Sunday, July 31, 2005

.today in my life.

i just came back from supper with my friend julian. we went out to a whole lot of places today. first it was the tmn perling nasi lemak, then we head on to sri putri. both of these places taste the same. nothing much to report here. personally i prefer the one in permas jaya.

anyway, after that we head on to Aliff, a 24 hour mamak stall for yamcha session.

we talked about a lot of things today, basically what or where we will move on after this. what are my career aspects. currently studying tesl but i intend to pursue a career in writing or editing. whichever pays more. lol.

anyway, we were discussing how awkward and fast time has moved on. we talked about old school days and we talked about differences of people in the south and north.

basically, coming from penang... we tend to swear more. heck i believe every sentence that comes out of our mouth contains at least a vulgar word. if we are too emotional, either happy or sad... we swear.

in mandarin, it is hard to swear, thus the main medium of instruction or main dialect of instruction for chinese people here is mandarin. because of this, they tend to swear less. what is the most you can swear in mandarin?

ma chi or se wu kuai wong pa tan.

in hokkien we have...
cheebye, lan cheow, kanine, kanasai, keong kan, cau cheebye, mak pu key... etc....

isn't it ironic that we have more vocabulary for private parts in the hokkien dialect compared to mandarin? i can never swear fluently in mandarin.

if english has the most amazing swear word, it would be fuck right?
i mean fuck can be almost anything, noun, adj, verb...

fuck you. (v)
you're a fucker (n)
fucking idiot (adj)
edit: interesting flash by vynn.

in hokkien, i believe the most flexible letter would be... yes, cheebye
go cheebye lar u! (v) (go die lar u)
chau cheebye (n) (smelly vagina)
lu si cheebye lang lar! (adj) (you're a fucker)

also, hokkien people like to translate their hokkien to direct english to show their intellectual power. like :
see me no up?
(kua wa beh ki?)
give me aeroplane?
(pang wa puai key?)

we also learnt a new word last time. we were both talking about driver means you drive and writer means you write and so on. so a scooter means you scoot. heck people are actually scooters. scoot is actually an action but people who scoot are not called scooter.

but i then i told him : hey, julian, scoot sounds vulgar lar. something like... scoot you you mother scooting asshole.

julian : haha. yalar. then the paste tense of scoot would be?

come on... what was your guess?

me and julian : scot! (simlutaneously).

i was amazed that both of us came out with scot immediately. as if it was an act of reflects, as if the word itself existed. i then asked a few friend of mine and they agreed that the most appropriate past tense they can think of for scoot is scot and not scooted.

you got the same thing?

on a different note, regina talks about her love for ipod and electronic devices.

Several people tell me they feel naked without a cell phone clipped to their side, and the BlackBerry is often affectionately referred to as the "crackberry." And would we add bling to devices we didn't feel close to? Probably not.

Ken sums it up nicely.

"My wife says that I love my Treo phone more than her," he writes. "I tell her that she's crazy, but ... I'd never leave my house without my phone. I leave my house without my wife all the time."

wahlau, i also love my handphone leh. and how ironic, i wouldn't leave the house without my hp too. but my wife? she won't leave without her hp too.

and we'd both leave each other in the house in the blink of an eye. actually how far has electronic devices penetrated into our home?

also, on malaysian soil...

A lorry driver who was sacked by his employer for allegedly misappropriating RM5 was ordered by the Industrial Court to be paid RM27,646.25 in arrears.
- source
ridiculuos right? first you sack people for RM5 then you get sued for RM27,646.25. I think the company must be going "cheebye, whose RM5 is that?" why did we have to sack him?

also, you must notice that the google ads are gone. instead they are replaced with Amazon ads. The reason is that I live with housemates. We are all connected through a single line using a router. they click on the google ads. Thus Google thought this was a cheat in my part to generate more income. but i thought if we click it, we won't be getting any traffic or money for it anyway. damn idiots. if i knew i would have asked them not to touch any links in my google ads. they even waited until i got my RM86 dollars to disqualify me from their adsense.

This was the mail google sent me:


Your AdSense account was found to be related to an account previously
disabled for invalid click activity and we have therefore disabled your
account. Publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed
further participation in AdSense and do not receive any further payment. The
earnings on your account will be properly returned to the affected

As outlined in our program Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the right
to terminate any publisher's participation at any time.


The Google Team
oh, i also added a buy stuff for j!mmy link beside. get some things for me if you're rich :)

yeah : petrol price naik lagi!
read from paultan, rojak and memory...

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

.review of IE7 Beta 1.

image courtesy of clothedandy
It is very clear that, unlike when Microsoft targeted Netscape, they are using their classic method of producing superior software by catering to the needs of the user. This is not IE 6 with a few features borrowed from the competition, but rather a clear step in the evolution of user-centric design. Unfortunately, while it has tabs, it can’t pass the acid test. (No pun intended.) I am impressed that IE 7 has no “dumb default” settings that I would normally rush to change on a fresh upgrade from IE 6. (I hope that someday they turn off the “Recycle Windows on shortcuts” option. It’s stupid.)
Before I continue, I’d like to identify my bias. I stopped using non-Microsoft browsers over two years ago because I found them to be unpolished. Ever since then I’ve been using Crazy Browser. It uses the IE component available to all Windows applications, and it adds tabbed browsing and its own popup blocker. It’s a great program for those of us who prefer IE, but still want tabbed browsing.
- source

new improvements include :

  • tabbed browsing (thank god!)
  • phishing prevention methods
  • add on manager
  • not yet fully css compliant

one word, late....
two words, too late...

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.easy university diploma.

wahlau, is this what education has come to today? MCH, i need to study like shit for my degree and diploma but some people can just call this stupid number, pay with some plastic and get a paper with his name.

cheebye lar. no required shit or anything. the line is also open 24 hrs a day including sunday and holidays. wah, even the chau ah pek kopitiam at the roadside also won't open everyday. sounds like some 7-11 advert.

hey, you can get diplomas, degrees, masters and even PHD. MCH, i also can give cert lar. want ar?

MCH = Masters in Chorus Humping.

First class would be on phone, dialogue practice. Everyone say together, "fuck me..." now change to "harder...." Now, chorus : " Yamate, yamate. " Release your breath and end with, "ahhh....".

