.the great wahida.

this stall is located in skudai, sri putri.

if you are near utm, ask any utm lurkers or students about the stall called wahida in sri putri. i'm sure almost any malay student can show you the direction. as for me, i didn't get to know about this place until a few years back when a fellow friend asked me whether i wanted to eat in wahida.

i was like wtf? where the fuck is that?
they scolded me for being ignorant. i scolded them for being a busybody.

anyway, the food is ok. not exactly a paradise or food heaven but something which if i ate, i won't puke. good enough in my standards. haha!

if you drop by utm or skudai or even jb... give this place a go. it's much much more cheaper than singgah selalu or anjung warisan (the stall on top of the three as they call it).

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July 24, 2005


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