.need help.

basically today has just been a very big blur and tired day. i've been working non-stop for 10 hours or so yesterday to finish my work. the work is on website development.

after that, i think i slept at 3 am. i woke up today at a whopping 10 o clock to bathe and all. went to class and taught from 10.30 until 5 pm. after that there were some discussion until 6.15. then i head on over to have lunch with my friend and her mom. came back at roughly 8 pm.

and i just took a bath, slumped on the bed and took a light nap until now! bloody hell, slept and wasted one whole sunday. i feel so tired...

anyway, i have been working on this subject of mine and i need help from you bloggers. anyone with any experience with their hosting company please tell me whether their host are reliable or not? after that, i need to know how much? if possible, can i ask their help to provide me with some space? just maybe 100mb or so. then they can quote me a price and i'll be ready to bank in for them. maybe for the duration of 6 months only. also, if the need for a domain name arise, i might need the bloggers help to register it for me. i'll tell her the name of the domain of course.

any helpful samaritans?
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August 21, 2005


James said…
handsome. sponsor me a webspace + shell.
Jimmy Ang said…
i dunno why but some of the places i only mentioned her, not him... maybe unconscioulsly i think that girls are more helpful.. *da dee dum*

james : haha! think twice. this one also i think i have to pocket out the money from my bank. if only the uni will sponsor me. then i'd take the most expensive hosting! hahaha! name the domain something personal and voila, my own domain coming soon!

*dreaming, not hard right?*
5xmom.com said…
Oi, hosting and domain not very expensive mah. I got my personal one for less than RM200 per year. Reliable, though a big expensive. Very secure with PaulTan. Domain fee per year is only RM35. Hosting - How big you want, price differs.

For my parenting website, a bigger one, I got from another webhost, also a blogger. Best suggestion is to join Malaysianbloggers forum (Liewcf's forum) and check out the discussion there. If you use a SYT's nickname, maybe you can get the guys to do everything for free! LOL!
Jimmy Ang said…
200 per year is too expensive. 35 per year for a domain is acceptable but i just want something small scale.

100mb with cpanel.

anyone with hosting company has this criterion?

maybe can sub me some space and i'll pay him/her accordingly...?
Jervin said…
this may be a stupid question but what is the real reason of you wanting a website, domain name and stuffs...
Jimmy Ang said…
vynn : i thought it's obvious? i want it so that i can fucking publish my website. it's for a fucking subject called multimedia and web development.

i do my website until cha dao already!

they want us to host it on a free website but i figured with all the ads and problems on a free website.. not to mention the lack of php, i might as well get a website and a domain if possible.


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