Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day Sixty One - Speeding

~image inspired by Mohammad Hilal~

Wow, it has been some time since I last posted. Actually a couple of days but to me it seemed like ages. I've been having a very high fever for the past few days and eating soft food. Mostly porridge. It's such a bitch not being able to go out.

Anyway, regarding the picture for today, let me say that I'm a speeder. I always am... maybe always will. In the almost 9 years of driving.. I've had countless accidents. Some due to sleeping while on the wheel, some due to daydreaming. Actually most of it is because I rarely pay attention on the road. Dangerous, I know. I should really drive slower and stop SLEEPING on the wheel. It's scary.

I'll fill in Day Fifty Nine and Day Sixty in the near future. *_*

Strobofreaks, read on: 1 F42 @ 1/32 105mm 2 ft on top of car and slightly infront of camera.

#61 Speeding - original image

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day Fifty Eight - Reflections, Cliche

I think there are more than a gazillion images on the net called reflections. I wonder why we never get bored of it.

Anyway, for the past couple of days, I've been burning the late night candle to paste these mirrors on the wall. Yes, paste. I'm too lazy to get drills and all so... I used BLUTACK and pasted these mirrors on the wall. Amazing how great BLUTACK is.

#58 Reflections, Cliche - original image

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day Fifty Seven - Because We All Do It.

Because we all do it at least once in front of the mirror.

This shot was taken in front of my office overlooking .. yes.. the freaking port, bridge and ferry terminal.

Tonight will be the Champions League Final. Barcelona vs Manchester United. A great night to be at "Mamak stalls" (hawker stalls that run 24/7) with lcd projectors shouting at Messi and Ronaldo.
Malam ini gua akan pergi ke Mamak sokong MU. Gua takda jersi MU. Takpe, nanti gua cari t-shirt buruk dan tulis MU di depan. Kemudian, gua tulis nombor 7 kat belakang dengan nama JIMMY. Mesti gempak satu mamak.

Apamacam, gua boleh lawan Ronaldo untuk jersi numbor 7?
Strobofreaks: Single tungsten light on ceiling.

#57 Because we all do it once - original image

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day Fifty Six - Pockets & Hearts

It isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart. ~Quote from anonymous~

Most of the time, we remember to chase for the things that we want and we forget the things that we need. The simple things that nourish our heart and not feed our ego.

I found this quote on the net and think its a great description for today's shoot. I have another one which will go up tomorrow.

Anyway, this is the view from my office. It is full of bokeh goodness every night, mainly because it overlooks Penang Port which is lit 24/7.

It is tiring.. this 365 thing. Coming up with ideas, editing and in between looking like an idiot setting up a shoot. and its not as if you can get your shot in one go. Usually it takes more than a dozen shots for one.

But I want to go back one day and think about the feelings I have, the day I had and the stupid things I did for this project.

Strobofreaks: F42 on camera right bounced off right wall with umbrella. Power set @ 1/32 TTL.

#56 Pockets & Hearts - original image

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day Fifty Five - Mars Invasion

This is my mate Minivin. I've saved him from numerous occasions umpteenth times. He owes me a lot. But I'm not taking them to heart. I say it to him occasionally just to remind him what an awesome friend I am though. But I wouldn't ask him to repay me favours one day cause I did something for him so and so when and when.

The truth is... I also owe him a lot. LOL.

Strobist info: HVL F42AM w/ 1/2 CTO gel on camera bounced off wall.

#55 Mars Invasion - original image


Random Updates.

Pagi gua makan koay teow sup dengan teh Ais.

Petang gua minum milo panas.

Tea time gua minum milo panas lagi.

Gua sudah cacat.
Sebab kencing gua warna coklat.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day Fifty Four - Way Out

Me, Edz, Tanny and Ndru went to catch some action @ Teluk Bahang Dam for the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival. Sad to say there was less action. A lot of the place were cordoned off and the shots came out less than desired.

Thus I decided to shoot a couple of after celebrations for yesterday and today's Project 365. I should find myself a willing subject. It is hard to shoot quality when you can't control posing, lighting direction and composition. There are moments to be captured but I'm really into shooting portraiture and not really a candid person.

