.wrestling in politics.

Two or three people who did not even have showrooms have been given thousands of APs, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

The former Prime Minister said those who got the franchise were not automotive businessmen but former government officials.

"They got thousands of AP even though they don't have facilities to assemble or sell these cars," he added.

He also said that Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz made false allegations on the AP issue at the Umno general assembly.

a very strong claim from a former Prime Minister who ruled over us for such a long time. I always thought of Tun Mahathir as the protector of Umno. Never revealing its dark secret (like corruption). However, it seems that when wrongly accused, one will show its fangs.

He said the International Trade and Industry Minister had also alleged that he might have forgotten "this and that".

"I may be 80 but I am not senile yet," he said in a five-page statement released this evening.
-same source as the quote on top

ah beng (name changed to protect the identity) told me that APs are used to make the malay politician richer. they abuse the rights of bumiputra (malay) car dealers.

the past, open APs enabled the holder to import many car brands. When the franchise APs were introduced, the franchise holder could only import a particular car brand. Those who in the past could bring in those cars through the open APs now can no longer import those cars. The ones who got the franchise APs are not automotive businessmen but former ministry officials.

They got thousands of APs although they do not have the facilities to assemble or sell these cars. They only surrendered this (for a price) to others who had the capability to assemble and sell those cars.
- source

Ok, so let me get this straight. While the UMNO youth division is fighting for a bigger part of the cake... 30% exactly of our nation's wealth... this AP issue is coming out. hmm.. makes me wonder. the Malay rich guys (politicians) stepping on the Malay poor guys (normal people) thus making the rest of us... suffer.

MCH, the cheebet politician are abusing their power to take over a big fucking piece of the cake and the rest of the bumiputras are thinking why they don't have a part of the cake. we non-bumiputras who are eating our rightfull part of our cake is getting tiu-ed (fucked). these lanbet attitude really make me think like i want to move to singapore. but then singaporean gahmen also stupid. pay 400,000 to change the name of Marina Bay to............ Marina Bay. cheebye, soooo stupid. makes me think of opening my own name consultancy firm. somemore their NKF cheebet director Durai can get 12 months bonus and install a gold plated tap in his house, also can fly first class everywhere using donated money. Singaporean donated money. wah lau. i think he's cleverer than Bush lar. so lanbet right.

So, if i can't move to Singapore, stuck in Malaysia lar with the stupid people fighting for the wrong reasons and taking from the wrong people. cheebye, go rob the politician's house lar.

and also har, the media in our country so clever, wan to attract attention, use words that are controversial and bring negative connotations. what next?

AP has been raped by politicians and the UMNO youth division is asking the government to change the NEP so that they can rape the non-bumiputras too.

since raped can be substituted according to the context and structure, this is actually grammatically correct. and it actually makes a correct comprehensible sentence too.

fuck lar this place.

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July 27, 2005


lainieyeoh said…
our government banyak waste breath to talk about them already.
Jimmy Ang said…
yalor. somemore they don't seem to get out of the limelight. now that our ex-pm wants more transparency i wonder what other issues will arise. he says, bring out previous AP statements and reports too.

haih, when our gahmen wan to focus on more healthy issues like how to make use of bloggers to spread our agenda.

or better yet, how to make petrol price STOP increasing cause pity my car leh. not enough nutrition everyday cause the boss (me) also cannot afford to feed him good food.


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