.wtf is wrong with our media.

on one side, they are trying to curb porn and being the all goody two shoes.

another side, they post story catching headlines like this :

Outraged over rape of Kinabatangan rainforest
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i know these type of headlines will have a greater impact but can't they stick with destroy?

a check with the microsoft thesaurus confirmed numerous substitues like obliterate, wipe out, annihilate, demolish. no, they don't want to use bombastic words, but instead they decided with the ever so famous rape.

how can we curb crime with headlines like these over a matter that does not have anything to do whatsoever with the opposite sex. heck, not much intercourse there too.

yeah, curb porn by installing softwares on cc but on a newspaper where millions of people are reading them... put headlines like rape or sodomise. clever heh!

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July 26, 2005


suanie said…
hello. just to let you know that rape is also defined as the act of seizing and carrying off by force, abusive or improper treatment, to plunder or to pillage. hence it is correct when stated that the kinabatangan rainforest was raped or violated. it may also instill in our subconscious that 'rape' by itself is a wholely negative act. for example the rape of nanking is a rape of justice. cheers.
Jimmy Ang said…
Dear Suanie,
(sounds like an official reply letter leh)

i know rape can be used to define the actions and that the context is appropriate for the usage of the word. However, what i am implying is the negative connotation that the word rape brings.

violated is another word for rape. There are many other substitutes that can be used in this context but the fact that the media use negative connotations to attract attention means that their perception of our mind is "we love negative news". We prefer to read about gossips,death, failure rather than achievements, success and etc...

the media plays a role in shaping our comunity and if we read the rubbish that they print everyday, how can we think from the positive side.

my 2 cents.
suanie said…
heh welcome to the world of media. will be the same anywhere you go :D
Jimmy Ang said…
lol.. yeah, i guess that's true. maybe I should write my own newspaper where we will only report good things...

and i'll name my paper...




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