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i just came back from supper with my friend julian. we went out to a whole lot of places today. first it was the tmn perling nasi lemak, then we head on to sri putri. both of these places taste the same. nothing much to report here. personally i prefer the one in permas jaya.

anyway, after that we head on to Aliff, a 24 hour mamak stall for yamcha session.

we talked about a lot of things today, basically what or where we will move on after this. what are my career aspects. currently studying tesl but i intend to pursue a career in writing or editing. whichever pays more. lol.

anyway, we were discussing how awkward and fast time has moved on. we talked about old school days and we talked about differences of people in the south and north.

basically, coming from penang... we tend to swear more. heck i believe every sentence that comes out of our mouth contains at least a vulgar word. if we are too emotional, either happy or sad... we swear.

in mandarin, it is hard to swear, thus the main medium of instruction or main dialect of instruction for chinese people here is mandarin. because of this, they tend to swear less. what is the most you can swear in mandarin?

ma chi or se wu kuai wong pa tan.

in hokkien we have...
cheebye, lan cheow, kanine, kanasai, keong kan, cau cheebye, mak pu key... etc....

isn't it ironic that we have more vocabulary for private parts in the hokkien dialect compared to mandarin? i can never swear fluently in mandarin.

if english has the most amazing swear word, it would be fuck right?
i mean fuck can be almost anything, noun, adj, verb...

fuck you. (v)
you're a fucker (n)
fucking idiot (adj)
edit: interesting flash by vynn.

in hokkien, i believe the most flexible letter would be... yes, cheebye
go cheebye lar u! (v) (go die lar u)
chau cheebye (n) (smelly vagina)
lu si cheebye lang lar! (adj) (you're a fucker)

also, hokkien people like to translate their hokkien to direct english to show their intellectual power. like :
see me no up?
(kua wa beh ki?)
give me aeroplane?
(pang wa puai key?)

we also learnt a new word last time. we were both talking about driver means you drive and writer means you write and so on. so a scooter means you scoot. heck people are actually scooters. scoot is actually an action but people who scoot are not called scooter.

but i then i told him : hey, julian, scoot sounds vulgar lar. something like... scoot you you mother scooting asshole.

julian : haha. yalar. then the paste tense of scoot would be?

come on... what was your guess?

me and julian : scot! (simlutaneously).

i was amazed that both of us came out with scot immediately. as if it was an act of reflects, as if the word itself existed. i then asked a few friend of mine and they agreed that the most appropriate past tense they can think of for scoot is scot and not scooted.

you got the same thing?

on a different note, regina talks about her love for ipod and electronic devices.

Several people tell me they feel naked without a cell phone clipped to their side, and the BlackBerry is often affectionately referred to as the "crackberry." And would we add bling to devices we didn't feel close to? Probably not.

Ken sums it up nicely.

"My wife says that I love my Treo phone more than her," he writes. "I tell her that she's crazy, but ... I'd never leave my house without my phone. I leave my house without my wife all the time."

wahlau, i also love my handphone leh. and how ironic, i wouldn't leave the house without my hp too. but my wife? she won't leave without her hp too.

and we'd both leave each other in the house in the blink of an eye. actually how far has electronic devices penetrated into our home?

also, on malaysian soil...

A lorry driver who was sacked by his employer for allegedly misappropriating RM5 was ordered by the Industrial Court to be paid RM27,646.25 in arrears.
- source
ridiculuos right? first you sack people for RM5 then you get sued for RM27,646.25. I think the company must be going "cheebye, whose RM5 is that?" why did we have to sack him?

also, you must notice that the google ads are gone. instead they are replaced with Amazon ads. The reason is that I live with housemates. We are all connected through a single line using a router. they click on the google ads. Thus Google thought this was a cheat in my part to generate more income. but i thought if we click it, we won't be getting any traffic or money for it anyway. damn idiots. if i knew i would have asked them not to touch any links in my google ads. they even waited until i got my RM86 dollars to disqualify me from their adsense.

This was the mail google sent me:


Your AdSense account was found to be related to an account previously
disabled for invalid click activity and we have therefore disabled your
account. Publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed
further participation in AdSense and do not receive any further payment. The
earnings on your account will be properly returned to the affected

As outlined in our program Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the right
to terminate any publisher's participation at any time.


The Google Team
oh, i also added a buy stuff for j!mmy link beside. get some things for me if you're rich :)

yeah : petrol price naik lagi!
read from paultan, rojak and memory...

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July 31, 2005


Anonymous said…
personally, i find german one of the best languages to swear in. not that it has magnificent curses (i.e. my dog shits on your dead), but because it just sounds so satisfyingly rude. Go ahead, try it.

Du arschloch! Verpiss dich!

Wingz said…
congrats wei! your entry with your butt won 1st prize!!! LOL!
Jimmy Ang said…
vynn : haha. yeah, i saw it some time ago.

kerfy : you remember the matrix 2 , reloaded? the guy said the most fun word to swear in is French cause it's like wiping your ass with silk.

wingz : muahahahaha! yes, i knew my ass would go into good use!


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