.parallel parking secrets.

yes, i'm gonna charge you 10 dollars and 15 cents for it..

no lar, just kidding but MelayuBoleh has cured one of my biggest nightmare with only 10 steps. now i no longer have to worry about parallel parking. keng leh!

1) Make sure the parallel parking space is a slightly bigger than your car. Of course, the bigger the better.

2) Pull up beside the car in front of the parking space. The space between you and your car does not really matter, but not too close. Make sure you are even with the other’s car driver’s seat.

3) Reverse your car slowly. Stop when the front’s car back bumper just passes the center of your rear passenger’s door.

4)Turn the steering wheel all the way towards the kerb. It’s important that you do not move your car while turning your wheels.

5) Reverse your car.

6) Stop when your you car is angled about forty degrees. from the kerb. One way to know this is when you can see the rear car’s front bumper, the one nearest to the kerb, in your driver’s side side-view mirror.

7) Straighten your wheels.

8) Reverse slowly and stop when your front door or dashboard is even with front car’s bumper.

9) Turn the wheels all the way away from the kerb.

10) Reverse into the parking space. Once your car is in the parking space and almost parallel to the kerb, stop. Straighten your wheels and adjust accordingly so that your car is in the center of the parallel parking space
- from melayuboleh!

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July 24, 2005


Anonymous said…
this steps is actually teached during driving class, nothing new :)
- farking
Jimmy Ang said…
you mean i missed it.. i knew i was missing something when my friends and all the instructors were discussing behindmy back!


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