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well, utm students were supposed to get their utm stickers by the end of this month. at least the new half round half rectangle stickers that is.

i had everything photostated. my road tax and driver's license. and then of course since i'm from penang i can't directly take an 8 hour trip just to photostat my fucking road tax wat right? also, i wouldn't want to waste a couple of bucks sending my photostated road tax here through poslaju.

so i went to the fucking guard to ask his opinion whether i can just ignore the stupid photostated cv or insurance lar. then i walked in to the one below the building. he was not busy.. in fact the MCH guard was damn free.

So, i proceeded to ask him...

me : Encik, kalau saya tak photostat insurans masih boleh renew sticker ke?
(mr, if i didn't photostat my insurance, can i still renew my car sticker?)

the MCH guard : Kamu dari mana?
(where are you from?)

*thinking that if he asked this question, and i said that i was from Penang he might be lenient*

me : Pulau Pinang

the MCH guard : Orang dari Sarawak pun boleh photostat kamu tak boleh ke ha?
(people from Sarawak can manage to photostat theirs, you cannot ar?)

cheebet, talk so much. say lar cannot early early. want to be sarcastic. if he said all of this with a fucking smile, i wouldn't mind. but his face look like 10 years waiting for my slap only. damn fucker.

nowadays ar, i don't know what is wrong with the society working for the government, are they really underpaid? damn mother fuckers keep giving long faces. wtf is wrong with them? their boss always screw them from their back and front and up and down and all over again izzit?

really cheebet lar. mak punia hai!

- the star also featured a similar story by JPJ.
- smae story about utm management by James Lum

we know Malaysians are rude but if we all continue facing this situation after waiting for hours, won't we be like.. majorly cau cheebet monstrous fed up of everyone everytime. i mean it's a cycle, people scold you, you will be fed up also, you unleash it to the next unsuspecting samaritan and the cycle goes on...

i was being nice to the fucking guard. smiling and talking nicely and all. fuck i can even swear i was being good but he had to just come and fuck me with his cheebye lantiu attitude. MCH, I hope when he sits there for those long hours, his balls will freeze to a popsicle and cats will come and bite it off.

and then hor, sometimes the guards in UTM will really like to cari pasal with you wan hor. For no fucking reason they'll stop you. why? cause you didn't display your matrik card lar or whatsoever shit. i mean like KNS. my lecturer also never said anything who the fuck do you think you are? fuck you lar. fuck you like the mother fucking blue ass that you are. you think you look cool with your dark specs and blue uniform?

fuck, your no cooler than the next blue uniform dark specs idiot (who accidentally happens to be beside you or somewhere near, guards always lepak together).

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happy now? at least i am!
July 26, 2005


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