The team below were not the winning team, but they were grinning like they were. They even held up their oars and celebrated their teammates in such celebratory fashion. I'm glad they had fun after travelling all the way from Philippines.

Welcome to Malaysia.

Strobofreaks: One big fireball on the sky diffused by big large chunks of evaporated water.

#54 Through it all, failure is growth - original image


Day Fifty Three (remedy) - Bumshells.

"Some players you pat their butts, some players you kick their butts, some players you leave alone." - Pete Rose.

The dragon boat team from Philippines consist of females only. They're called the BUMSHELLS?

A bunch of lively people. Albeit they did lose, by a big margin... but they were joyous and upbeat about it. If you can't beat them... don't lose fret over them right?


Strofreaks: One big fireball on the sky diffused by big large chunks of evaporated water.

#53 Bumshells - original image

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day Fifty Three - Fail.

I'll post an extra tomorrow to make up for today's post. Or maybe I'll have to edit this part later on. We'll see.

Basically I was just swamped today and I'm supposed to wake up early tomorrow for a shoot @ Teluk Bahang Dam for the Penang Dragon Boat race.


I watched Night @ The Museum II with Billy Jean, Ean, ChirpyCheryl and Vin Edzil yesterday. We had a light dinner (me actually) before that and talked about a lot of things from Jean's masterplan to open a restaurant up till ChirpyCheryl's awesome carbonara or was it Jean's... not quite sure. *_^

The movie was light and we had a blast laughing. I think all comedies make me laugh. The secret is to go into a moview without expectations and hopefully go out with a fun time. I usually watch a movie just for the sake of it and not think about the logical aspects or more profound details. It tends to suck the life out of the movie.


Then just now we had a gathering with a bunch of friends @ Sunday's followed by Salam @ Ong Yi How. It was crazy. Again, we spewed nonsense out of our mouth and we laughed like hell.

Oh, I met Shirlyn from the workshop too. You can see her in Day Fifty - Posing & Lighting.

Overall, it was such a fun day, I totally forgot about Day Fifty Three. :P

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day Fifty Two - Manekineko

You know that waving/beckoning cat you see in Japanese stores which symbolize good luck. I used to be in love with them. I think they're soo cute and awesome. I bought them for Menh Chooi and Samantha during their birthdays once and there was none left for me. I planned to keep one for myself but another one of my friend's birthday came up and she was such a lovely gal I gave it to her. It's amazingly cute.

So, in the end I got the miniature version for myself. I forgot where I got them but its been on my shelf ever since.

Which reminds me, that book collection on my shelf has been frozen for ages. Its about time I expand my collection. Recos?

Worth a view in black.

More info on Manekineko
The Manekineko (招き猫, literally "Beckoning Cat") is a common Japanese sculpture, often made of porcelain or ceramic, which is believed to bring good luck to the owner. The sculpture depicts a cat (traditionally a Japanese Bobtail) beckoning with an upright paw, and is usually displayed—many times at the entrance—in shops, restaurants, pachinko parlors, and other businesses - wikipedia.

You strofreakzoids see below: Add in - Flash on 1/2 CTO gel.


Bosan dengan Kuiz MukaBuku.

Si budak ini sudah satu hari ambil kuiz bodoh dari mukabuku. Gua sabar. Gua ambil peluang ini mengeratkan silaturrahim jari telunjuk gua dengan seksyen kiri tetikus gua.

Memang dah erat dah hubungan mereka. Tiap tiap hari bertemu. Tapi gua sabar.

Gua bangun pukul 8.30 pagi sampai pukul 6 petang si budak ini masih lagi ambil kuiz. Takyah kerja ka? Lain kali gua lengkuk dengan stapler atas tangan ini baru dia tahu.

Tambahan pula kebanyakan kuiz yang dia ambil ini bahasa Cina, gua orang Cina tapi tak baca Mandarin. Jangan nak komplen, gua tahu bahasa Jepun kicai dan bahasa Mandarin kicai. Setakat tulisan tu nak baca, kerja sekretari gua.

Tapi hari ini sekretari gua tak leh baca, sebab takkan nak suruh sekretari gua baca mukabuku waktu kerja. Sekretari gua untuk official business aja macam tempah stok tiruan dari China atau terjemahkan kamus B.Mandarin. Tak standard baca mukabuku.

