.the hollow cd.

ever heard of the movie hollow man where the guy goes invisible and goes around doing hamsap things. also since he's invisible, can kill everyone without anyone seeing him right? damn cool! wish i had the power.

okok, today i'm gonna tell a story about the invisble cd.

well, my housemate suddenly shouted from upstairs and asked me to help her. (what is it with these people and wanting my help? i must be the good guy.. having the good guy look like kenny sia here). bah! damn face!

wah, celebmatch with bruce lee. but my income, intelligence and politeness is lower than the bigfuck. nothing surprising about the korean/japanese feature. everyone used to say that i look like some samurai.

anyway, i went up and you guess what she told me? yes, her cd is gone. i said try to find lar, how am i going to know where you put it?

she said that it's in the cd player just now and she opened it again after going to the bathroom and it's now lost.

i said wtf? impossible right, since no one goes into your room without permission, that couldn't possibly happen.

and then she said, oh i know, it's stuck inside. i opened the cd player and saw nothing inside.l i said dun have also. she said yes, she remembered it exactly that it was there. she then said that it must be stuck in the cd player.

MCH, lu si gong hiar? i was thinking but looking at her sad and confused face, i dare not tell her. she just repaired her motherboard which costs a few hundred.

she then proceeded to look on top of the internal cd player and see whether it is stucked up there or not.

i was gonna laugh at the sight of her kneeling down to search for her stupid CD like it was stuck on top of the internal cd player. cheebet, i think this looks like some james bond /macgyver /mr.bean show where people put some sticking device to track and steal a precious CD. only this time it most probably is some chewing gum mr.bean ate.

then, after searching for 5 minutes, it dawned in that small brain of hers that she took it out before... for her scanner CD so that she can install her scanner driver.

WAHLAU, kanasai. i laughed until my lungs broke out!

next time, never look like an idiot searching for your CD. we even knocked the PC a few times hoping that the invisble CD will fall down from the imaginary chewing gum.

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July 29, 2005


Anonymous said…
well well, i am the lead for this incident. Hey, how come you narrate the story diffently from how it happened? People will think i am really THAT stupid, ok? I am just a BIT blur, without noticing that actually i took out the driver from the wrong CD rom and put in the envelope. And then another thing, it did happen to the CD player in my house, where my CD got stucked and dropped beneath that thingy, and you still can put in other cds and play...so, due to my prior experince plus my tiredness from class, plus my blur nature, that is how it happens, so dun say i am STUPID, "Siao Hai Bu Ben" la~~~
Jimmy Ang said…
i know... "wa bu si ben, wa si lou fu!"

haha! and to think that'd you'd come to confess.


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