spam. anyway.

if wanna close, pls clone alicia silverstone for me. hahaha.
Jimmy Ang said…
chee bye, i have to alwys delete spam. alicia also you berkenan kah?


basically it's not about having sex with clones... but theoretically it is.. it's about this bunch of cult groups who are all nerdy and desperate for sex.. so they create this cult group so that chicks who dig mystery and aliens will have sex with them willimgly. at least that's my theory.



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