.merdeka in bm.

yeah, after reading this from merdeka blogger, i urge all bloggers to blog in bm on merdeka day.


1. to give exposure to our national language.
2. to malaysianize us bloggers.
3. to spread our love for the country.

tag your blog with MyMerdekaBM when you post on our national day!
My= Malaysia
Merdeka = Independence
BM = National language.

also, for blogathon, i've been searching for 5 bloggers to recommend. it's hard but i think i've pinpoint 1 or 2. a few more to go...

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August 26, 2005


Anonymous said…
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Danny said…
we'll be looking forward to a good post by you later... ;)
Jimmy Ang said…
hopefully. but my BM's a bit lacking. haha!


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