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Day Sixty One - Speeding

Day Fifty Nine - On hold.

Day Fifty Eight - Reflections, Cliche

Day Fifty Seven - Because We All Do It.

Day Fifty Six - Pockets & Hearts

Day Fifty Five - Mars Invasion

Day Fifty Four - Way Out

Day Fifty Three - Fail.

Day Fifty Two - Manekineko

Day Fifty One - Bokehistan

Day Fifty - Posing & Lighting

Day Fourty Nine - Basic Instinct

Day Fourty Eight - Inspired by Louis Pang

Day Fourty Seven - A little mail

Day Fourty Six - This is Goodbye.


Fernandez mana?

.what is twittering?

Democracy is oppression of the minority

.got my Vertical Grip.

.abandoned railway station.


.for OneBlackMalaysia.

.legalize please?


.hilang macho.

.it rained the whole day and more.

.Marvel - Wolverine, Origins.

Cheryl's Birthday @ Chili's

.today in history.