these images were captured with a lousy BenQ 2.1 mpx camera. Model : DSC 2100. Came out pretty ok i guess.

i felt like a rat or some critter looking at this.

yes, teddies are cute but drowning them makes them even cuter!

i need new cameras! sponsor me!

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July 29, 2005


Anonymous said…
benq??...aiya at least the images not that bad wat...quite clear =p

eh btw your from BM??
Jimmy Ang said…
no, actually from bagan ajam, raja uda that side.

James said…
i'm only using camera phone
Jimmy Ang said…
sure your hp costs a lot more than the camera lar. my camera when i bought it in 2003 i think was only 600 bucks.
Anonymous said…
penang! =p


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