Wan ar? Call me at : MCH-TODAY-1800

cheebye right? some more the advert didn't specify what college the certs are coming from, silap slap you get a cert from :

"University of Chow Kit Road"
- offers degree in mass communication and traffic analysis.
- also offers degree and masters in swearing and pirating.

"University of Ah Beng and Ah Lian"
- degree in vehicle engineering
- masters in car manipulation to aeroplane can fly.
- PHD in social and fashion


"University of AP"
- Masters in Housing Development
- PHD in Politics and Black Market

can ar? sure can apply for a lot of jobs wan. even the manager and hr will be surprised with the authenticity and rarity of your certificate.

cheebye lar! cun or not? can get any job ar?

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these images were captured with a lousy BenQ 2.1 mpx camera. Model : DSC 2100. Came out pretty ok i guess.

i felt like a rat or some critter looking at this.

yes, teddies are cute but drowning them makes them even cuter!

i need new cameras! sponsor me!

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.st anne in penang.

i received a call at 11.00 am today. the sound of my mother....

"wei, you going to st anne or not? can come back or not or you want us to pray for you?"

wow, it's been a year since the last st.anne's festival. the last year, i think i went to put candles and wait in a freaking long line. i went almost every year. i remember that there was once that i had to go with my family. i remembered the steps going up the place being longer and each step being harder. well, that ws my first experience. it was always crowded with people.

last year, i noticed that the steps are shorter, the stairs are shorter and the candles don't seem so intimidating anymore.

maybe it was because i always had my dad to hold the candles for me last time. to push the crowd for me. now i have to do it myself. and i have to be the one leading the way for mom.

but this year, mom is going alone? with bro and my sis i hope.

this celebration held in the end of july every year is the almost only christian event that i go to. mostly because i made a vow. in dire times of need i made a vow. that i would go every year.

now, it's been 4 or 6 years since that vow. i can't realy remember.

but i can remember the place as if i went there yesterday.

the church has a big cross on top, shining during st. anne's fest. thousands of people thronge the place with large long candles. sometimes, they can be an insensitive biatch. they let the hot heated slimy wax drop down on other people. damn.. hurts you know! cheebet!

i also remember the long lines of beggars holding up their cups and sometimes their shirts for donations. believe me, there are hundreds there. my dad used to keep 20 cent coins in different boxes one time and i always wondered what they were over. come st. anne's he gave half of them to me and another half, he hold them himself. he then proceeded to donate 20 cents to every beggar there and asked me to do the same. when i asked why? he said that when i was lying on the hospital bed he made a decision and prayed. he vowed to donate 20 cents to every beggar during st. anne's fest. i need to donate 50 cents myself to every beggar when i'm 24 (it was one of the vows too) but this time, the only difference is, i might just need to do it myself.

well, i won't be going this year but i hope to be praying in my heart when that day comes and ask for forgiveness.

p/s: i'm not a christian. and it doesn't hurt to pray as long as we're sincere. that's what i always think. i even went into an indian temple to pray before. so what i'm saying is, it doesn't hurt to join the fun of lighting candles, queing long lines, getting torched by wax and running up long winding stairs.

beats sitting in your house watchin football, csi, one tree hill, friends (insert any movie name here) and dozing off.

THOUSANDS of devotees will celebrate St Anne’s Feast this weekend with prayers, novenas, confession and mass in two churches, one in Bukit Mertajam and the other in Port Klang.

While the Church of St Anne in Bukit Mertajam is expected to receive more than 100,000 pilgrims, the church in Port Klang will see some 25,000 attending prayers and paying homage to the grandmother of Jesus Christ.

Parish priest of Port Klang’s Church of St Anne, Father V.A. Michael, says those expected to turn up for the feast will include Catholics and non-Christians from this region and from as far away as Australia and New Zealand. He estimates some 50 per cent to be non-Christians.

“St Anne’s Feast is celebrated on a large scale here because in Asia there are only two churches dedicated to this saint. Every year, the crowd grows bigger.

“Many are here to fulfil their vows either by lighting candles, offering prayers and flowers or serving food. St Anne is the patron saint of those praying for children and spouses,” he says.
- source

- picture courtesy of google archive from thestar.

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Friday, July 29, 2005


well, this will be my last post for today before i go off and enjoy myself. lol. tonight i won't be posting much but i will go hunting for interesting posts by other bloggers...

hiding. oh yes, the topic for today is hiding.

first, let us go back to the time where adam and eve existed. remember? if you do not believe in adam and eve, try to think back to the time when prehistoric people were living in this world. and imagine as they process towards today.. what are the main changes that we can see?

hey chicks... check out my long stick! wanna hump?

yes, clothes. first, we were all naked. yes, butt naked. stripped off our butt and showing our boobs all over the world for everyone's pleasure.

well, that's a bit harsh.
We humans have long been cultivating this culture that we need to hide more in order to feel secure. adam and eve decided to hide their differences right? their privateparts at that time. then as we move on, we decided to hide our body. why? only the first person who invented those big clothes could understand.

i guess that interview didn't go well with INTEL. wonder why?

no, i am not condemning the person who invented clothes. nor is this a post to promote nudism. i congratulate what SPG did when she bared it all for us but i am not going to give any opinions on it. yes, it's art.

but one art i wouldn't want my daughters to be involved in... or even worse, my mother. yucks.

anyway, since then, we have come a long way haven't we. through prehistoric times until now... until today, i believe not much changed until recently a thought occured to me and i was struck with a newfound knowledge and question. kind of like a revelation.

as we wear and cover our differences until there is nothing else to cover, we find other things to hide. these became clear to me today. in this time and era, we cover our most precious substance, our thoughts and emotions.

these are the knowledge that define us until the very thought of it leaking outside might yield hurt beyond comprehension to others.

yes, we are becoming more insensitive to other people. we are becoming more egoistic. no longer do we live in a world where people communicate and people respect each other's privacy. (haven't read someone's letter without their permission, go into their room secretly, search their belongings and etc....?)

that is why humans are becoming more distant and hiding more things. ask yourself this... have you ever worn a mask out because you were afraid showing your true self might hurt yourself in the end?

p/s: on a light note...i noticed that women are utilizing less cloth and covering more of their brains. for example, they never say what they mean... i usually go WTF?
are they the next step in evolution? or is men refusing to evolve?

yes, men love to go watch football and shout like a bunch of hooligans over a ball that has gone over a line half way across the world. we still like to lie in our underwear holding a remote and some snacks and changing the channels faster than our brain can process them. but then again, I'm a man and i love doing these things.