Tepat pukul 6.oo lepas WAKTU kerja gua buka mukabuku. Kuiz budak ini penuh satu laman web mukabuku.

Gua tekan "Sembunyi budak ini". *senyum jahat*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day Fifty One - Bokehistan

Bokehistan is a term usually used by Dustin Diaz to define the out of focus area which are usually filled with creamy lights.

I found this in one of my old pictures and I think the creamy bokeh here is to die for. Although no lights were used for this shot, I did fire them for the 1BlackMalaysia, Choices of Voice and Villain shot. Yes, they were shot together with this image on that day.

I am losing out on ideas for the Project 365. Hopefully I'll get the inspiration tomorrow to orchestrate a shot.

#51 Bokehistan - View large in black

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day Fifty - Posing & Lighting

More shots from my "Shoot Like A Pro".

Ying posing at the lobby of Trader's hotel and @ Convent Light Street. She's such a wonderful person to work with. She might not be a model yet, but I presume she could well be on her way if she wanted to. View large in black.

Another shot from the beautiful and natural Ying. I think she's such a delight to photograph. View large in black.

This is Ryan and Shirlyn whom I found out to be from my town area (kampung). They're both crazy youngsters and such sporting people. They share this chemistry which works well on and off camera. But I think LP did a fine job eliciting their emotions, their love, their chemistry. View large in black.


Day Fifty - Posing & Lighting

I posed her fronting the lobby's glass with natural light coming in from the glass creating a big diffused light. It works perfectly for her complexion. Shirlyn is young but she's such a great person. And patient with us. We posed her in different positions and got her as well as ourselves to do crazy stuffs. Hopefully, I'll get to meet her & Ryan more next time.

Straight out of camera and added in borders as well as texts.

Strofreaks: Big ball of fire on subject left.

#50 Posing & Lighting view in black

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day Fourty Nine - Basic Instinct

Louis is such a wonderful tutor. His energy and his desire to share is contagious. He goes to a field and to a tutorial or exercise wanting to improve us... wanting to impart his years of knowledge.

Here are some shots I took during the workshop yesterday and I've decided to share it with all here. Today let me part with two of Ying's shoot first. Tomorrow I will post more of Ying and Shirlyn. Then we will look at some of the shots I took while Louis was working with Ryan & Shirlyn, the couple.

These models are all volunteers and ordinary people. When we first shoot them, they were asking us how to pose. Basically we had no idea at first. But at the end of the day, we learnt how to pose and work with normal people.

p/s: To appreciate the images below, view large in black. :)


#49 of Project 365

This shot was captured and exported with some add in borders as well as some vignetting effect. No saturation or color correction was done.

I could've add in some minor correction but I'm trying to get the OOC picture perfected.

Strofreaks: Big ball of hot light rear of subject bounced by white building on subject front/cameraman back.

#49 Basic Instinct - worth a check in black


In closed arms...

This shot was taken while another participant was posing the model.

I love/prefer the view from here as the space behind gives it a sense of depth. The pose is perfect. Big thanks to Ming Tzen.

Strofreaks: Big ball of hot light right of camera.

#49.1 In closed arms - worth a check in black

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day Fourty Eight - Inspired by Louis Pang

Its a Sunday. Instead of lazying around, I made a point to wake up and attend a photography workshop by Louis Pang, one of Malaysia's most awarded wedding & portraiture photographer.

It was awesome to see him work. And learning from him has changed me. I will continue to learn from the best in this industry. I hope to meet more people like CM Leung, Mike Larson, Lito Sy, Yervant, Joe McNally.. names of people who are legends and who can inspire me. Google their work.

Strofreaks: Many tungsten lights from ceiling.

#48 Inspired by Louis Pang - original image

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Fourty Seven - A little mail

I woke up at 4 pm yesterday. Walked down the stairs and was greeted surprisingly by this invitation card by my TESLian friend.

I've known it coming for a long time, but receiving the card comes as a surprise. It is always a nice thing to receive mails. Makes it a bit more personal.

