.my merdeka in 2005.

the atmosphere in Danga Bay yesterday was... simply put... suffocating. yes, it was crowded. mainly because it was the main celebration location for all johoreans. well, i departed at 10. as usual and the whole way was jam packed! there were a few accidents here and there.. minor but still heart aching. i mean, we all wanna celebrate. who the fuck expect a fucking acident.

the great malaysian flag. how to see the rear woi?

anyway, on my way there.. i spotted some mat rempits! haha! but they are not motorcyclists. they are cyclists. hehe, my new vocab.. these "mat rodas" were swerving left and right across the main road. the main road man! the car on my left had to slam, and i mean literally slam his brakes cause one mat roda was trying to overtake him. if the fella didn't slam his brakes, the fucking teenage mat roda would have just died.

one of the few mat rodas....

and as expected, there were also a lot of mat rempits making their comeback from the darkness. a lot of police were on patrol that day. i saw a bunch of mat roda gung-hoed up cause they were blocked by policemen. haha! they all had to push their bikes to the nearest police station i think.

well, as soon as i reach there, we went for a bite. i think we reached at somewhere around 11. the place was damn crowded. but we were hungry so we decided to head on to Asiana. I heard the place was ok and i never tasted it before so i went there. Asiana has this main tagline that is.. penang and western cuisine. so, i thought since i'm from penang, give it a try lar.

penang/western cusisine? lan cheow i give you!

we reached there and sat down. the atmosphere was ok.. but the dj cannot enunciate. i mean, i can't hear a whole sentence without straining my ears. that guy was mumbling all the way, maybe that's the way to dj in jb. bah.. whatever.

serene and nice... but food like lampa only. small, tasteless and expensive.

anyway, we were sitting and the menu came. wah lau, expensive like cock only. i guess that's the price to pay for such an atmosphere. chee bye. i starting to regret ady.

we ordered tomyam... the tomyam costs 8 bucks. it was small and it sucked. majorly sucked. ptui! fucking majorly sucked. sooo much for penang and western cuisine. i wonder what they do to the char koay teow... must be yucks gila babi wan.

alar.. nvmlar, count myself bad luck. once is enough. next time see your fucking face also dun wan! but we were captured... by a few camera man. hehe. i caught them catching us. hahaha!

i see you.... with my all seeing eye.

wonder whether it will come out in the paper or some big projection monitor or not? hehe!

so, after eating we headed to the main assembly area.

the place was jammed and full of people. guess if there's a word to describe merdeka day for me this year, it's "jam like my bulu lan cheow!"

everyday jam and crowded.

malaysian hapy fucker waving the big malaysian flag! damn cun!

it seems senario is working the crowd up. at first it was lousy but as soon as they start to count the last 15 seconds... everyone was standing and chanting.

too bad ya all can't see the senario group. :)
there were also a lot of guests on stage to chant the merdeka countdown.
after that, sing negaraku and some other patriotic songs..

__________ )/
/ /\______{,}
5..4..3..2..1.. merdeka..merdeka..merdeka..
                 . : .
__________ '. : .'
/ /\__.__'.:.' .
\_________\/ . .':'. .
.' : '.
' : '
boom, fireworks..

damn tree blocking my view. chee bye!

my friend was going ooohhh-and-aaahhh over the fireworks. girls are so easy to please.

anyway, after the merdeka celebration. we all had to endure a 2 hour jam before reaching home. i was driving like a mad cow.

wan to go back also jam. mahai!

what irks me off was these two cars parking at the side of the road.. no, not the left hand side, the right hand side.. in the middle man! fucking idiots. maybe i should just report them. babi mother fuckers. think the road their father's wan ar! chee bye kia.

chee bye car memang chee bye car! park here? MCH!

spot mee. spot mee! cheebye look here woi! MCH!

oh and about the kit kat. there was this competition going on and my friend heard it in hitz.fm. the person spotted eating kit kat during the merdeka day in danga bay will win an ipod shuffle. bah.. all promotion stuff...

cun or not? 512mb! mahai! keng leh!

but it was a good promotion, cause from now on... everyone eat fucking kit kat everyday!

have a break, have a kit kat!

August 31, 2005


aisyah ecot said…
pe ko dapat ipod..jimmy???
arrrgghhh!!!!! jeles nk mampus.
siot arr...
(ok taking deep breathes now...inhale. exhale...coughs. burps...calming down)
…itu pun kalau ko dapat arr
Anonymous said…
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bUttsH4k3r said…
jimmy, you need that spam filter on again, m8!

mch you win ipod shuffle ka? mch...
Jimmy Ang said…
ecot : ya, ko dapat ipod beb! ko tok sah lar jeles sangat. nanti tahun depan ko pi lar dengan boypren mu. hehehe. ku dapat tapi kena share ngan sp. kalau tak, dia merajuk gila babi! hehe

anonymous : bookmark me lar motha fucker!

butt : spam filter will be on if one post got 3-4 spams. but one or two spam, let it be lar. lazy to type in the code.

and.. yeah! i won ipod shuffle... muahahaha! dun jeles. it's just pure luck.

well, actually we went in a group of 4. there were 2 prizes left. and me and my mate took all two of the last shuffles. now still excited over the shuffle! hahaha!

btw, check out my kit kat sidebar! hahaha!
Anonymous said…
PG also got the stupid kit kat stuff. they really have so much money to make such advertisement about themselves. why not just give kitkat for free
Jimmy Ang said…
MCH! dun complain ok, james. they gimme free ipod shuffle you know!

better than 1000 kit kat!


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