.is this really my blog?

ok, first of all, let me explain that this is not a post about whether i'm jimmy or is this a midlife crisis situation.

first of all, let us see. what constitutes a blog and who does it belong to. basically it is a site where you can write and rant about your personal stuffs. for me, it's kinda like a book where we can read everyday. we can write down whatever we want and whenever we want. we can even do stupid stuffs like copy todays news into our little notebook which so many bloggers are doing now. don't ask me why? maybe they cut and paste but it's the same concept.

you can cut and paste if it means something to you and if you have something to say about it. but i usually see people who cut and paste today's news. wtf? so stupid right? well, maybe in this cyber world. it's not so stupid anymore.

now, this connotation of "my notebook" seems rather simple right? in fact, every tom, dick and harry can get these notebooks and write whatever they want about any lancheow shit that they want. in fact, i think i'm doing one right now.

however, blogging is not the same as the real life. this is not a notebook. this is the internet. a place where millions and millions , maybe even billions of people have access. a place where even the kid next door or the 40 year old next country can enter.

what does this mean? this means a blog is not a place where you can keep under your chair, in you desk. yes, we can lock our blog, we can password protect it... but then, who would want to read your blog. it's hard enough for your friends to remember their atm pin no., now they need to remember your blog password. kanineh, so eksi (eksyen), wan us to read somemore wan to password protect. lampa give you can lar.

anyway, since we blog, we do not want it to remain private, this is not a diary. it is a chronicle. a notebook, a publicly accessible notebook.

remember those things we write in out book or our diary about our friends or dad or even our next door cat? we never ever gave a single thought to what we can write. privacy was the utmost importance. now, responisbilty takes place. i mean, can i really blog about how someone cheated my money without proof? can i blog about my next door neighbour, i mean giving out details and all that without being afraid that he/she might read this site and take offence. maybe he/she will even burn my house and my family down.

fuck, can i post sexual fantasies without being looked upon as a pervert? tell me! can ar?

can i talk about how long my dick is without you people imagining the circumference and length of my dick? can ar?

if your answer is yes, then give your nenehs a big hard tight slap! (applies to male too)

maybe the question is not whether this is really my blog, but whether is this my freedom. freedom to talk, freedom to post. yes, but this freedom comes with a price, and that price is common sense and responsibility.

p/s: actually i wrote this because there are some very very personal and very very irritating post i want to write about but i'm afraid that the person might read this blog and might even hate me for what i'm going to say. it isn't a big deal but it's personal and it's hurtful and shameful to the other party. thus... i'll keep my mouth , my pen and my keyboard shut.

i think i have thoght about what to blog during Merdeka. the blog will be in dual language. BM and English.

the post will most probably appear on the 30th since the 31st, I'm going out celebrating and watching fireworks. yeee haaa!

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August 29, 2005


Danny said…
Well, a blog can be dubbed a journal or people who put up photos can actually call them albums. :)
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, danny. but the question is can we really blog about anything we want without considerations of the consequences and implications?


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