Unfortunately the event falls on the 6th of June. I've made plans on that day with Minivin and JollyYeap. Hopefully, I can squeeze a bit of time in there. I soooo look forward to meeting with my ex-coursemates.

p/s: I'll be heading over to Loius Pang's workshop "Shoot Like A Pro" later. I'm excited about learning from one of the best in Malaysia. What matters more than his work is his teaching. From an hour with him @ BRIPEX, I've learned so much about lighting, shadows and posing. I look forward to tomorrow with a pinge of nervousness.

Strofreaks: One and only (unfortunately) HVL F42 @ TTL directly left of subject facing down releasing minimal light.

#47 A little mail - original image

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day Fourty Six - This is Goodbye.

I had another idea for today. I was at Highway 66 (not 66 actually) and I had the shoot ready. It was OK on camera but upon loading onto my Macky, I find myself to be out of focus. It was unacceptable.

I saw my friend Pet there too. He must've been thinking I was crazy taking pictures alone in the middle of the highway. Oh, the things I do for this shit.

Well, Project 365 is about practice, practice and more practice. It is about pushing myself over the limit and finding new concepts and ideas.

Oh... I might have less strobist pictures or I would also work more with natural lighting in future.

My main problem is focusing as I usually go out alone. What looks in focus on camera might not be in focus on Macky.

After the dead picture, I decided to do another one. And looking through my sets, I realized I don't have a picture of my F36.

p/s: Say "bye bye" to my F36. It is up for packing and courier tomorrow morning.

#46 This is Goodbye - original image.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Sekarang Jumaat.


BTW, my friend is selling off his GeForce 6600 GT. If you are interested, drop me a mail jimmyang[at] AGP graphic card going off at RM100. 1 year old card.


Day Fourty Five

I was sitting at Alvin's place and saw his large collection of beers. He offered me a Heineken lager beer. As my mouth said "I don't drink anymore", my hand spontaneously pulled the pin.
And I had to drink it. I just had to. Hey, it was Heineken. You don't really say no to Heineken.
After the drink, I shot this at the front of his house with my ASIMO. A300 is really slow in low light focusing and I'm already using a 50mm F1.4.

Strofreaks, HVL F42 powered @ 1/32 TTL on product left front. HVL F36 powered @ TTL on product right rear. Should have put on a 1/2 CTO on both Flashes but I went out in a rush and decided not to take them. Now I'm kicking myself.

I might not be having the opportunity to use two flashes anymore cause I'm selling away my F36 soon. However, when I find a single flash no longer sufficient, I will get the F58.

#45 Heineken, powering ASIMO - original image

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fernandez mana?

Gua duduk dalam kafe melayan ais kosong gua. Gua sekarang kena chek poket dulu sebelum order. Tambah lagi ngan tax, kemudian baru order. Memang miskin. Tapi gua bertekad nak simpan sebab bulan ini gua dah belanja banyak. Vertical Grip la, LP Workshop la, 28mm la... entah apa apa la... tambah lagi ngan patung limited edition Doraemon sempena ulangtahun ke 20 yang gua beli dari Jepun. Sebab nama gua dan lagu doraemon ada kaitan.

Sambil gua hisap air yang gua syaki dari pili bomba tu, gua terdengar kumpulan rempit gua cakap passal Air Asia.

Awek tepi gua cakap dimiliki Ananda, kemudian dia terkapai-kapai mencari nama CEO dia.

Gua lantas menyampuk "Fernandes"
Kemudian gua rasa bangga... sebab nama Fernandes gua sebut macam kawan sekolah rendah gua. Macam gua main bola sama dia.

Awek tepi gua cakap "Ya, Joe Fernandez"

Gua terkejut. Gua sampuk lagi "Tony Fernandes lahhhh makcik oi."

Satu meja kami gelak.

Hidung gua kembang lagi.

Jimmy 1, Awek tepi gua 0.

edited: a little bird tweeted me to change spelling.

#44/365 LovelYin

Everytime we have a gathering, we'd hook up with LovelyYin and ask her to organize the whole thing. Thank god she's not tiresome of us after all these years. If she had, we'd not be having any gatherings.

We had a gathering @ Sundays and there are dozens more pictures of our group but I can only show this cause this is the only one without an important piece of evidence on hand.