1 : cause shouting releases our suddden burst of happiness. and we have tons of them to do it together, thus we feel like a bunch of community regardless of religion or status.
2 : we feel cooler without our clothes and we love to reveal our sexy body. we are not ashamed of them and our brains are actually faster than our hands... contrary to popular belief.

now, to women. why do you...
1 : say things you don't mean?
2 : expect us to straight away understand the things you want to say without even uttering a word.


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.wah! more tax.

In less than 18 months from now, Malaysia will join the long list of countries which have a consumption tax, such as the UK, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Canada, Singapore, China, Thailand, Australia and most recently, India. Are you ready?

The proposed goods and services tax (GST) is a generic term similar value-added tax, or VAT, which Malaysia will introduce in January 2007.

Ernst & Young Tax Consultants Sdn Bhd says the GST is not likely to be more than 5% as the Government wants to ensure its reduced impact on the man in the street.

Its executive director Bhupinder Singh said for a start, it should not be more than the current service tax which is 5% and sales tax which ranges from 5 to 25%.

MCH, the price of petrol keep going up and the UMNO youth Division wants to amend the NEP so that the Bumiputras can get 30% share of the country's wealth. Now, they want to impose the GST tax. wahlau, my pay haven gone up yet leh!

MCH. I work part time only lor, don't think my income can even cover petrol and food next time. what about bills and rental and my needs! MCH!

increase the government servant's pay also lar! they are always underpaid, overworked and overemotional! cheebye! damn sad with this country now.

some more politicians keep fighting each other. (think Mahathir and Rafidah.) who will win?

let's place our bet. i think the bookies have the odds laid out already.

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.wow, i'm pregnant.

i haven't had my period for two months now and i tested my urine with a UPT stick. the result?

a confirming "you've got MALE". actually i wouldn't know whether it's a male or not but i requested for a male.

Requested you say?

well, i'm actually a guy. a normal teenager with a normal aspect of physiology. no i'm no freak of nature who can give birth and those things but guess what, with the advancement of technology i can now... GIVE BIRTH! keng right?

as Mr. Lee Ming Wei said..

Well, I understand how it may be a shocking concept at first. Biologically, women have always given birth to children, and men have not. Despite the dramatic results of the sexual revolution in the latter half of this century, there are still very distinct and concrete social roles determined by this... until now... undeniable biological fact. Now, it seems, we have several important questions to consider. Why shouldn't men carry children and care for a fetus the same way a women does? Why shouldn't a man bear a burden that women have always carried? On the other hand, why shouldn't a man be able to experience the same joy and excitement that a pregnant woman feels nurturing a child within her own body? Now I think men, as well as women, have more choices, more possibilities, more roles they can assume in their lives.

MCH, i think he is crazy lar.

Next time, i think my mom would faint when I come back and say...

guess what mom... I'm PREGNANT.

i also think that Janice said it right when she said...

But surely you understand why some people find the idea of a pregnant man disturbing?
cheebet, of course lar disturbing. and i also wonder whether i can get the 6 months pregnancy leave. LOL!

read this from buttshaker.

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.the hollow cd.

ever heard of the movie hollow man where the guy goes invisible and goes around doing hamsap things. also since he's invisible, can kill everyone without anyone seeing him right? damn cool! wish i had the power.

okok, today i'm gonna tell a story about the invisble cd.

well, my housemate suddenly shouted from upstairs and asked me to help her. (what is it with these people and wanting my help? i must be the good guy.. having the good guy look like kenny sia here). bah! damn face!

wah, celebmatch with bruce lee. but my income, intelligence and politeness is lower than the bigfuck. nothing surprising about the korean/japanese feature. everyone used to say that i look like some samurai.

anyway, i went up and you guess what she told me? yes, her cd is gone. i said try to find lar, how am i going to know where you put it?

she said that it's in the cd player just now and she opened it again after going to the bathroom and it's now lost.

i said wtf? impossible right, since no one goes into your room without permission, that couldn't possibly happen.

and then she said, oh i know, it's stuck inside. i opened the cd player and saw nothing inside.l i said dun have also. she said yes, she remembered it exactly that it was there. she then said that it must be stuck in the cd player.

MCH, lu si gong hiar? i was thinking but looking at her sad and confused face, i dare not tell her. she just repaired her motherboard which costs a few hundred.

she then proceeded to look on top of the internal cd player and see whether it is stucked up there or not.

i was gonna laugh at the sight of her kneeling down to search for her stupid CD like it was stuck on top of the internal cd player. cheebet, i think this looks like some james bond /macgyver /mr.bean show where people put some sticking device to track and steal a precious CD. only this time it most probably is some chewing gum mr.bean ate.

then, after searching for 5 minutes, it dawned in that small brain of hers that she took it out before... for her scanner CD so that she can install her scanner driver.

WAHLAU, kanasai. i laughed until my lungs broke out!

next time, never look like an idiot searching for your CD. we even knocked the PC a few times hoping that the invisble CD will fall down from the imaginary chewing gum.

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.don't buy pirated stuffs.


well, i had to go to my friend's house to help him repair his computer one day and i saw his hp... man, it was ugly. i was appaled and i wanted to puke looking at it. why? cause it looked like this!

picture courtesy of rojak everyday

nah, actually it looked like this :

ugly rite? looks like it had some skin disease or something.

close up of the skin disease

and to think that it used to look like this...

nabeh, last time so handsome! now like shit only.

