.permas jaya nasi lemak.

today was just cheebet. i took the car for a rough half an hour ride from skudai tmn uni to permas jaya to eat my dinner. all along the way i was thinking, cheebye that permas jaya nasi lemak better be good or i am gonna fuck it up like the bitch it is. i mean fuck, who the fuck would take a fucking half an hour ride to eat a fucking nasi lemak right? waste of oil. now somemore the oil price is increasing. idiots...

wait a minute. i am condemning myself her. cheebet. stupid mother fucker lar me.

anyway, after a rough half an hour and a few minutes of dumb look cause i turned into the wrong junction, we finally reached the place. my first impression is, wah lau! damn chiak lat man. damn crowded. parking space like for ants only, not for humans. however, like usual, being the great driver that i am, i managed to squeeze into a small beehive.

looks damn lau beh right? MCH, i thought fuck lar, kena tipu ady!

then i noticed again why the place is so famous, damn place is located on a platform above the sea. cheebye, Johor people never experience b4 izzit? come to penang lar, a lot!

anyway, after ordering food and tasting it, i noticed that the only nice thing about this place is the unique pulut like rice. yeah, and each small bowl costs RM1. damn, cheebet kanasai. so expensive for a bowl of plain tasty rice. lanbet, you think your place soooooooo fucking beautiful izzit? it's just a fucking platform on a beach ok. you don't even have to pay much for the reno.

however, one thing i did notice on my arrival is the amount of chinese here. i mean, yeah this place is run by malays but the majority, like 90% of the people here are chinese? why? chinese wan a taste of malay cuisine? maybe but who cares right?

so, one plate of nasi lemak costs exactly 4 dollars. it consists of usual rice, timun, sambal , chicken and egg. nothing more nothing less. other place would have cost 3 dollar only lor.... fuck.

anyway i also noticed a very fugly looking view of a very small island. yes, our neighbour. damn cannot see anything but if they provide telescope for peeping at girls i think will be better for their business. haha.

cheebet, after i pay, all the workers keep saying thanks and bye. fucking idiots. get out of my way lar.

note : the person in the image is not me. actually my friend

but then, nice lar. quite ok. will recommend, if you can find it that is.

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July 25, 2005


Anonymous said…
i went there before....yea, kena tipu sial. i know wat u mean.
id rather go to tmn u's nasi lemak. better still....
Wingz said…
pukitiang neber tahpau for me!!!
Jimmy Ang said…
wingz : MCH, no money no talk. pay up front. this is not a hooker service, fuck first pay later. lol

nadz : yeah, expensive plus my rather long trip... but the rice is different lar. well, for a once in a while thing i guess it's ok. nabeh.. once in a lifetime lor.

8555 : MCH, never tell me. wah, next time will keep my eyes peeled for this spotlight installed proton JFE8555. If i see, sure bang with my proton. Kinda like a hi-5, haha. that time i think you'll cry man.
KY said…
penang ah beng living in johor? worst of both worlds!
Jimmy Ang said…
ky, who are you calling ah beng wei? MCH... haha!


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