I could've darkened this @ LR but I think this mood seems to perfect the image.
Strobist info: HVL F42 mounted on camera with 1/32 @ 50mm 1/2 CTO.

*image removed under request*

#44/365 LovelyYin - original image

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

.what is twittering?

People usually don't understand a new service and a new concept. Often they try it out and leave it bare because they're not accustomed to it. I've had numerous friends who are in this circle and they've left Twitter. But I believe in due time they will return.

Ok, Malaysia is a developing country but it is not left out of this twittering mania. We are slow in this aspect but hopefully by the end of this post, those who do not know what Twitter is will be able to fully understand the capabilty and usage of twitter.

Twitter is a Miniature Blog
Twitter is a compilation of words not longer than 140 to form short sentences. While others say this is not a substitute for a blog but we cannot deny that sometimes, a carefully crafted, spellchecked blog post is not a suitable medium for most people. Some people just have short things to say like "Got a new spanking car today" or "He proposed"

Twitter is Social Messaging
In essence, twitter started out as a micro-blogging tool. But with more and more followers and the ability to direct a message to a particular person. It has become more like an online SMS version. Basically, we can text anyone who follows us or anyone with a twitter.

For example, I can just direct a message to SamanthaAng with this text "@Samanthaang How's life in US? Anything you cooked up today?". Free SMS. How wonderful is that?

Besides that, it is also replacing the tiresome relentless rants of IM/MSN messenger which pop out and force you to connect to people who you don't like or people who you are not really bothered with. Sometimes, you can just NOT be in the mood for chatting.

Twitter is News Reporting
Twitter lets us post small links. Links that are interesting by putting up a one liner. Thus people can actually get a lot of related news by being a follower.

For example, I can follow CNN who posts "10 dead in the Atlantic Ocean today. http://link" Then I selectively click on the links whose headline I am most interested with. With the vast influx of bloggers and content generating specialists, we can now follow specific tech tweets, sport tweets or other hobbies related tweets. This means we can follow genre specific

Twitter is Social Media Marketing
No other source says it better in updating your fans if you are someone of higher status or celebrity. Tell people in REAL TIME about where you're going, change of schedule or events you're conducting.

This tool is invaluable for politicians holding talks or updating the public about their plans. It also helps celebrities who conduct events and are always on the go. Peoples nows knows.

So, if you're not on twitter. What are you waiting for?
Click on the link and follow me on TWITTER.


#43 of Project 365

We bought a digital photo frame for mum to upload her pictures. She has tons from her overseas trips. In the past, we'd print them and now... I know she's not IT savvy so she can't upload them to FB or Flickr. The only way she can share her pictures is through printing and you know how hard it is to select like... 20 from a pool of 1000+ pictures in a 5-6 days vacation.

These flowers are from bro. He ordered them for mom. I'm sure mom loves them although she keeps saying its a waste of money. You should see her just now asking me tons of question on how to take care of the flower to make it last longer. LOL. Mums...

Strobist info. HVL F42 from top with 1/2 CTB firing at 1/32 @ 105mm.

#43 Flowers for mothers - original image

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Democracy is oppression of the minority

#42 of Project 365

Today the High Court will decide who's the real Perak MB. The ruling party ousted the coalition a few weeks ago...
"Both Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin of Pakatan Rakyat and Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir of Barisan Nasional are laying claim to the state’s chief executive post."
Read more about it HERE.
Don't you just luuurve politics.

Strobist info: HVL F36 snooted on camera right behind subject. HVL F42 on camera left with Stofen diffuser.

#42 Democracy - View in black.

Monday, May 11, 2009

.got my Vertical Grip.

SillySeng came back. But we didn't get to meet up cos he's sick. JollyYeap in the meantime will be flying over to Aussie tomorrow.. or later today. Whatever. Tata, take care mates.


Geek alert...

I finally got my VG after much deliberation. And my friend Ndru got it for me at such a bargain price it was hard to resist.

The VG only helps when I'm handling my beercan cause the beercan is heavy and with the VG, I'm able to hold still in vertical position.

But it adds weight. well dissipated weight but weight nonetheless.


#41 of Project 365

My mini poodle bares its fangs.

