well, this will be my last post for today before i go off and enjoy myself. lol. tonight i won't be posting much but i will go hunting for interesting posts by other bloggers...

hiding. oh yes, the topic for today is hiding.

first, let us go back to the time where adam and eve existed. remember? if you do not believe in adam and eve, try to think back to the time when prehistoric people were living in this world. and imagine as they process towards today.. what are the main changes that we can see?

hey chicks... check out my long stick! wanna hump?

yes, clothes. first, we were all naked. yes, butt naked. stripped off our butt and showing our boobs all over the world for everyone's pleasure.

well, that's a bit harsh.
We humans have long been cultivating this culture that we need to hide more in order to feel secure. adam and eve decided to hide their differences right? their privateparts at that time. then as we move on, we decided to hide our body. why? only the first person who invented those big clothes could understand.

i guess that interview didn't go well with INTEL. wonder why?

no, i am not condemning the person who invented clothes. nor is this a post to promote nudism. i congratulate what SPG did when she bared it all for us but i am not going to give any opinions on it. yes, it's art.

but one art i wouldn't want my daughters to be involved in... or even worse, my mother. yucks.

anyway, since then, we have come a long way haven't we. through prehistoric times until now... until today, i believe not much changed until recently a thought occured to me and i was struck with a newfound knowledge and question. kind of like a revelation.

as we wear and cover our differences until there is nothing else to cover, we find other things to hide. these became clear to me today. in this time and era, we cover our most precious substance, our thoughts and emotions.

these are the knowledge that define us until the very thought of it leaking outside might yield hurt beyond comprehension to others.

yes, we are becoming more insensitive to other people. we are becoming more egoistic. no longer do we live in a world where people communicate and people respect each other's privacy. (haven't read someone's letter without their permission, go into their room secretly, search their belongings and etc....?)

that is why humans are becoming more distant and hiding more things. ask yourself this... have you ever worn a mask out because you were afraid showing your true self might hurt yourself in the end?

p/s: on a light note...i noticed that women are utilizing less cloth and covering more of their brains. for example, they never say what they mean... i usually go WTF?
are they the next step in evolution? or is men refusing to evolve?

yes, men love to go watch football and shout like a bunch of hooligans over a ball that has gone over a line half way across the world. we still like to lie in our underwear holding a remote and some snacks and changing the channels faster than our brain can process them. but then again, I'm a man and i love doing these things.

1 : cause shouting releases our suddden burst of happiness. and we have tons of them to do it together, thus we feel like a bunch of community regardless of religion or status.
2 : we feel cooler without our clothes and we love to reveal our sexy body. we are not ashamed of them and our brains are actually faster than our hands... contrary to popular belief.

now, to women. why do you...
1 : say things you don't mean?
2 : expect us to straight away understand the things you want to say without even uttering a word.


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July 29, 2005


akmj said…
hey jimmy,
agree with you...Here's what i think (delete this comment if you don't like it, i wouldn't mind)...
Humans cover up themselves and who they really are coz we are all afraid of rejection, afraid that others will ignore us because they don't like who we are (which is sadly TRUE in real life, where ppl actually get boycotted and ignored like s***).
I see it as two ways:
a) you pretend to be someone else as in be someone that you are not coz you're afraid that ppl can't accept who u really are, and u want their acceptance so so badly that u be who you think they want you to be

b) you jsut choose not to reveal so much of yourself to some ppl, but you don't pretend to be someone else... that way, risk of extremely painful rejection is less

just some thoughts from me...
*wink wink*

P.s: Would like to link your blog to mine, but haven't found out how to do linking yet.. Right now there are no links at all on my blog...
Jimmy Ang said…
erm, to add links, go to www.blogger.com and log in. then go to your templates.

below them you would see a bunch of weird HTML words. if you don't understand them, don't touch anything.

if you do, search down until you can find add anything you want here:

This is a paragraph of text that could go in the sidebar.

then add html links between p's here.
Wingz said…
women have "SAI"-kick pahwer but men tarak! [sai]is in hokkien, kick is yingrish tho :P
Jimmy Ang said…
vynn.. lol! thanks. if you think i look hot as a bushman, wait till ya see me naked. sexy sial! hahaha


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