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.a baby's privilege.

after a long post yesterday, i decided to go for something more simple today. why?
cause i am lazy! that's all.

anyway, in my life i have read numerous books and none made such an impact as these two...

tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom

and the da vinci code by dan brown.

i believe many of you know the latter. so let me explain more about the first book... first. maybe i can talk more about the second book next time.

tuesdays with morrie is about an old college professor who is suffering from edited : thanks to yvonne :ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) . one of our blogger yvonnefoong has neurofibromatosis. i hope for her best.

so, this professor has a student who graduated and are working in the big urban crowded city. he is a sports newscaster and critic. the student strives for the more important things in life which we all want too... nice food, car, house, money and more money.

then upon hearing his professor which he hold so dearly to his heart dying, he decided to give him a visit. what was first a social visit became a study, a study of the things the professor will teach him before his last breath. they call it the last thesis with morrie.

there are a lot of insights into this about the disease itself in this book and it also teaches us a lot of things about life. how to change our perception of the materialistic world and the culture that it forms.

we all were born being dependent on people as a baby. we depend on people to feed us and every other thing you can imagine yourself doing now, we probably needed someone else to do it when we were a baby.

these are the things people avoid from as they grow older ... dependency is one, society views that if a person is not able to accomplish these simple necessities or tasks, they should be ashamed

we are influenced by these views so when the time comes and we are no longer able to fend and care for ourselves, we will be ashamed of ourselves.

however, in this book, we see morrie dealing with this issue and enjoying "what I call a baby's privilege."

as i said, i am suffering from mild liver cirrhosis and could be having a liver transplant in the next few years. would i be as tough and as open minded as morrie? could i shield the shame when i need to rely on other people to piss, to shit and even to eat?

that is a question i think i can only answer when... and if the time comes.

p/s: there's too much of these... personal posts.
i think i'm gonna stop being so egoistic for a while and see things from a third person's view.

oh and on a short notice, to those who read the da vinci code, the movie trailer is out. exciting? we'll judge then. but the higher our hopes, the harder it is to judge them objectively.

also, to all kingkong maniacs and lord of the ring lovers, the director for LOTR is coming out with kingkong the movie at the end of this year if i'm not mistaken. take a look at their trailer here.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

.bloggers are MORONS?

yes, they definitely are. first for coming up with a domain like that. don't believe me?
check out . weird right?

well, i'm not actually posting this to talk about moronic bloggers but more about their virtue. first of all, blogathon 2005 is a charity blogging experience targeted to help charity foundations. a charity project held for bloggers to help charity foundations.

the bloggersaremoron are joining this project to help out :
Hospice-At-Home Programme (Penang branch)
Under the National Cancer Society (Malaysia)

Now, if any of you have any money to spare in this day of economic uncertainty, i pledge, heck i even beg you all to donate. a few bucks won't bring you far but a few bucks will certainly change a life.

now, i am not speaking from a third party's perspective. i am indeed one of the few plaqued by cancer. no, i do not have cancer but a member of my family did. and i am asking you all to help this foundation because they really do make a difference. you cannot even begin to comprehend or understand the agony and pain that a cancer patient or their immediate families has to go through when encountering cancer. cancer is a slow killing disease that looks like it has a cure. well, there are quite a few stories depicting victorious battles against cancer. right? you would all think that this is a good sign but it actually has its pros and cons.

in the year 2002, my father was diagnosed with "last stage cancer". the doctor refused to give him hope thus he said, spend the rest of your days as comfortable as you want. devastated, my father came back without even telling us the news. we learnt about it from mom later on. however, the sudden change of mood was obvious. as a family, we never thought this would happen to us. these are the kind of things that you would think... it happened to them or someone else.. but when it reaches you.. you might be flabbergasted before the reality really sinks in.

thus in the year 2002 until 2003, we were all still adamant to fight this disease. we've heard of many stories depicting victorious battles but little did we realize that those are only a tip of the iceberg. many deaths were hidden from us too. thus our family went searching high and low, spent thousands, hundreds of thousands maybe trying every method possible. a chance will never be passed over. heck, it's life and death we're talking about.

my dad who never liked the bitter taste that any food brings was pushed to his limits . the bitter taste of medicine that he never liked brought me to tears. i would cry at night under my pillow thinking the fate that god has bestowed upon him. it was never a good sight especially if you look upon the father that you idolize, that you admire, that has powers beyond what you'd possibly imagine being brought to tears when talking to you. when telling you that he loves you, when talking about life stories, when giving you advice. those are the pain that you could never get rid of no matter how long time passes by. when he cries, i would cry with him.. but i try to show a tough face and try my best not to show him that i am indeed really really sad for him. i don't want him to leave us but if he must, let him leave with a peace of mind.

as time passes by, his condition became worse and he became dependent. dependent on us to walk, dependent on us to even wash his ass. he wanted simple things, not money, not luxurious cars, just human touch. yes, the things that we forget and disregard are the things that we'll want most when we are leaving this world. he didn't even care about dignity anymore. he just wanted to live his life and experience the things that he couldn't yet.

there was one wish he wanted, and that is where my brother came in. i mean, by this time, all of our relatives and friends already know about his condition and they come to visit him almost everyday. i mean, everyday could be the last face to face meeting.

anyway, back to the wish, he wanted to see one of his son married before leaving this world. and my brother and his gf was to be married. they agreed after asking permission from the girl's mother. the girl's father had already passed away too. then they had a mock wedding in front of our house. the first one was pathetic. just some cakes and kuihs for relatives. it was not one people would proudly call a wedding. my dad cried and complained to the organiser. he said, how can my son lift his face to meet people after this. realizing his mistake, my cousin (the one who organized everything) put up another emergency real wedding with tables and 8 course meals. everyone was happy. at least i know my dad was at that time. he was... positive. before the wedding, he would tell everyone,
if you don't come to my funeral it's ok! but make sure you come to this wedding. at least we can talk and i can see you. when i die, i wouldn't know whether i can see you.
that sentence stuck in my head until now. everytime i talk to him, i wonder whether he could see me.

after that, my father recovered a bit. we thought things would get better and it wouldn't be so bad after all. maybe his disease would consume him slower.. but i know the slower it is the more painful.

and then the semester opens. i had to go back to utm. my dad insisted on following me back to johor to see my house. i moved out during the second year. we had to move my dad from a wheelchair to the car and lift him into the car for the 16 hours ride (to and fro). i followed him back and forth cause i know i can take a bus back to jb after that. i know it's a waste of money but i didn' want to leave my dad and mom alone in that long journey back.