He's actually such a cuddly little dog coming up to me at every opportunity to sleep on my lap or lick me. My best friend. But I still miss my old one. The smoking tsih-tzu, Baby.

p/s: the mini poodle occasionally humps my pillow like a beast. LOL.

#41 The real "RAWR" - original image

Sunday, May 10, 2009

.abandoned railway station.

I woke up just now and decided to do some errands. Actually was forced to do some errands. So I head out earlier and went to the abandoned railway at Prai to take some shots.

My first HDR merge. Didnt quite turn out the way I expected. I still need some training before I start producing HDR architecture shots. Shot in RAW and exposure set @ -1.00, 0.00 and +1.00. Merged in CS4. FYI, I wish I had these in my backyard. It'll be like my personal treehouse. Except its not a house, and not on top of a tree.

I wanted to put my camera on timer and run into the frame for all my railway shoots but the whole place was oily and dirty. In the end, I think I'd just have to settle for these...

The station was dark and outside was extra bright. I tried using Aperture priority but it just screws up either/or.

Now I guess I'm getting used to manual controls. Wouldn't have it any other way.

I had to rush these shots because this place was actually a detour. I had another appointment at 6 and by the time I was done, it was already 6.15.

Oh, wonder if the trains in this old station still runs fine? I remembered when I was small playing trains... wish I can buy one of these. They may not work, but I'll paint my name on it and have it on my garden. Just for kicks.

p/s: Enlarged view @ 1024 pixels are available in my Flickr. See top right for flickr link.


#40 of Project 365

I had a short photoshoot @ the abandoned railway station situated @ Prai. It was dark but the people I met were friendly. They refused to have their shot taken so I had to orchestrate this shot for my project 365. I'm not a fan of candids. Take pictures responsibly.

Strobist info? Shut up.

#40 Tipsy - original image

Saturday, May 9, 2009


yesterday the whole family celebrated mother's day. except for my brother, who's still stuck in Japan feeding geishas.

anyway, we went to TeoChewMeng @ Autocity. Nothing spectacular about the food there, just normal seafood. but the service is a tad better than other local places we've went to.

today is Saturday, and its Wesak day. I'm still contemplating whether to go out for a shoot or not. Is it freaking crowded out there? Maybe I can decide later. After waking up from a good nap.

Keep you guys updated on what I will be doing tomorrow. *_^

p/s: I didn't manage to resist Ndru's poison, got myself a new VG at a super price. Not very cheap but good enough. Damn it, where was the force when I needed it. Going to be on biscuits until Christmas 2012. It will be useful on Louis' workshop though. Expecting alotta vertical portrait shots.


#39 of Project 365

Nothing special about this one. Just wanted to document the day we prayed for dad. Seven years ago on Wesak/Vaisakha day, dad passed away. Today, he still remains in our hearts, memories and life. I guess life does not end once you pass away. You live on in memories and through the people you know. Burnt silver/gold paper is an offering of money to the dead. I'm not quite sure about the inflation or exchange rate though.

Rest in peace dad, we will live on for your memory.

Strobist info, that bigball of fire on the sky and that burning light on camera sensor.

#39 Offerings - original image

Friday, May 8, 2009

.for OneBlackMalaysia.

I dun follow news anymore. Mainly because there's nothing interesting. Robberies, accidents, politics... mostly politics. I don't connect well with politics.

I read blogs, mainly because they're real people talking about real stuffs spiced with lots and lots of pictures. Me? I usually talk more. type more.

I'll be having Mother's day dinner with mom tomorrow to avoid the jam this Sunday and heading over to PG for TT with the guys after that.

Mothers.. can't live with them, can't live without them. Amazing creatures.

To all mothers, have tons of FUN this Sunday cause you deserve it!


#38 of Project 365

May 7th, a significant day to alot of people in Perak but I'm from Penang. And no, I didn't wear black to work. I took this shot to portray the political turnmoil in Malaysia.
The government and people should be focused on the economy and helping the 'Rakyat' put food on the table.
Let us put all our differences aside and get through these hard times together.
To read more about this 1BlackMalaysia campaign, pls visit: 1blackmalaysia

Strobist info: 1 HVL F36 snooted at back right. 1 HVL F42 on camera left.

