.wow, i'm pregnant.

i haven't had my period for two months now and i tested my urine with a UPT stick. the result?

a confirming "you've got MALE". actually i wouldn't know whether it's a male or not but i requested for a male.

Requested you say?

well, i'm actually a guy. a normal teenager with a normal aspect of physiology. no i'm no freak of nature who can give birth and those things but guess what, with the advancement of technology i can now... GIVE BIRTH! keng right?

as Mr. Lee Ming Wei said..

Well, I understand how it may be a shocking concept at first. Biologically, women have always given birth to children, and men have not. Despite the dramatic results of the sexual revolution in the latter half of this century, there are still very distinct and concrete social roles determined by this... until now... undeniable biological fact. Now, it seems, we have several important questions to consider. Why shouldn't men carry children and care for a fetus the same way a women does? Why shouldn't a man bear a burden that women have always carried? On the other hand, why shouldn't a man be able to experience the same joy and excitement that a pregnant woman feels nurturing a child within her own body? Now I think men, as well as women, have more choices, more possibilities, more roles they can assume in their lives.

MCH, i think he is crazy lar.

Next time, i think my mom would faint when I come back and say...

guess what mom... I'm PREGNANT.

i also think that Janice said it right when she said...

But surely you understand why some people find the idea of a pregnant man disturbing?
cheebet, of course lar disturbing. and i also wonder whether i can get the 6 months pregnancy leave. LOL!

read this from buttshaker.

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July 29, 2005


Anonymous said…
Dude it's a fake. This news has been around for sometime. try googling for it.
5xmom.com said…
Oh God, please make it real! Then, I can have a dozen. My hubby has to do carry them all, of course. LOL!
Jimmy Ang said…

i google and came up with some interesting read.. they said that although the site was meant to be art... art=lie. but it is possible in the future and very possible indeed!

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

and to 5xmom, i wouldn't want to be in the shoes of 5xdad... lol!
bUttsH4k3r said…
maybe i should have some kids of my own. hmmmn.

my dad would prolly kill me first, though. or freak out. or freak out, then kill me.


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