after everything was settled and dad was still fairly ok...

ok as in... sleeping in a makeshift hospital bed in our house cause he needed drips and injections everyday. albumin injections and all. the meds were expensive but how can it compare with a life that we love so dearly...

i went back to utm for a week. had my subjects registered and all. i called back everyday to confirm the situation and tried to talk with dad. but his voice seems distant and softer everyday. i feel as though i'm losing him from a far away place.

then one day, i got a call from mom to come back asap. dad was not going to make it.
i took a morning bus back straight away. and reached my house at roughly 2am. dad was still alive but he was barely breathing. the sight of him made me cried. he was black and blue (bruised) all over. he was as skinny as a skeleton. the tubes connected to him made it even harder to look at. i was scared of losing him.

the 9-10 hurs travel made me tired and since it was quite late i decided to talk to my dad the next morning. i told my dad goodnight and continued to find a spot on the floor beside his bed. we were all there, me, mom, bro and sis. sleeping beside our dad, hoping he would miraculously come up and say... i'm ok people. but that ain't happening. this ain't no fairy tale movie. this is real life.

awoken by the sound of pitter pattering at 5, i realized that my dad has left us. forever. crying will not get him back, so as everyone cried, i kept silent. pushing back my tears, putting up a brave resilient front. heck, i think i looked like a stone without feelings. but deep inside my heart and every night i would weep under the pillows. even now....

many people said that my dad waited for me to come back before leaving but i never took that opportunity to say I love him. I never said GOODBYE. I never said a lot of things and there's nothing i can do about it.. but i think you can.

donate and make a difference...

if you want, participate through bloggersaremorons.

*i dedicate this post to my dad, s*yi's dad and my uncle who all passed due to cancer.*

Hospice-At-Home Programme (Penang branch)
Under the National Cancer Society (Malaysia)
Tel : +604-261 4140
Fax: + 604-261 8691
Address :
A2.27, Komtar,
Jalan Penang,
10000 Penang,
Via checks:
Payable to : National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Penang Branch
At the back of the check, please write the following : HHP
It stands for the ‘Hospice-at-home programme
Via bank-in:
Southern Bank : 1606006358

made to the

National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Penang Branch

This account is specifically for the Hospice-At-Home programme.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

.wrestling in politics.

Two or three people who did not even have showrooms have been given thousands of APs, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

The former Prime Minister said those who got the franchise were not automotive businessmen but former government officials.

"They got thousands of AP even though they don't have facilities to assemble or sell these cars," he added.

He also said that Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz made false allegations on the AP issue at the Umno general assembly.

a very strong claim from a former Prime Minister who ruled over us for such a long time. I always thought of Tun Mahathir as the protector of Umno. Never revealing its dark secret (like corruption). However, it seems that when wrongly accused, one will show its fangs.

He said the International Trade and Industry Minister had also alleged that he might have forgotten "this and that".

"I may be 80 but I am not senile yet," he said in a five-page statement released this evening.
-same source as the quote on top

ah beng (name changed to protect the identity) told me that APs are used to make the malay politician richer. they abuse the rights of bumiputra (malay) car dealers.

the past, open APs enabled the holder to import many car brands. When the franchise APs were introduced, the franchise holder could only import a particular car brand. Those who in the past could bring in those cars through the open APs now can no longer import those cars. The ones who got the franchise APs are not automotive businessmen but former ministry officials.

They got thousands of APs although they do not have the facilities to assemble or sell these cars. They only surrendered this (for a price) to others who had the capability to assemble and sell those cars.
- source

Ok, so let me get this straight. While the UMNO youth division is fighting for a bigger part of the cake... 30% exactly of our nation's wealth... this AP issue is coming out. hmm.. makes me wonder. the Malay rich guys (politicians) stepping on the Malay poor guys (normal people) thus making the rest of us... suffer.

MCH, the cheebet politician are abusing their power to take over a big fucking piece of the cake and the rest of the bumiputras are thinking why they don't have a part of the cake. we non-bumiputras who are eating our rightfull part of our cake is getting tiu-ed (fucked). these lanbet attitude really make me think like i want to move to singapore. but then singaporean gahmen also stupid. pay 400,000 to change the name of Marina Bay to............ Marina Bay. cheebye, soooo stupid. makes me think of opening my own name consultancy firm. somemore their NKF cheebet director Durai can get 12 months bonus and install a gold plated tap in his house, also can fly first class everywhere using donated money. Singaporean donated money. wah lau. i think he's cleverer than Bush lar. so lanbet right.

So, if i can't move to Singapore, stuck in Malaysia lar with the stupid people fighting for the wrong reasons and taking from the wrong people. cheebye, go rob the politician's house lar.

and also har, the media in our country so clever, wan to attract attention, use words that are controversial and bring negative connotations. what next?

AP has been raped by politicians and the UMNO youth division is asking the government to change the NEP so that they can rape the non-bumiputras too.

since raped can be substituted according to the context and structure, this is actually grammatically correct. and it actually makes a correct comprehensible sentence too.

fuck lar this place.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

.wtf is wrong with our media.

on one side, they are trying to curb porn and being the all goody two shoes.

another side, they post story catching headlines like this :

Outraged over rape of Kinabatangan rainforest
- source
i know these type of headlines will have a greater impact but can't they stick with destroy?

a check with the microsoft thesaurus confirmed numerous substitues like obliterate, wipe out, annihilate, demolish. no, they don't want to use bombastic words, but instead they decided with the ever so famous rape.

how can we curb crime with headlines like these over a matter that does not have anything to do whatsoever with the opposite sex. heck, not much intercourse there too.

yeah, curb porn by installing softwares on cc but on a newspaper where millions of people are reading them... put headlines like rape or sodomise. clever heh!

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.irritated with the authorities.

warning, excessive profanity. read disclaimer.

well, utm students were supposed to get their utm stickers by the end of this month. at least the new half round half rectangle stickers that is.

i had everything photostated. my road tax and driver's license. and then of course since i'm from penang i can't directly take an 8 hour trip just to photostat my fucking road tax wat right? also, i wouldn't want to waste a couple of bucks sending my photostated road tax here through poslaju.

so i went to the fucking guard to ask his opinion whether i can just ignore the stupid photostated cv or insurance lar. then i walked in to the one below the building. he was not busy.. in fact the MCH guard was damn free.

