.road offenders.

imagine you were cruising down the highway at a speed of 110 km/h. the approved speed. then out of a sudden, this cheebet red ferrari with a cun girl sped by with a speed of roughly 200km/h. being the lonely wanking guy you are, i mean... your nearest girlfriend is your right hand..., you were appaled, shocked, devastated, disgusted even by the act of this abusive road driver. what can you do?

now imagine another situation. you are walking along your park near your house. and then this stupid teenagers zoom by with their motorbikes. one almost collided with you because they were too focused on their ego that they failed to pay attention to you. you of course lash out the full torrent of vulgar words. but you only lash it out after they are out of hearing distance. why? because you are afraid that the bunch of teenagers would gang up and beat you to a fucking pulp. what else can you do?

at another place on another time, you were leaving from work, then you were slowly walking to your car and you noticed this fucking big cheebet truck parked behind your car thus blocking your only way out. frustated, you tried to bang him so that his lorry would budge.. but the only thing you managed to do was pulverizing your proton saga 1989 model. devastated, you wait for the person to come out. you scolded him but he only muttered sorry (with a fuck-up 10 years waiting to kena whack face) and he went away scot free! you thought, wtf? what else can i do? take him to the police station?

these are all almost daily happenings in our life. malaysian drivers are like kanasai. they think with their ass. those without ass, think with their dick. those without dick... can't reproduce so, thank god they can't reproduce.

Got expensive car n money, park where also can. (Car have no 'disabled person' sticker) - terence loh (terence)
Description 1 Utama shopping Centre

how many times have we waited at a traffic light just to have a fucking cheebet lanbet ugly car with an ugly driver cut in. i mean, like cheebet right? cannot wait ar? your girlfriend waiting for your sperm ar? MCH! it's these kind of people that give malaysia a bad name and they are the daredevils who don't die. instead sometimes the careful mother fucking law abiding road users who get fucked up. i mean if i was to swerve away from incoming or speeding cars, i might get knock by a fucking cau tua liap lorry from the back or front. like they say, if they don't fuck you up from infront, you might get in from the back. both way also die!

emergency lane abuser - rapido (rapide)
jimmy: cheebet, yuor lanbet kancil so small also want to fuck in the lane ar? be careful being blown to the side wei!

well, malaysian gabermen has come up with a nice idea that is called panducermat.org. man, in this site, you fucking take the fuckers lanbet vehicle picture and post it there for every one to see. That time, sure black list. even better, tell us bloggers. i will dedicate a site/sidebar for abusive drivers once i get enough feedback. MCH, don't say we bloggers got no influence.

we fuck you up from in front behind and on top also you would still be going WTF? WHO WAS THAT?

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July 25, 2005


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