.when mind reading is a chore.

i got this from my friendster. i blogged about the differences of men and women once...

11.05pm, guy and gal were chatting
happily, when guy uncontrollably yawns

bad example
gal (sounding out): you feeling sleeping??

guy: yeah, tired from work...

gal (sounds concern): ok, shan't disturb u,
go and sleep lah

guy: ok, you have an early nite too..

guy hangs up the phone. 5 min later,
phone rings awaken by the phone rings,

guy: hello?

gal: .............

guy: who's this?

gal (feeling unjust): you felt very bothered
by me is it?

guy (confused): huh? what?

gal: .............

guy: why? what happened?

gal: you find me very bothersome is it?

guy: bothersome? why you said this??

gal: ...............
guy: what's the matter? how i would know
if you dun say it out?

gal: we are chatting halfway, and you
yawn, and went off to sleep...
guy: b...but, you are the one who ask me
to go to sleep...

gal: you already said want to sleep
already, what else u want me to say?

guy: haiz... if you wanna chat, just say
so... what for tell me to go sleep, and
feeling unhappy in the end?

gal: since when i'm unhappy?

guy: isn't this unhappy? ok ok, i won't
sleep the next time, will that do?

gal: what's the point? i want you to chat
with me willingly, and not because afraid
that i will be unhappy...

in the end, guy spend another 25 minutes
comforting gal, actual sleep time is
11.40pm, plus the earlier argument, he
did not have a good sleep. What worse is
the gal may argue with the same thing
again the next day.

good example
gal (sounding out): you feeling sleepy?

guy (tired vocal, but sound interested) :
abit, tired from work. but you have
notfinished talking, carry on, i will be

gal (felt consoled): orh, but since you are
tired, go and sleep then (still sounding

NEVER fall into the trap and hang up the

guy: there's no afternoon break today,
indeed more tiring. how abt i give u a call
tomorrow morning. let's chat awhile more

(tells the reason, and offer make up

gal: oh ok. go and sleep now, you must
be tired.

gal is willing to let guy go sleep, but guy
must do a bit more than this

guy: so what time you are going to sleep?

gal: not sure, probably a bit later.

guy: ok, but not too late, not good for
health. i will be heart pain one hor...

gal (feeling loved): ok lah...

guy: i love you the most!

(even if eyes are shutting also must remember to
say this important words, else all effort wasted)

gal: i loved you too, have a good rest!

(happy till can float liao)

guy: ehmm...

gal hang up the phone

in the end, 11.10pm. guy sleep
peacefully, and probably a morning call
from gal the next day...
ok, first of all, what is wrong here? nothing right. sometimes, as a member of the male family in this world. i plead, heck i can even beg to the female community to CUT US SOME SLACK. you see, sometimes we ignore you because you come and kacau us at the wrong time of the day.

for example, as i was watching tv about this nice, exciting show. throughout the whole plot, no one was talking to me. suddenly, when it reaches the climax, i mean the shooting, the main character almost dying, lan cheow also want to fall of ady, or want to sleep with the main actress ady, then my housemate called out.....

"wei, what happened ar?"

or "can you go up and take my keys?"

or worse "so loud lar the tv"

mahai, i exciting, lampa also big ady and lancheow also long ady then you come out from everywhere and ask me to do something about shit like this?! wtf?

or they will also like to kacau us when we are in the middle of syiok syiok doing our website editing, blogging or playing game. the worst of all is playing game.

in the middle of playing cs, while the bots are coming out...

they want to do what you know?

tell me their about their new shoes/curtains/dress (insert any shopping item here).

like mahai? got no other time meh? chow cheebye.

oklar, when i am free i can entertain you for as long as you want. probably during yamcha sessions. we talk about life. i can listen to you whole heartedly... but when i syiok syiok playing counter strike... kanasai, dun come near me, i will shoot your neneh ok?

one more thing is when girls want something, they can't seem to say it out loud. they want to turn one round and then shoot you. like that also can ar?

like in the example quoted, want to talk then just say lar... don't say another thing and then turn one round and shoot us! mahai, you think we got nothing better to do than to comprehend the complex intricate mind of the female counterpart meh?

they say that even dirt is viewed differently between men and women. don't get me mistaken, i'm not a male chauvinist pig. i help my housemates with the chores sometimes. i cook. i help to wash the plates...etc...

however, dun chee bye take us like a mind reader and think that we can know what the fuck you want ok?

CCB! KNS! KNN! and many more acronyms that you all don't want to see or hear.

sorry sorry.. maybe my last post about male and female differences.... because sometimes its just too frustrating living and communicating with them. they are also overly cautios, zealous and sensitive towards... urm ... EVERYTHING.

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August 21, 2005


Jervin said…
couldnt agree more...
Jimmy Ang said…
see , see. male counterpart agrees with me!

vynn : thanks!


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