So, i proceeded to ask him...

me : Encik, kalau saya tak photostat insurans masih boleh renew sticker ke?
(mr, if i didn't photostat my insurance, can i still renew my car sticker?)

the MCH guard : Kamu dari mana?
(where are you from?)

*thinking that if he asked this question, and i said that i was from Penang he might be lenient*

me : Pulau Pinang

the MCH guard : Orang dari Sarawak pun boleh photostat kamu tak boleh ke ha?
(people from Sarawak can manage to photostat theirs, you cannot ar?)

cheebet, talk so much. say lar cannot early early. want to be sarcastic. if he said all of this with a fucking smile, i wouldn't mind. but his face look like 10 years waiting for my slap only. damn fucker.

nowadays ar, i don't know what is wrong with the society working for the government, are they really underpaid? damn mother fuckers keep giving long faces. wtf is wrong with them? their boss always screw them from their back and front and up and down and all over again izzit?

really cheebet lar. mak punia hai!

- the star also featured a similar story by JPJ.
- smae story about utm management by James Lum

we know Malaysians are rude but if we all continue facing this situation after waiting for hours, won't we be like.. majorly cau cheebet monstrous fed up of everyone everytime. i mean it's a cycle, people scold you, you will be fed up also, you unleash it to the next unsuspecting samaritan and the cycle goes on...

i was being nice to the fucking guard. smiling and talking nicely and all. fuck i can even swear i was being good but he had to just come and fuck me with his cheebye lantiu attitude. MCH, I hope when he sits there for those long hours, his balls will freeze to a popsicle and cats will come and bite it off.

and then hor, sometimes the guards in UTM will really like to cari pasal with you wan hor. For no fucking reason they'll stop you. why? cause you didn't display your matrik card lar or whatsoever shit. i mean like KNS. my lecturer also never said anything who the fuck do you think you are? fuck you lar. fuck you like the mother fucking blue ass that you are. you think you look cool with your dark specs and blue uniform?

fuck, your no cooler than the next blue uniform dark specs idiot (who accidentally happens to be beside you or somewhere near, guards always lepak together).

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happy now? at least i am!

Monday, July 25, 2005

.permas jaya nasi lemak.

today was just cheebet. i took the car for a rough half an hour ride from skudai tmn uni to permas jaya to eat my dinner. all along the way i was thinking, cheebye that permas jaya nasi lemak better be good or i am gonna fuck it up like the bitch it is. i mean fuck, who the fuck would take a fucking half an hour ride to eat a fucking nasi lemak right? waste of oil. now somemore the oil price is increasing. idiots...

wait a minute. i am condemning myself her. cheebet. stupid mother fucker lar me.

anyway, after a rough half an hour and a few minutes of dumb look cause i turned into the wrong junction, we finally reached the place. my first impression is, wah lau! damn chiak lat man. damn crowded. parking space like for ants only, not for humans. however, like usual, being the great driver that i am, i managed to squeeze into a small beehive.

looks damn lau beh right? MCH, i thought fuck lar, kena tipu ady!

then i noticed again why the place is so famous, damn place is located on a platform above the sea. cheebye, Johor people never experience b4 izzit? come to penang lar, a lot!

anyway, after ordering food and tasting it, i noticed that the only nice thing about this place is the unique pulut like rice. yeah, and each small bowl costs RM1. damn, cheebet kanasai. so expensive for a bowl of plain tasty rice. lanbet, you think your place soooooooo fucking beautiful izzit? it's just a fucking platform on a beach ok. you don't even have to pay much for the reno.

however, one thing i did notice on my arrival is the amount of chinese here. i mean, yeah this place is run by malays but the majority, like 90% of the people here are chinese? why? chinese wan a taste of malay cuisine? maybe but who cares right?

so, one plate of nasi lemak costs exactly 4 dollars. it consists of usual rice, timun, sambal , chicken and egg. nothing more nothing less. other place would have cost 3 dollar only lor.... fuck.

anyway i also noticed a very fugly looking view of a very small island. yes, our neighbour. damn cannot see anything but if they provide telescope for peeping at girls i think will be better for their business. haha.

cheebet, after i pay, all the workers keep saying thanks and bye. fucking idiots. get out of my way lar.

note : the person in the image is not me. actually my friend

but then, nice lar. quite ok. will recommend, if you can find it that is.

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.tsunami warning (real).

(CNN) -- A tsunami warning has been issued for the Indian Ocean, sparked by an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.3 located in the Nicobar Islands, India, the Japan Meteorological Agency said Sunday.
i won't talk much about this. hope you all get the message. will edit this post later.

more from the source (CNN) :

"There is a possibility of a destructive local tsunami in the Indian Ocean," the agency said in a written statement about the earthquake, which struck at 12:02 p.m. ET.

In an hour or less, a tsunami could hit all coasts of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India and, in Indonesia, the Indian Ocean coast and Malacca coast of Sumatra.

The U.S. Geologic Survey measured the quake at a preliminary 7.0 magnitude and said it was centered about 690 miles southwest of Bangkok.

whatever it is, this is not a joke. i pray for your safety. and we hope no one will be affected by this catastrophe. spread the news bloggers! we are damn faster than any printing newspaper.

.my entry for project 8-triple5 contest.

a recent contest held by 8885 spawned me and my car to go for a photo shoot. now this was done in my garage aka porch during the night. nothing spectacular about the bg. just me and my car.

why think my car look cun ar?
my face and plate number has been ingeniously hidden for anonymous reasons.

