.there was an exotic fruit called nona.

i remember the days when i was small. accompanying my dad to my aunty's house. she had this tree in her garden which plants a kind of fruit called "nona". i never saw it anywhere else. but i never craved for it too. cause whenever i want it, i just wait for the next visit to my aunty's house. it was something i enjoy looking forward to with my dad.

the texture of the fruit is in green. i don't know what people call it in chinese, hokkien or english though. i only know it as nona.

the seeds inside are more like watermelon seeds. only, they're like 10 times bigger with more mass and ratio compared to watermelons. i hated the seeds but the fruit is nice. the inner texture of the thing is like soursop fruits... i like it.

i've been looking for this fruit everywhere. no place seems to have it. no supermarket, no fruit stall not even the night market.

however, yesterday i stumbled upon it in the night market. it was hidden way back. a place i never ventured into.

my friend calls it buddha's head.

it looks a bit weird in dark blackish grey. i prefer those green textures but they don't have it. guess there's a price to pay.

brings back old memories heh.

anyway, check out some of the presents i bought for some of my friends in convocation. the flowers cost RM30 for 6 ok! damn expensive. packaging looks normal. they said those round double layer packaging costs an extra 15 bucks. i say, die lar you! shit face!

roses are red..
violets are blue,


also check out this mr.bean i bought in kl. well, they're all not mine. but oh... how i wish they were! not those cheap stuff ok! got tag some more! certified wan! gave one to sok yee just now. she was shouting like hell. her shouting shrieks like glass shattering. so does abbas.

mr bean says "hmpp...durhhh... thhhh..."
jimmy says " shut up, you retard professor!"

daily dose
August 27, 2005


Wingz said…
roses are red..
violets are blue,
i got a frend
My penis Bulus!
waisun said…
lol that nona u were referring to is called a custard apple...hmmmm....
Jimmy Ang said…
wingz : your penis bulus. haha. hardly rhymes. hei, your deedee is bulus ar? why so weird one? mine el-presidente. sounds so much cooler right! haha.

waisun : custard apple? want to google for it lar. how you know?
Jimmy Ang said…
A-A : yeah, i prefer the green variety.


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