#38 OneBlackMalaysia - view in black

Thursday, May 7, 2009

.legalize please?

i think our government should legalize gun. and make it legally possibly to shoot rempits on sight.

oh, and in view of that, they should also legalize pornography.

Can I have an AMEN?

p/s: Ndru is poisoning me with his plundered loots. Dunno he get from where but damn nice. *The force is strong with me. Resist the dark side*


#37 of Project 365

the answer to yesterday's Project 365. Yes, its an IPOD Nano. With my Philips neckband headset, those are really cool. Oh, and I've been meaning to talk about these All American Rejects. My current fav song is "Gives You Hell". I've been humming it like crazy these few weeks. lalala~

#37 Snooted Nano - original image

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


i wish a song can lull me to sleep. its 12.30 am and from experience, tomorrow will be a headache to wake up to.

Mother's day coming soon? What are you getting for your mom?
Ahaks, I'll be picking them up tomorrow and keeping them in my secret drawer till Mother's day.


#36 of Project 365

To my surprise, I received the Minolta 28mm earlier than expected. However, there's some oil on the lense which means I'll need to get it serviced. What a bummer.

Bonus thought: I set up a snoot flash for the item behind. Guess what it is?
Clue: Macintosh.
Answer on tomorrow's 365.

Strobist info: 1/32 @ 70mm with Stofen diffuser on camera left.
TTL Flash on camera far right with snoot on rear item.

p/s: I'm also reverting to in-image wording. I think it leaves more space for creative typesetting.

#36 Minolta 28F2.8 - original image

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

.hilang macho.

awalnya gua nak bercakap tentang kawanku Harvin. tapi itu untuk hari lain sebab perihal Harvin ini memang lucu gilar.

Jadi gua hari ini nak cerita pasal gua sendiri. Peduli apa gua, gua memang kulit tebal.

Gua kecik sekolah menengah dahulu masuk Bulan Sabit, sebab Pengakap gua dah masuk masa kecik sekolah rendah. tak macho. perempuan tak ramai. masuk hutan masak telur sahaja. Lepas itu, cikgu kena rasa dulu. Gua macam terpedaya memasak untuk cikgu gua.

tapi memang best.

anyway... memandangkan kebanyakan kawan gua tak taksub dengan pengakap ini, kita masuk Bulan Sabit. Pakaian putih lagi macho daripada hijau kotor.

antara aktiviti bulan sabit ialah berkawad macam orang bodoh bawah matahari terik. entah bagaimana gua boleh terpedaya dulu. sekarang nak keluar kereta pun kena henti tempat teduh.

Walaubagaimanapun... aktiviti yang kita semo tunggu ialah Flag day, Hari bendera atau hari mengutip derma. Sebab ramai aweks dari sekolah lain akan datang. Dan gua akan berpeluang menunjuk kemachoan gua.

Pada masa itu, gua dan geng gua pandai main takraw. Kalo ko tak pahem apebendanya tu takraw, usah bimbang... wikipedia ada. So as I was saying, kita dah pandai main takraw.. jadi kita bawa bola rotan itu ke HQ Bulan Sabit untuk menunjuk skill lepas kutipan wang kami. Maklumlah, semasa kutipan semo orang keluar, nak asah bakat boleh, tapi nak menunjuk takleh.

Jadi, sesampainya pukul 6.00 malam, kami berkumpul di tepi pagar sambil membuat bunyi bising menarik perhatian. masa itu gua tak tahu beruk pun menarik perhatian betina dengan membuat bunyi.

Masa bermain takraw. bola rotan jatuh luar pagar. Gua yang paling dekat dengan pagar pun pergi kutip. Sesampai kat luar pagar, budak perempuan dari Sek Convent datang. Gua tak nampak muka tapi gua perasan skirt dia. Memang sah dia jantina lain. Gua tak pandang dia, gua tengok pagar yang setinggi kera itu dan membuat keputusan menunjukkan yang gua ini "Alpha Male" dalam kumpulan.

Gua menilai ketinggian pagar itu dan ketinggian kaki gua tambah dengan arah tiupan angin dan kelajuan tiupan angin. Tolak pulak dengan geseran atom dan tarikan graviti. Kesimpulannya.. Gua boleh lompat!