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.road offenders.

imagine you were cruising down the highway at a speed of 110 km/h. the approved speed. then out of a sudden, this cheebet red ferrari with a cun girl sped by with a speed of roughly 200km/h. being the lonely wanking guy you are, i mean... your nearest girlfriend is your right hand..., you were appaled, shocked, devastated, disgusted even by the act of this abusive road driver. what can you do?

now imagine another situation. you are walking along your park near your house. and then this stupid teenagers zoom by with their motorbikes. one almost collided with you because they were too focused on their ego that they failed to pay attention to you. you of course lash out the full torrent of vulgar words. but you only lash it out after they are out of hearing distance. why? because you are afraid that the bunch of teenagers would gang up and beat you to a fucking pulp. what else can you do?

at another place on another time, you were leaving from work, then you were slowly walking to your car and you noticed this fucking big cheebet truck parked behind your car thus blocking your only way out. frustated, you tried to bang him so that his lorry would budge.. but the only thing you managed to do was pulverizing your proton saga 1989 model. devastated, you wait for the person to come out. you scolded him but he only muttered sorry (with a fuck-up 10 years waiting to kena whack face) and he went away scot free! you thought, wtf? what else can i do? take him to the police station?

these are all almost daily happenings in our life. malaysian drivers are like kanasai. they think with their ass. those without ass, think with their dick. those without dick... can't reproduce so, thank god they can't reproduce.

Got expensive car n money, park where also can. (Car have no 'disabled person' sticker) - terence loh (terence)
Description 1 Utama shopping Centre

how many times have we waited at a traffic light just to have a fucking cheebet lanbet ugly car with an ugly driver cut in. i mean, like cheebet right? cannot wait ar? your girlfriend waiting for your sperm ar? MCH! it's these kind of people that give malaysia a bad name and they are the daredevils who don't die. instead sometimes the careful mother fucking law abiding road users who get fucked up. i mean if i was to swerve away from incoming or speeding cars, i might get knock by a fucking cau tua liap lorry from the back or front. like they say, if they don't fuck you up from infront, you might get in from the back. both way also die!

emergency lane abuser - rapido (rapide)
jimmy: cheebet, yuor lanbet kancil so small also want to fuck in the lane ar? be careful being blown to the side wei!

well, malaysian gabermen has come up with a nice idea that is called man, in this site, you fucking take the fuckers lanbet vehicle picture and post it there for every one to see. That time, sure black list. even better, tell us bloggers. i will dedicate a site/sidebar for abusive drivers once i get enough feedback. MCH, don't say we bloggers got no influence.

we fuck you up from in front behind and on top also you would still be going WTF? WHO WAS THAT?

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

.parallel parking secrets.

yes, i'm gonna charge you 10 dollars and 15 cents for it..

no lar, just kidding but MelayuBoleh has cured one of my biggest nightmare with only 10 steps. now i no longer have to worry about parallel parking. keng leh!

1) Make sure the parallel parking space is a slightly bigger than your car. Of course, the bigger the better.

2) Pull up beside the car in front of the parking space. The space between you and your car does not really matter, but not too close. Make sure you are even with the other’s car driver’s seat.

3) Reverse your car slowly. Stop when the front’s car back bumper just passes the center of your rear passenger’s door.

4)Turn the steering wheel all the way towards the kerb. It’s important that you do not move your car while turning your wheels.

5) Reverse your car.

6) Stop when your you car is angled about forty degrees. from the kerb. One way to know this is when you can see the rear car’s front bumper, the one nearest to the kerb, in your driver’s side side-view mirror.

7) Straighten your wheels.

8) Reverse slowly and stop when your front door or dashboard is even with front car’s bumper.

9) Turn the wheels all the way away from the kerb.

10) Reverse into the parking space. Once your car is in the parking space and almost parallel to the kerb, stop. Straighten your wheels and adjust accordingly so that your car is in the center of the parallel parking space
- from melayuboleh!

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.august mega sale.

well, today is the august mega sale, so i decided to drop by city square and look out for the situation. oh my god. many people were thronging the places where they have this percent things up! the bigger the number the better!

as i was cruising down this place i can't help but notice that the shops who doesn't have percent signs up their shop will have no customers. mak cau hai, if me also i wouldn't go in lar. no discount. but then once i think about it, if those people did not put up discounts for their stuffs, that must mean that they can't afford to lower the prices anymore right? this means that their original price is competitive and appropriate. that's it, next time i will not go to the discount shops anymore. instead go to the ones without discount.

but then again, this might be a ploy. a marketing ploy, they might know what i want to think and then they would have me as their customer for the rest of the 11 months.

how could they know what i am thinking right? ... they have marketing geniuses working for them who can read my mind. i mean they study economics and marketing for 4 to 5 year, not a waste of money wan you know?

but then, most people are dumb. so.. wtf? cheebye, i think my brain think too much lar!

urm.. so next time, in order to make sure i'm not cheated... maybe i should have just knit or sew my own clothes. that way i can make sure they are the way i want it and cheap also.

cheebye, who am i kidding. if i have soo much time, i would obviously be blogging.

but then....

kanasai.. i think this post wasted 5 minutes of my life and 2 minutes of yours.....


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.the great wahida.

this stall is located in skudai, sri putri.

if you are near utm, ask any utm lurkers or students about the stall called wahida in sri putri. i'm sure almost any malay student can show you the direction. as for me, i didn't get to know about this place until a few years back when a fellow friend asked me whether i wanted to eat in wahida.

i was like wtf? where the fuck is that?
they scolded me for being ignorant. i scolded them for being a busybody.

anyway, the food is ok. not exactly a paradise or food heaven but something which if i ate, i won't puke. good enough in my standards. haha!

if you drop by utm or skudai or even jb... give this place a go. it's much much more cheaper than singgah selalu or anjung warisan (the stall on top of the three as they call it).

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.support bloggers.

What will happen on BlogDay?

In one long moment In August 31st 2005, bloggers from all over the world will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs (at the same time) - preferably blogs different from their own in culture, point of view and attitude. On this day, all blog surfers will find themselves leaping and discovering new, unknown blogs, celebrating the discovery of new people and new bloggers.
- read more on how you can enter.

