.a baby's privilege.

after a long post yesterday, i decided to go for something more simple today. why?
cause i am lazy! that's all.

anyway, in my life i have read numerous books and none made such an impact as these two...

tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom

and the da vinci code by dan brown.

i believe many of you know the latter. so let me explain more about the first book... first. maybe i can talk more about the second book next time.

tuesdays with morrie is about an old college professor who is suffering from edited : thanks to yvonne :ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) . one of our blogger yvonnefoong has neurofibromatosis. i hope for her best.

so, this professor has a student who graduated and are working in the big urban crowded city. he is a sports newscaster and critic. the student strives for the more important things in life which we all want too... nice food, car, house, money and more money.

then upon hearing his professor which he hold so dearly to his heart dying, he decided to give him a visit. what was first a social visit became a study, a study of the things the professor will teach him before his last breath. they call it the last thesis with morrie.

there are a lot of insights into this about the disease itself in this book and it also teaches us a lot of things about life. how to change our perception of the materialistic world and the culture that it forms.

we all were born being dependent on people as a baby. we depend on people to feed us and every other thing you can imagine yourself doing now, we probably needed someone else to do it when we were a baby.

these are the things people avoid from as they grow older ... dependency is one, society views that if a person is not able to accomplish these simple necessities or tasks, they should be ashamed

we are influenced by these views so when the time comes and we are no longer able to fend and care for ourselves, we will be ashamed of ourselves.

however, in this book, we see morrie dealing with this issue and enjoying "what I call a baby's privilege."

as i said, i am suffering from mild liver cirrhosis and could be having a liver transplant in the next few years. would i be as tough and as open minded as morrie? could i shield the shame when i need to rely on other people to piss, to shit and even to eat?

that is a question i think i can only answer when... and if the time comes.

p/s: there's too much of these... personal posts.
i think i'm gonna stop being so egoistic for a while and see things from a third person's view.

oh and on a short notice, to those who read the da vinci code, the movie trailer is out. exciting? we'll judge then. but the higher our hopes, the harder it is to judge them objectively.

also, to all kingkong maniacs and lord of the ring lovers, the director for LOTR is coming out with kingkong the movie at the end of this year if i'm not mistaken. take a look at their trailer here.


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July 28, 2005


5xmom.com said…
Yvonne Foong, I think?. She is blogging for the Blogathon too. I met her last week, such a gutsy gal.
Jervin said…
yo dawg, good luck in your upcoming surgery leh.

may whatever-you-believe-in protects you always.
Jimmy Ang said…
5xmom : why can't i access her blog? the time now is 4.53 pm Malaysian time.

maybe server downtime?

yeah, i think it's her too. will edit my post and link her up later.

vynn : thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hello Jimmy, Morrie suffered from ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and not NF. :-) Thanks for plugging.
Jimmy Ang said…
omg, what a big error. should check it out again. thanks yvonne


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