5 saat selepas itu, muka gua atas tanah. Itu tak malu, yang malu gua buat bunyi "Aiyak..."

Perempuan itu berdiri ternganga depan gua. Kawanku semo gelak sahaja. Gua cuba tutup muka gua dengan tangan tapi tangan gua tak cukup besar.

Keesokannya, gua balik sekolah main bola keranjang.


#35 of Project 365

I walked out with a different photoshoot in mind but it started to rain heavily. Then I headed down to the beach and tried to capture the raining atmosphere but it stopped to a drizzle.

The boat is tied to a log at the beach. Rows and rows of tied boats. The background overlooks Penang Island. Notice the murky water. The place is full of mud and dirt, yet it is called "Clean Beach". Irony.

#35 A tied boat makes a good boat - original image

Monday, May 4, 2009

.it rained the whole day and more.

it rained the whole day yesterday.. technically just now.

and it totally ruined my photoshoot plans. i was planning to visit the abandoned railway or sugar factory @ prai. but rain poured from morning till night.

as soon as it slowed down, i got my gear and went anyway but on the way it rained harder. so we cancelled the plan and i headed back. on the way i took a detour at the playground and tried to capture the situation on a rainy day. i also stopped by the beach. i had more pictures but it'll come tomorrow and the day after.

i guess i'll go back to my room and continue watching Psych or Life.


#34 of Project 365

#34 Broken Swing - view in black

Sunday, May 3, 2009

.Marvel - Wolverine, Origins.

At the risk of sounding extremely nitpicky and nerdy, I need to first state out that I've read the original comic book series by Marvel of the same titled movie, Wolverine - origins. And by far it is totally different from the book.

Aside from appeasing the fans of the original X-Men movie, this prequel serves as a money generating income for the producers. They see an opportunity and they cater to it. However, the assumption that this movie does not live to its original comic book series is deeply flawed. It is different, but both has its pros and cons.

I'm just going to talk about the movie. It brings us into an in depth understanding of the character that is known as Wolverine or James Logan and his feud with Sabretooth or Victor as well as his past with Stryker. It also dwelves deeper into his past love life and his loss of memory.

For all of the above, I love the sense of coolness that Hugh Jackman brings into the movie. I've heard about the pre-release leak but I'm thankful I didn't succumb to the before CGI affects DVD version because the movie is awesome. The effects and actions were superb.

The worse cameo was Remy Lebeau aka Gambit. I expected more from such an important character in the original comic.

What is lacking more in storyline, they've made up well with action and I would definitely watch it again given the chance.

But I might be biased. I'm a Marvel fan.


Project 365

I'll be heading out today to capture new pictures. Hopefully it'll not rain later in the evening.
Below is one of the first few things I did when my ride came out from the workshop... stickers. *-^

#33 - Domokun "RAWR" - original image

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cheryl's Birthday @ Chili's

Labour's Day was Cheryl's Birthday and I happened to heard a bird sing it to me. That and FB. Anyway, Edzil invited me over to watch Wolverine, origins @ Gurney and he wanted to celebrate Cheryl's bday with us (meaning, Jean, himself and me) before the show.

I being the busybody, tagged along. As usual, Edz was EXTREMELY late. Thank god I wasn't so bad myself. Our appointment was for 6.30PM but I reached around 7.10 and he reached around 7.23. Anyway, we never did finish our food. I haven't ate such HUMONGOUS portions since... I don't know... standard three. And that was only because I looked small and everything else looked big.

I tried to slant my eyes more to look like a mighty samurai but I think I ended up looking like an idiot. WTF. Or it could be natural...

Cheryl with her Bday Present, the Nokia E71. Looks yummy!

p/s: How was the movie? How about tomorrow we'll talk more about it.


Project 365 Update.

People, meet mom. Mom, meet people.

#32 Top View - original image

Friday, May 1, 2009

.today in history.

"I should've spent more time enjoying life instead of watching it pass me by."

#31 Bokeh Car Lights - original image

...Labour's Day. So I'm just up here posting an update of Project 365.
Have a happy holiday all!

I might be heading over to watch X-Men Origins later. All about it tomorrow.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...