.easy university diploma.

wahlau, is this what education has come to today? MCH, i need to study like shit for my degree and diploma but some people can just call this stupid number, pay with some plastic and get a paper with his name.

cheebye lar. no required shit or anything. the line is also open 24 hrs a day including sunday and holidays. wah, even the chau ah pek kopitiam at the roadside also won't open everyday. sounds like some 7-11 advert.

hey, you can get diplomas, degrees, masters and even PHD. MCH, i also can give cert lar. want ar?

MCH = Masters in Chorus Humping.

First class would be on phone, dialogue practice. Everyone say together, "fuck me..." now change to "harder...." Now, chorus : " Yamate, yamate. " Release your breath and end with, "ahhh....".

Wan ar? Call me at : MCH-TODAY-1800

cheebye right? some more the advert didn't specify what college the certs are coming from, silap slap you get a cert from :

"University of Chow Kit Road"
- offers degree in mass communication and traffic analysis.
- also offers degree and masters in swearing and pirating.

"University of Ah Beng and Ah Lian"
- degree in vehicle engineering
- masters in car manipulation to aeroplane can fly.
- PHD in social and fashion


"University of AP"
- Masters in Housing Development
- PHD in Politics and Black Market

can ar? sure can apply for a lot of jobs wan. even the manager and hr will be surprised with the authenticity and rarity of your certificate.

cheebye lar! cun or not? can get any job ar?

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July 30, 2005


Wingz said…
kakakakakaka!!! i want PHD!!! Permanent HEad Damage!
Jimmy Ang said…
vynn : but you must make sure your cert laku wan wor. and nice design also. haha

wingz : i think you already got lar! kakaka!
Anonymous said…
haha! you're funny. But yes, look what has our world come into.
Jimmy Ang said…
yvonne : thank you, thank you! i only try my best. haha


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