.the trials and tribulations of life that ah-dee have to endure.

ah-dee refers to someone close to me, a very great friend of mine. i have endured great hardship with him.

in great times we have come through it together, also in hard times. i relied on him and he depended on me. i love him and he serves me. at last i have to say that i let him down.

today, 23rd August 2005, is a black day in his life.

ah-D you know i love you.

i have even showed my love to you in a competition.

but today i let you down. why?

today i left you alone in the house. all alone. why? cause i went out with a new friend. a new girlfriend. i left you here in this house, all jealous and all alone. i felt so much pity for you but i just didn't care at that time. i didn't notice your cries. maybe because i was too syiok with my new gf.

after that, i came back to see you but i only used you. i used you. i manipulated you.

i feel bad.

then out of a sudden someone got into a fight with you. i wasn't there to help you. i wasn't there for you but you were always there for me.

now, you are broken and hurt.. all i can say is .... fuck lar!

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August 23, 2005


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