.the story of the fainting housemate.

well, on thursday night i had the biggest shock of my life when my housemate fainted and i had to bring her to the utm clinic. there were no stitching and stuffs but i think they plastered her finger. haha! yeah, plastered. i would sign her plaster later :)

anyway, here's probably how it looks like...

one day, there was this little innocent young girl who was trying to cook a nice delicious ketchup chicken meal. using the knife that her dad innocently bought for her. her dad even reminded her that the knife is sharp. now, this young girl, was cutting the frozen dead cheebye chicken drumstick when the cheebye chicken slipped off and her finger slipped in! kaboom! it's all a mess in blood! after that, the young girl, rach, innocently calls out...
rach : jimmy, can you do something for me.

jim : depends on what is it... (in front of pc thus not noticing the tragedy in the kitchen)

rach : can you go to my room and get me my first aid kit box.

jim : ok. *goes searching for it*

rach : it's under my bed.

jim : ahha! found it!

rach: first, take out my premier tissue?

jim : wtf for? wipe the chicken's ass ar?

rach : nolar, my finger just got cut.

jim : oh! wait har. i'm taking it out.

rach : i think i'm going to faint leh!

jim (thinks - wahlau, want to faint also can know beforehand wan meh? kanasai, dun blaugh ler!)

(then jim passes the premier tissue. as soon as it toucher her finger... miraculuosly, she fell into a deep trance!)

rach : oops *suddenly faints*

jim : (*flabbergasted* wtf? goes to get housemate 2, sp.)

jim : SP! come and see! Rach pengsan liao! wah lau!

sp : dun bullshit me!

jim : *both reaches the kitchen by now* there, see that!

sp : *goes frantic!* oh my god! oh my god!

jim : get the first aid kit here! take out the riboflavine. dab some on the gauze and hold it on her wound.

*jim runs to get some plaster that his mom left for him during the last trip!*

jim : put it tightly around her finger.

jim: i'll go get yy, housemate 3.

jim : *shouts* YY! Come down NOW!

YY : why?

jim : your friend pengsan liao.

YY : dun bullshit me!

WTF? why does everyone think i'm bullshitting them?

Then we had to carry her and drive her to utm's emergency center. Rach can even mutter while regaining consciousness ...

rach (in the car on the way) : go to clinic utm free. i don't have money to go to private clinic.

WTF? your life is in danger and all you can think about is free stuffs?

anyway, the doctor fix her finger up aight and everything is now back to normal again. the greatest technology in utm to reconstruct fingers is to use glue. they poured a lot on it and bandaged it up. now it looks like some big molded plastic finger.

well, hope she doesn't start learning chicken curry, soup and bak kut teh! that time we'll see the fingers galore!

nabeh! sipeh scary ler!

a parody of the chick kut teh!

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July 23, 2005


James said…
damn disgusting food you have there. damn good photoshop skills you have man. must meet u one day.
Jimmy Ang said…
lol, paiseh paiseh. one day lar har! maybe we met but never know also leh! haha.


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