.august mega sale.

well, today is the august mega sale, so i decided to drop by city square and look out for the situation. oh my god. many people were thronging the places where they have this percent things up! the bigger the number the better!

as i was cruising down this place i can't help but notice that the shops who doesn't have percent signs up their shop will have no customers. mak cau hai, if me also i wouldn't go in lar. no discount. but then once i think about it, if those people did not put up discounts for their stuffs, that must mean that they can't afford to lower the prices anymore right? this means that their original price is competitive and appropriate. that's it, next time i will not go to the discount shops anymore. instead go to the ones without discount.

but then again, this might be a ploy. a marketing ploy, they might know what i want to think and then they would have me as their customer for the rest of the 11 months.

how could they know what i am thinking right? ... they have marketing geniuses working for them who can read my mind. i mean they study economics and marketing for 4 to 5 year, not a waste of money wan you know?

but then, most people are dumb. so.. wtf? cheebye, i think my brain think too much lar!

urm.. so next time, in order to make sure i'm not cheated... maybe i should have just knit or sew my own clothes. that way i can make sure they are the way i want it and cheap also.

cheebye, who am i kidding. if i have soo much time, i would obviously be blogging.

but then....

kanasai.. i think this post wasted 5 minutes of my life and 2 minutes of yours.....


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July 24, 2005


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