.my entry for project 8-triple5 contest.

a recent contest held by 8885 spawned me and my car to go for a photo shoot. now this was done in my garage aka porch during the night. nothing spectacular about the bg. just me and my car.

why think my car look cun ar?
my face and plate number has been ingeniously hidden for anonymous reasons.

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July 25, 2005


cccp said…
haha nice shot... but can't see much of ur car leh.. aiseh
Jimmy Ang said…
nabeh.. just a 1989 proton saga. non-modified.

what else you want to see. haha!

you want to see i also paiseh want to show leh!
Jimmy Ang said…
hey, i had to go and buat muka tak malu just to post that pic ok. i think it's quite artistic and different. somemore cun pose lar. hhaiyo. my car getting loved and all.
Wingz said…
aiyak puki ... call me perverted cheebet ??!!! luncheow lu!!! :P


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