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.my ideal job.

today i was browsing through my friendster. then i saw a bulletin from a fellow friend of mine, ecot.
she was posting about this interesting thing. something that can predict your job lar basically.

so, i decided to try it out lar. nothing better to do in my life wat!

i selamba only type in jimmy ang. suddenly it came out!

jimmy ang, Your ideal job is a porn director.

mak cau hai! cheebye! spoil my goody image only!
anyone interested in a full feature film? if you are cun and cute you can come for auditions :)

if you are a male (half male, half female also same), i don't want you. I have decided on the leading actor. And it is none other than the director himself!

chee bye lar. waste another 2 minutes. mak cau hai!

found other people wasting their 2 minutes of life.
- cowboy beep bop
- faith
- brian
- melody

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.cheebye police simply shoot.

warning, excessive profanity! read disclaimer!

after the second cheebye bombing in london people are screaming and scared. yeah, if these bombings were to fucking happen in malaysia, guess the catastrophic panic it would cause. mak cau hai. i think i would be scared to go to class lar..... then again, wouldn't be a bad thing hor! can sleep all day! haha!

but then hor, in london. the first time the cheebye terrorist bomb the fxcking subways are soo mak cau hai adylar. i hope the telolist die naked while having sex with a fucking bitchy dog.
i mean cheebye lar. wan to bomb also go think for yourself first lar. who will suffer? cheebye, you kill the original people (pun for OR recipe) for wat? har? eksyen ar?

what is it that you want to achieve also never tell. at least robbers or kidnappers got an agenda! you simply go to fuck and bomb people out without telling anyone why? wah! you think you are the cheebye hero meh? come onlar. who cares about you? in fact your not even proclaiming anything? you are just a fucking coward who is afraid of life.

imagine if someone suddenly walks into your house and suddenly unloads his gun into your porch. ewww. then your porch mah full of sperms lor! mak cau hai! chee bye kia. sure you are angry wat? but if you don't know the fucker and never saw him or didn't see the fucker who came into your house to spray his white lanciao sperm, would you know what you did wrong ar? no wat? so, fuck the cheebye terorist lar. no brains wan. got brains also near the ass.

anyway, first time bomb i thought the cheebye tellolist stupid, manatau got cheebye people stupider than the cheebye tellolist. so, let's call telolist 1, cheebye stupid (CBST). then, telolist 2 would be mak cau hai cheebye lanciao moron telolist (MCHCBLCMT).

MCHCBLCMT is really really dumb. he come in to your house and spray sperm again. why? because he saw CBST doing the same thing a few days ago. then he also excited, thought it was a nice thing to do. chee bye, your life got nothing better to do is it? kanasai!

and then, you.. or me... the house owner. sure damn pissed off lar. mak cau hai. once nvm, twice really kurang ajar ady!

so, as the owner of the house, what is a logical thing for me to do? since i heard once that my friend bush also kena the same thing before but last time his one was people pang sai at his place, not spray sperm. and then bush go and kill everyone 5 kilometres near his house. wah, after that no one dare to go near anymore ler! keng leh! somemore he sooooo clever, send in his sons to do the killing and he take all the money! mak cau hai! damn clever man!

so, as the houseawner i also did the same thing lar. i go and simpy spray my sperm all around the neighbourhood! but i have to go myself and got nothing for me to loot!

now i understand why britis police want to simply shoot people at the roadside. because their jacket quite big wat!

i also must find houses whose inhabitants have big bulges near their crotch. that way, i can justify my revenge wat! sui ar?

chee bye lar! waste 2 minutes of my time writing this stupid post!

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.bank reserves.

KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara's international reserves increased to RM285.8bil (US$75.2bil) as at 15 July, the central bank announced Friday.

The reserves are adequate to finance more than eight months of retained imports and is about seven times the short-term external debt, Bank Negara said.
- the star

compared to China's 200b reserve. Ours seem a bit fragile

China's foreign-exchange reserve added as much as $206.7 billion last year alone. Guo said the overall inflow of capital is "normal and legal" and reflects the "market scenario",.
- asia time

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

.the story of the fainting housemate.

well, on thursday night i had the biggest shock of my life when my housemate fainted and i had to bring her to the utm clinic. there were no stitching and stuffs but i think they plastered her finger. haha! yeah, plastered. i would sign her plaster later :)

anyway, here's probably how it looks like...

one day, there was this little innocent young girl who was trying to cook a nice delicious ketchup chicken meal. using the knife that her dad innocently bought for her. her dad even reminded her that the knife is sharp. now, this young girl, was cutting the frozen dead cheebye chicken drumstick when the cheebye chicken slipped off and her finger slipped in! kaboom! it's all a mess in blood! after that, the young girl, rach, innocently calls out...
rach : jimmy, can you do something for me.

jim : depends on what is it... (in front of pc thus not noticing the tragedy in the kitchen)

rach : can you go to my room and get me my first aid kit box.

jim : ok. *goes searching for it*

rach : it's under my bed.

jim : ahha! found it!

rach: first, take out my premier tissue?

jim : wtf for? wipe the chicken's ass ar?

rach : nolar, my finger just got cut.

jim : oh! wait har. i'm taking it out.

rach : i think i'm going to faint leh!

jim (thinks - wahlau, want to faint also can know beforehand wan meh? kanasai, dun blaugh ler!)

(then jim passes the premier tissue. as soon as it toucher her finger... miraculuosly, she fell into a deep trance!)

rach : oops *suddenly faints*

jim : (*flabbergasted* wtf? goes to get housemate 2, sp.)

jim : SP! come and see! Rach pengsan liao! wah lau!

sp : dun bullshit me!

jim : *both reaches the kitchen by now* there, see that!

sp : *goes frantic!* oh my god! oh my god!

jim : get the first aid kit here! take out the riboflavine. dab some on the gauze and hold it on her wound.

*jim runs to get some plaster that his mom left for him during the last trip!*

jim : put it tightly around her finger.

jim: i'll go get yy, housemate 3.

jim : *shouts* YY! Come down NOW!

YY : why?

jim : your friend pengsan liao.

YY : dun bullshit me!

WTF? why does everyone think i'm bullshitting them?

Then we had to carry her and drive her to utm's emergency center. Rach can even mutter while regaining consciousness ...

rach (in the car on the way) : go to clinic utm free. i don't have money to go to private clinic.

WTF? your life is in danger and all you can think about is free stuffs?

anyway, the doctor fix her finger up aight and everything is now back to normal again. the greatest technology in utm to reconstruct fingers is to use glue. they poured a lot on it and bandaged it up. now it looks like some big molded plastic finger.

well, hope she doesn't start learning chicken curry, soup and bak kut teh! that time we'll see the fingers galore!

nabeh! sipeh scary ler!

a parody of the chick kut teh!

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.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...